25 Most Funny And Weird Hairstyles In Movie History

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Movies and TV series dictate the fashion of hairstyles. And you ran to the barbershop to see some melodrama? Fortunately, some “samples” are often not copied, but because they are terrible. However, sometimes someone comes up with a style that makes you cry and laugh at the same time.

Let’s see what hairstyles of men and women from movies cause surprise, not admiration. Let us delve deeper into the article, we present you with the 25 funniest and weirdest hairstyles and haircuts in the history of movies.

Let’s Take A Look At These 25 Most Crazy Hairstyles

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Hairstyles From Movies: Tom Cruise, Magnolia

The hero of the star handsome, Frank TJ McKee, wore half-worn hair. Everything would have been fine, but Tom Cruise n this image was good as a woman.

Colin Farrell, “Horrible Bosses”

Unpleasant character, disgusting hairstyle… That’s what moviemakers do to enhance the image. And we prefer Colin with his usual, not translucent, haircut.

Angelina Jolie, “Gone In 60 Seconds”

Confusion of hair that has not seen a hairbrush and shampoo for a long time, even dreadlocks can hardly be called! Well, bad hair can spoil any girl of unearthly beauty.

Haircuts From Movie: Javier Bardem, “There is no place for old men”

The devilishly handsome man has completely changed for the role of Anton Chigure. According to the actor himself, his terrible bean (or what do you call this hairstyle?) plunged him into depression for three months! We understand, in a moment to lose the usual female attention.

David Bowie, Labyrinth

Actor, singer, and just a bright personality, David, has always been distinguished by unforgettable images. King Jareth’s hair looks very organic on David, but we couldn’t help but include her in our list.

John Travolta, Pulp Fiction

John Travolta’s hairstyles could only be his partner’s hair.

Tom Hanks, Da Vinci Code

May God send this man a shampoo.

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Taylor Lautner, Twilight

I don’t even know if it’s worse, a centerpiece or stabbed hair?

Hairstyles From Movies: Bruce Willis, Surrogates

Bruce has to be hairless. And that’s it!

Bradley Cooper, “Grab and Run”

Grab your hairbrush, get your hair combed! Dreadlocks don’t paint Bradley at all.

Colin Farrell, “Alexander”

The airy angel’s down over his head is completely out of tune with the role of the brave Alexander.

Dermot Mulroney, “About Schmidt

It’s dense in the back, it’s empty in the front.

Hairstyle From Movies: Edward Norton, “Stone”

For such hairstyles and terms, you can get!

Chris Tucker’s “Fifth Element”

The hairstyle dedicated to the roll of toilet paper is remembered for a long time. Is it worth repeating? Definitely not!

Jim Carrey, “Stupider and dumber”

A good example of why you can’t let your mother cut your hair.

Cameron Diaz, “Being John Malkovich”

Dried, whipped hair reminds me very much of Cuz’s little house.

Dwayne Johnson, “Be cool”

Boniface, is that you?

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Hairstyle From Movies: Halle Berry, “X-Men”

Bleached, lifeless hair, a style that leaves much to be desired – did we go back to the ’80s?

Kate Winslet, “Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind”

Bright colors on faded and dry hair are not the best solution.

Natalie Portman, Star Wars

What’s this? (Laughs) Cheburashka? A new generation of hearing aids?

Movie Hairstyles: Brad Pitt, Johnny Suede

That’s what happens when you overdo it with styling products.

Madonna, “The Vain Search For Susan”

Apparently, Susan is a barber.

Sean Connery, Zardoz

Not the best memory of this masculinity sample.

Keanu Reeves, “I Love You To Death”

Yeah, we love you, Keanu, no matter what.

Owen Wilson, The Model Male

We beg, leave exemplary curls to women!

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