How to Style White Shirt for This Summer 2022

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You can easily style your plain white shirt to look good. Girls or ladies can wear jeans or skirt with white shirt. Check out our selected white shirt styling ideas for this summer season.

Summers have approached and styling yourself is always the biggest question. Every girl struggles with the choice of what to wear whether its a party or even on routine days. Changing seasons means changing outfits. Isn’t it so tedious to think about this every time? Shouldn’t we have something that we just pick up and wear without giving a second thought to it.

Yes, of course, we do have. Its the evergreen immortal white coloured shirts. Who doesn’t love to wear white? Summers and white colour always go hand in hand. The most pleasure giving color for summer season is definitely white. White shirts are like always in trend and will always remain because there are some styles which can never go out of fashion, no matter what.

White shirts is one those styles which never goes outdated. Rather this styles keeps on updating with more new styles in white shirts either it could be a change in fabric or design or its sleeve pattern, and so on. There are endless uncountable styles of wearing white shirts that makes it wearable it for any kind if day. It could be a formal presentation day in your office, a party function, a meetup, or a get together. The variety of fabrics and designs available makes the wearing of white shirt very flexible. The variety in sleeve patterns also make it more wearable on different days.

Isn’t it a wonder that we have such a beautiful cloth to dress ourselves in the fashion full summer season. Let’s have a look on various styling patterns of white shirts for the approaching summer season.

1. Oversized white shirt

rhea kapoor Oversized white shirt

The oversized white shirt with loser type sleeves keeps you cool in the summer sunny days. The wide V neck gives this sober shirt look a sexy sober look. This shirt is the best suited for daily routine days. This could be worn with jeans shorts or jeans with white shoes. The whole look will be very classy and looks very gorgeous on a summer day.

2. One shoulder white shirt with jeans

deepika padukone One shoulder white shirt

The stunning Deepika Padukone us showcasing another charming style of white shirt. It’s an one shoulder white silk stuff shirt with one side collar. It is best suited for formal professional parties or for professional meetings and presentations. It’s stuff make it different from routine white shirts. Moreover its design adds on to the glamour. It could be worn with loose trousers or jeans stuff pants. A high ponytail and big ring earrings with high heels makes the look more presentable.

3. Anywhere white shirt

Sonam Kapoor with long rumal cuffs sleeves white shirt

The another style of white shirts is worm by stunning Sonam Kapoor with long rumal cuffs sleeves. The sleeves are quite fluffy. Such shirts are well going for parties when worn with skirts or bell bottom pants. This looks very graceful and beautiful for any type of party. You can go for this outfit for any kind of occasion.

4. Beggie sleeved white shirt

kangana ranaut Beggie sleeved white shirt

These beggie style white shirts look quite formal when worn with a pencil skirt or trouser. These could be wear in daily routine. The stuff and material is very much suitable for the summers. Kangana Ranaut looks stunning in this white shirt style. It gives you a very perfect day look which goes for every day work. Matching handbags with this would make it look more day wear. You can go for it for office hours or for normal day wear too.

5. Front open white shirt

sonam kapoor Front open white shirt

A very glamorous front open white shirt worn by Sonam Kapoor captured in a picture with beautiful Masaba Gupta. This shirt will add that magic spark to your look. It looks very royal when worn with long skirts or a good bottom. These will go the best for upper east parties. It definitely would give you an amazing look and would make you look stand out in a party.

6. Front bow knot white shirt

sonam kapoor Front bow knot white shirt

A very cute and beautiful shirt with a bow in front looks absolutely amazing. Sonam Kapoor has been captured in this very beautifully. The long cuff of the sleeves is a plus point to its beauty and makes it look more attractive. The front bow and long cuffs together make this white shirr style very unique and gives you a designer outfit for your upcoming party.

7. Cut sleeve white shirt

Karishma Kapoor has cut sleeves white shirt with a lower ban collar.

Another white shirt look by Karishma Kapoor has cut sleeves with a lower ban collar. The shirt style is very well designed to complete a summer look. The cut sleeves make it perfect for a summer season. It could be worn with loose bottom pants. These are the best suitable for the normal day wear.

8. Short cuffs fluffy sleeves

shraddha kapoor Short cuffs fluffy sleeves white shirt

These are the best white shirts which goes for formal interviews, and formal things more. The most amazing Shraddha kapoor wore it on a movie interview. She is looking so stunning that this style for white shirts is getting a place in fashion industry fastly. She worn with pencil skirts either with same color or in contrast, it looks amazing.

9. Furry cuffs white shirts

ananya pandey green feather Furry cuffs white shirts

A perfect summer dress worn by beautiful Ananya Pandey. The shirt had green feathers and fringes at the end. So flaunting your wardrobe with such an outfit is a bliss. A same feather end skirt adds the grace. This is the best party wear dress that could be worn by any girl and it would shit every body shape.

10. Dropped cuff sleeves

sonam kapoor Dropped cuff sleeves

Sonam Kapoor has been captured featuring yet another white shirt style with dropped cuffs and a beautiful and unique standing collar neck. The suit worn over it gives it a very much professional and formal party wear look. This long shirt could be worn as a daily wear too.

11. Band cuffs white shirt

deepika padukone Band cuffs white shirt

The most beautiful white shirt style with band cuffs is looking just amazing on stunning Deepika Padukone. She wore it for an award function. This shirt style could be worn for any party. Its shiner stuff make it wearable on parties when worn with same stuff bottom and high heels. It gives a very stunning look and keeps you all time ready for any occasion with a killer look.

Isn’t it lovely to flaunt your wardrobe with such amazing white shirt summer styles. These are the fashion trends that never go out of trend and will always be at the hook to get you ready for any occasion, or any day.

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