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Bollywood Dads Giving Fashion Inspiration For The Father of the bride
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Indian weddings are usually extremely fancy and vast which is why it requires anticipated planning a long time before it has to take place. From decorations to outfits, caterings and destination, people work towards the attainment of utmost perfection even in the subtlest things. What is given tremendous pertinence in this regard is the outfit. The discretion regarding the outfits of the bride and groom is considered a major concern but we often forget that the outfit of parents is also a matter of great concern.

Besides the bride and groom themselves, it is an extremely prominent occasion for the parents as well. While women turn out to be conscious enough to pick up the best fabrics ever, men often lag behind at this. We barely consider that the attire of the fathers is also required to be undoubtedly exotic and worthy.

Dress tips to choose the right outfit for Indian fathers

Indian weddings are categorised into multiple kinds. Considering the diversity in Indian culture, we come across weddings held at different places following different rituals and such varieties in culture require distinct attire ideas as well. While some choose to sport simplicity in the best of ways, others tend to display themselves in the fanciest and colorful ways. The next time you shop for the groom’s father, do not forget it is his emotional day as well. Here are certain tips that you can consider before shopping for your daddas.

1. For a royal wedding function

Many of us want to experience a grand and royal wedding. In such cases, it especially demands that the outfits of people must itself possess royalty and elegance. Since the groom’s father plays a particularly vital role in the wedding and is probably required to perform certain rituals too, it’s definitely his time to represent the royalty through his phenomenal attire.
For such weddings, people can go for light shaded kurtas with a closed jacket the fabric of which can be silk, velvet, Terry wool, brocade and so more.
Furthermore, more of a royal appearance can be brought about by sporting the right accessories.

2. For Sober Weddings

Sober weddings as in the wedding functions that are more like a private family affair. People usually opt for religious places like gurudwaras and temples to conduct weddings. On such occasions, you must choose wisely. Since these weddings are treated as more of a religious occasion, people prefer sporting light shades.
For such sober occasions, the groom’s father can go for some light shaded sherwani. The color options may include ivory, lavender, beige, lemon yellow, peach, off white and so more. This can be paired up with a light colored turban. The turban consideration is important as it will serve as an accessory and must highlight the combination chosen.

3. Go with the theme

Theme weddings have been a popular trend since recent years. As per the specified theme, people are supposed to dress up. The theme can be through multiple things. For instance, color theme, print theme, shade themes, accessory theme and so more.
In such occasions, you must give due consideration to the theme specified, before shopping. If you are willing to add up some uniqueness to keep up your identity as a significant guardian, you can go for sporting your favorite style keeping in mind the theme. For instance, where the theme is supposed to be followed through accessory, choose the dress of your choice. Where it is to be followed through shades, you can pick up the fabric of your choice.

4. Consider the timing of the wedding

Indian weddings are usually conducted during the night. It’s because the beauty and decorations are at it’s best at this time. The lights focus on the beauty of your outfits.

For night weddings, you can go for colors like burgundy, elegant black and gold sherwani, navy blue, golden, maroon or you can even try a combination of white and golden sherwani with patiyala salwar. These shades will be at their best when showered with adequate light.

Day time functions demand clean look which can be sported by playing with soothing shades. In case of accessories, you can opt for emerald strings which will look exotic and beautiful. This will be ideal for the fathers who want to appear immensely sober and clean. You can opt for lighter shade attires.

5. Skin Complexion and personality

Considering the versatility of distinct regions we live in, our skin complexion varies from each other. While some of us possess the true Indian skin which is wheatish, some are born with fair complexion and others may be dusky or so more. Skin complexion plays a vital role in determining a suitable color for our clothes.
Dark complexioned men must avoid going for dark brown or black shades. You can opt for shades of purple, rich yellow, pastels and orange. Light skin people can go for multiple shades of brown or blue undertones or reds and yellow.

Being the father of the groom, you are likely to be of a similar complexion, you can choose different colors from the same shade, preferably a bit lighter or can even go for a completely different one.
Besides considering your complexion, you need to consider your height and physique as well.

6. If you have planned all traditional

Going all traditional is a great wedding idea to be considered. You are required to possess ethnicity and culture through your attire. One of the greatest ideas of traditional weddings can be taken from the weddings of south Indian celebs. The time of the wedding usually being dawn, these weddings are conducted in an absolute traditional form. This requires your attire to bring out the culture you belong to. From a simple dhoti and kurta symbolising a particular culture, to an embellished sherwani with a bandhgala jacket or even a suiting (following western culture), pick up whatever symbolises your culture in the best way.
You can pick up ideas from celebrities and you may get the right kind of dress you are looking for. One of the most famous celebs, Nagarjuna, being the groom’s father chose to wear a light blue ensemble paired with a bandhgala jacket designed intricately with thread work. This can be an ideal option for both day and night occasions.

7. The Well Dressed

For all those dads who never want to let go of their sophistication and elegance, you can keep it on by chosing your attire wisely. As in western trend, men flaunt suiting in a very flamboyant way. Following similar trend, a crisp white shirt followed with black pants and grey jacket can be an instance of this. With very nominal efforts, the groom’s father can look super classy and gentleman.

8. Subtly Stylish

You can choose to be subtly stylish for a simple wedding to be conducted at temples gurudwaras or such religious places. It is usually a close family affair. Light kurta shades will be suitable for the occasion.
This fashion idea can be inspired from the dress of the famous Bollywood actor Pankaj Kapoor who made a worthy combination of light tone with vibrance opting for a beige shaded kurta paired with a closed neck jacket and blue turban. Being the groom’s father, his choice of attire was surely appreciated by many.

9. Funky appearance

Funky appearance can not be sported by all. The choice of vibrant shades is surely a tough choice to make. From vibrant tones of green and blue to shines of golden and silver, this will be a great option for the groom’s father if he’s planning to go bold. You can pair this up with a metallic turban to balance your look.

Being one of the most prominent days of their children’s lives, parents want to give their best appearance to keep up their impression and identity in such occasions. However, we often forget giving necessary importance to their clothes. In the present time, it is no big deal to look fashionable and flamboyant in your functions. If you don’t have your personal stylist to help you choose the right dresses for you, you can learn dressing ideas from our Bollywood celebrities who have already been a fashion inspiration to all of us since a long time.

In the present time, even the kind of makeup of brides are picked up from Bollywood actresses. So, all you need to do is pick up ideas from some famous actors turned fathers at their son’s weddings and develop them as per choice sporting them in all the ways you can.

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