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Considering the differences in our skin texture and type, we all require distinct varieties of makeup products. Your skin may be oily, dry or a combination skin, the skin texture may be normal, dry and so more. It is prominent for us to always go for ideal products to attain desired look. This is what can be quite fuddling. The choice of the right products significantly determines your quality of makeup which is why it would be better to consult a makeup professional or an expert but this can not be always possible.

One of the most pertinent choices you are supposed to make is the state of certain makeup products. One of such makeup essentials include foundation which comes in distinct texture. While powdered form will be ideal for some, others skin may demand for liquid form.

Be it in powdered form or liquid form, both are effective in their own ways. And not to forget, both are not even absolutely perfect and free from cons. However, since you have to make a choice among both, it’s better you consider the one ideal for your skin type, the level of coverage you want and so more.

Powder Foundation

Powder foundation consists of minerals and pigments in dry form. It comes in the form of loose powder or it can be in a pressed form as well. Since both the forms offer similar merits, you can opt for anyone of them as per your choice and ease. Eventually, you can evenly distribute it on your skin with the help of a brush.

Liquid Foundation

Liquid foundations are a kind of water-based foundations that are weightless and light on our skin. These foundations usually come with a built-in moisturiser with a view to keep up the hydration of dry skin. Those infused with oil are more likely to form a thick creamy texture while water-based are extremely light. Considering the similarity in their functions, you can try them and find the best one.

The most important thing you need to consider is the formula of foundation. It depends upon it’s composition and must be able to work best for your skin. Also, your choice of the foundation must align with the other makeup products you are using. Basically, foundations are based on four formulas. Powder-based, water-based, silicone-based and oil-based. Besides the formula, you can even consider the ingredients if you are extremely conscious about your skin. You can search whether the ingredients go well with your skin type, whether they consist of toxic ingredients or if you are willing to go for vegan products, choose them. You can base your choice upon several considerations like these.

You don’t need any complicated formula to find out the ideal foundation texture for yourself. All you need to do is keep in mind certain tips. Here, we have listed some pros and cons of powdered and liquid foundation.

The Benefits and Demerits of Liquid Foundation

1. Blending ability

One of the major benefits liquid foundation provides us is that it blends into our skin perfectly. Liquid foundation usually uses a water and silicone base that helps attain desired finish. Besides, another vital component of foundation is pigment which plays a significant role in bringing about even tone in your skin spreading evenly seamlessly.

2. Functions

Some brands of liquid foundations also consist of ingredients essential for skincare, performing complementary functions. These include SPF, moisturiser and so more to keep up your skin hydration thus preventing any major adverse affects from the components of the foundation.

3. Coverage

As mentioned before, besides considering your skin type, one integral consideration is the level of coverage you are aiming for. While foundations are available with distinct coverage levels, which one is ideal for you is the concern.
From light coverage to full, liquid foundation comes in varieties of texture. Light coverage foundation adds slight pigmentation only. It is more like a BB cream. On the contrary, full coverage foundation serves to create an even base which is a base to the rest of the makeup. It ensures covering all flaws and imperfections in the skin. It is the same with most of the liquid foundations. You can use them build and create coverage as per your choice.

4. Suitability

Liquid foundation is suitable for all skin type. All you need to do is consider your skin type before purchasing. In case of oily skin type, pick up the one possessing oil free formula to prevent making your skin even oilier as a consequence of which you may experience acnes and skin breakouts. So, be wise before chosing.

On the contrary, in case of dry skin, look for a liquid foundation already consisting of adequate moisturiser to ensure hydrated skin. Some foundations even come with in built moisturise in addition to serving to be a remedy to skin breakouts and acnes.

The Benefits and Demerits of Powder Foundation

1. Coverage

Powder foundation provides full coverage however it would be more ideal for light to medium coverage. A little bit of effort and you can use it to even out your skin in a light way. However, it would be advisable to go for liquid foundation if you are willing to achieve full coverage as powder form lags behind in this context.

2. Skin Type

Powder foundation, being dry, can be an ideal one for oily skin people. The powder possesses the ability to absorb excess oil from your skin. Besides, some of us sweat much frequently than others. For such people, this is the aptest choice. While the liquid foundation is likely to melt at high temperatures, powder will stay active and alive.

3. Composition

For all those who are quite conscious about being almost natural even in their makeup, powder foundation can do well as they are comparatively lesser chemical-based. You can rely on such powder foundations that may not be as harsh on your skin as the other ones maybe. For instance, there are certain powder foundations prioritising healthy ingredients such as vitamin E and shea butter that helps keep skin healthy. On the contrary, some liquid foundations are chemical infused which may not work well for your skin.

Factors to consider before picking up the right foundation

When it comes to choosing cosmetics, compromising is no option. You will definitely expect the best one. Just find a suitable formula for yourself that works well for your skin type and it will be easy for you to get ideal skincare products.

There are certain standards on which you can base your decision with regard to the choice of your ideal cosmetics.

1. Skin Type

Taking into consideration your skin type is the most indispensable decision you are required to make while looking for an ideal foundation.
In case you are gifted with combination skin, you can make use of both powder as well as liquid foundation. Select the foundation as per your skin type. In oily areas, go for powder foundation while using liquid foundation in dry areas. Usually, the T- region, from your temple to your nose is more likely to be oily. Consider the areas and divide wisely.
On the other hand, in case of oily skin, powder foundation can be the most ideal one as they work well in the absorption of excess oil. Similarly, those with dry skin or aged skin must prefer liquid foundation or else the powder form can mess up with the ageing signs like fine lines and wrinkles, settling into them.

2. Desired Coverage

While liquid foundation will provide full coverage in a better way, the functions of powder foundation is confined to light level coverage. Though, you may come across certain powder foundations that are not just buildable but also help you create your own coverage yet to attain full coverage, liquid foundations will always be easy and the best.

3. Desired finish

Whether you want, a matte finish or a dewy one, it depends upon the choice of your foundation. While matte finish can be achieved with both liquid and powder foundations, still powder foundations perform better in this regard. This is because of their oil absorbing ability that helps us achieve matte finish with atmost perfection.

On the contrary, to achieve dewy finish, go for liquid foundation. However, even powder foundation can help you achieve dewy finish.

4. Consistency

While cream foundations are usually like a thick cream, liquid foundations are water based and will provide a weightless feel. The third cateogary, silicon foundations are more likely to possess features of both liquid and creamy foundations and dry foundations are composed of minerals. While going for powder foundations, you must find them as a smooth and finely milled powder rather than being grainy and hard.

5. Color

Foundation must be appropriate for your skin tone. No matter what skin tone you have, you will surely find an ideal foundation for yourself. Besides considering the right color foundation for your skin, make sure it does not oxidise adversely. Oxidising is a chemical reaction that a foundation is likely to undergo when it hits the air. This results in your skin turning to slightly orange in color. So, go for the best formula while purchasing foundation four yourself. Most of the brands have a variety of foundations in your budget as well.

6. Stay Duration

Well, all of us will want our makeup to stay for a long period of time. It will be indeed disappointing when your makeup gets messed up at times you are exactly in need of it. So, before going for foundation, you must check how long is it going to be a companion with you. An ideal foundation will get you necessary glow besides giving even tone to your skin.

To sum up, the choice of right cosmetics can sometimes be cumbersome yet you can make it easy by possessing adequate consciousness while your cosmetic purchase. Not just foundation but all such makeup products where you are supposed to decide which one to go for, you can consider consulting a makeup professional or the simplest way is to just scroll down some ideas in your phone before picking up your products.

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