Yami Gautam Brings Back Blazer Dress in Fashion

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Yami Gautam is one of the most gorgeous and stunning divas of Bollywood and her style is something that everyone admires. The perfection in Yami Gautam’s Outfits is laudable as well as admirable. The way she carries herself on any occasion or event makes her the center of attraction. Here are some of Yami Gautam’s blazer outfit that perfectly defines her style as well as give you the idea to express the perfect style statement.

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Yami Gautam Brings Back Blazer Dress in Fashion

The grace of blue and stripe blazer

The grace of blue and stripe blazer Yami Gautam’s Outfits: Blazers

An evening outing with friends is something that everyone is excited about. The whole week we keep waiting and planning for the evening and when it comes to our getup that should be as perfect as the evening. The blazer perfectly suits the evening outing and can be paired with any black, white, blue pants giving you the complete look with some basic makeup and heels as well as a black belt will make it even more adorable. The stripes are trendy nowadays and when mixed with a blazer give you the smart and classy look for the evening. Yami Gautam’s outfit is a perfect outfit to make your evening outing more remarkable.

The mix of formal and casual look blazer

The mix of formal and casual look blazer

Wondering what to wear for the day event or seminar? Here we have the answer to this question. Yami Gautam’s grey blazer is an excellent choice for any day occasion. It gives you the flawless look for both formal and casual looks making you completely ready for the day. You can pair this with any t-shirt and pants and look as perfect as Yami Gautam. The grey color of the blazer can be mixed and matched with any outfit. Yami Gautam’s outfit matches the accessories like a watch and a good pair of black footwear that will add more elegance as well as standardize your look.

The emphasis of Yellow blazer

The emphasis of Yellow blazer Yami Gautam’s Outfits: Blazers

Yami Gautam’s faultless yellow blazer not only catches out attention but also gives us our desired winter goals. If you want an outfit that fits the party for the winter night then you are at the right place. The yellow color blazer is a perfect winter party outfit that one should have in their wardrobe. The perfection of yellow color gives adds the perfect glow to your overall party look. Brown, Blue, or Black pants or plazo will be the best pair for this outfit. Silver sandals or footwear that matches your bottom will make you party-ready as well as light makeup With the zest of pink lipstick is enough to make you the charm of the winter night party.

Regular day to day blue blazer

Regular day to day blue blazer Yami Gautam’s Outfits: Blazers

Tired of searching for a blazer that you can wear regularly without thinking twice? Yami Gautam’s blue finally ends your search here as it is the best one for your regular office days. A simple yet stylish blue blazer is a perfect outfit for your regular days that you can wear anywhere without a second thought. White shirts and a perfect contrast bottom will make you stylish as well as confident in yourself. A simple bracelet or watch and block heel footwear can add more style to your regular look as well as emphasize the beauty even in your simple day-to-day look without any flaws.

The beauty of red hot blazer

The beauty of red hot blazer Yami Gautam’s Outfits: Blazers

Red is something that never gets out of the trend. Yami Gautam’s red blazer is a complete outfit for any gala event. It gives you a complete red carpet look that will make you feel like a celebrity as well as set you apart from the crowd. The flawless red hot color adds more charm to your beauty and the style of the blazer increases your beauty standards hence making you ready for the gala event. A black, red bottom will be the perfect contrast for the one, and some styling with black heels and red hot lipstick will give you an amazing and adorable look.

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The exemplary contrast of peach and white stripes blazer

Yami Gautam’s Outfits: Blazers

Get-together with family and friends or going out for shopping one should never compromise with their outfit. The peach and white stripe blazer outfit of Yami Gautam is a perfect example for such occasions. The colors and the boldness of stripes define our look impeccably adding a smartness in our look. The outfit looks best when paired with the white or peach bottom along with white footwear and some messy or straight hair that gives us a phenomenal styling goal as well as makes us charismatic.  The contract of white and peach stripes glows in the daytime making you the star of the crowd.

The classy and royal white blazer

The classy and royal white blazer

The class of white colour can never get old and boring. Out of Yami Gautam’s outfits, the white blazer simply gives a classy and royal look to anyone. The white blazer looks simple but has a powerful impact on your overall personality. If you have to attend any professional party, event or workshop then this is the perfect winter outfit for you. Not only you will look classy and royal but also a professional with a positive attitude. White bottom is the best pair for this blazer as it does justice with your overall look. White, Orange Cantaloupe wedges or block heels and a  classy chain watch is a perfect style that can be added to complete your get-up.

The impactful maroon blazer

The impactful maroon blazer

Going on a date during winters and looking for a suitable outfit is such a tough task.Well, we have the solution to the problem. Yami Gautam’s maroon blazer outfit does justice with your date outfit goals. The stylish and impactful maroon blazer not only looks beautiful but also emphasizes your overall personality. The look, color, and silhouette of the outfit is such that it can please anyone with its powerful impact on the date. Black plain t-shirt and black bottom pants are suitable pair for this blazer apart from that matching bottom will also go very well with the same. Black,maroon or light beige colour pencil heels will look adorable as well as a lovely bracelet and a maroon nail polish will act as a essence in your beauty making you the date ready.

The stunning white blue check blazer

The stunning white blue check blazer

Yami Gautam’s blue and white check blazer looks stunning for any nightclub party. Any crop top will be the perfect combination for this blazer outfit giving an amazing and stylish look. A pair of black or blue heels will even make you more charming. Also a simple neck-piece will be enough to make your look more captivating. On the other hand the same blazer outfit when paired will any white t-shirt  gives you the perfect look for the office days with a pair of beige colour block heels that will complete your official look as well as gives you a multipurpose blazer outfit.

The exquisite long primary red blazer

The exquisite long primary red blazer

Yami Gautam’s primary red blazer is an ideal outfit for shopping as well as night walk. The primary red colour makes the outfit unique in many ways as well as gives you a blissful look.The style of the blazer make it worthy and one should definitely include this in their winter wardrobe. Black pants can be best paired with the blazer as well as black heels will be the best contrast with the blazer. A touch of matching lipstick with the blazer will give you a magnificent look for the outing. A black top, muffler as a style element can also add extra radiance in your overall look.

The purpose of the article is to guide you with the fashion of blazers. Hope the colourful and stylish winter blazers of Yami Gautam’s outfits have given you winter styling ideas as well as have guided you to carry the blazer in many stunning ways as well as have made you a fashion icon.

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