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Every day we are spending more and more time before the digital screens. We have our important information on digital devices like mobiles, laptops, etc. digital screens are now our source of entertainment also. Those days are gone where mobiles are called cell phones and they only be used to call or text someone. Today those old cell phones are converted into smartphones.

Digital screens have certain lights that can hard our eyes. But the effects and timing of how quickly it will harm one’s eye are different to everyone. Some people get their spectacles at the very beginning they start to spend time before digital screens. And some people will face weak eyesight later on but it will be the same for everyone.

We can control the harmful effects of digital screens by limiting the time we spend with digital devices. Spectacles are a way to treat weak eyesight. But now we have advanced technology hance we have an alternative of spectacles which is eye contact lenses. Some people find it easier to wear eye contact lenses. Also many people do not like to wear spectacles as a part of personalities and they keep their look as it is by wearing eye contact lenses. But everything has two parts. Eye contact lenses have some advantages over spectacles but it has disadvantages as well.

Pros of eye contact lenses

Here are advantages of eye contact lenses,

1. Contact lenses provide a wide vision

Wearing spectacles has limitations that your clear vision remains inside the frame of glasses but it is not the case with contact lenses. When you wear contact lenses you can see as if it is your real eyes. You will look exactly as you used to look with your normal eyes. It will correct your vision and you will like it more because you will not need to wear it anymore like spectacles.

2. Contact lenses eliminate the need for wearing eyeglasses all the time

If you wear spectacles then you know that when you remove your spectacles you can’t read anything clearly and you can’t see anything clearly you need to put on and remove eyeglasses frequently. But with contact lenses, you will be worry-free all day. You will need to wear it in the morning and you can keep it as long as you want.

3. Contact lenses provide better side vision

One of the most painful moments when you wear the eyes glasses is that if you want to look at the side than you have to turn your face around, because spectacles have limited vision. But if you are wearing eye contact lenses then you can see wider than spectacles just as your normal eye.

4. There is a wide range of eye contact lenses

If you have weak eyesight and if you decide to go for eyeglasses then you have limited options with glasses. On the other hand if you go for contact lenses then you will have many different types of options available. One should consider discussing what type of eye lens is better. There is a wide range of lens types is available to meet individual needs.

5. Eye lenses don’t fog up or get wet

The most painful moments with the eyeglasses is they have negative effects according to the weather. If it is cold then your eyeglasses will fog up and you will need to remove it and clean it frequently. On the other side if there is rain or you are performing any athletic activities then chances are it will be wet. And then again you will have to remove it and clean it. Eye contact lenses will solve this problem forever.

Cons of eye contact lenses

Here are disadvantages of eye contact lenses,

1. Cleaning and disinfecting can be complicated

You will need to take more care of eye contact lenses. You can’t just remove it at night and put it anywhere like spectacles. If you are using contact lenses than can be worn multiple times then you will need to keep it in contact lens solution. Also, every time you wear the lenses you will need to clean your hands otherwise it can ruin your lenses. Also when you will do all this cleaning it is advisable to wear your spectacles if you have, because otherwise taking care of lenses will be inconvenient.

2. There is more risk of corneal infections, scratches

Contact lenses come in direct contact with the eye. Hence if it has any bacteria or any harmful substance with it then it will directly affect your eyes. Henceforth you will need to take extra care while you clean, insert, and remove the eye contact lenses.

3. You will need other mandatory things with lenses

If you wear spectacles then you will only need to buy eyeglasses and a piece of fabric to clean it. But it is not the case with contact lenses. You will also need other things with contact lens cases like contact lens solution, contact lens inserter/remover, lens cleaner, etc. You will need to use these things if you want to keep your lens clean for a long time.

4. Contact lenses can be easily damaged or lost

It the most unpleasant thing about contact lenses. You need to take extra care to put eye lenses in its case otherwise if you drop it somehow then it will be hard to find. You will not find it easily because they are transparent and you don’t have clear vision without lenses. So, you will need someone’s help to find it. Also, they are easy to damage if you apply more pressure than it can handle then it will be damaged and you have to buy new lenses.

5. It can take time to get used to and require more follow-up eye doctor

Contact lenses are not simple as spectacles so you will need more time to get used to. After daily practice you will be able to easily wash, insert, and remove contact lenses. Also for those who are new with contact lenses usually require a longer initial examination and more follow-up visits to maintain eye health. And another disadvantage is that if your eye prescription changes frequently then changing eye contact lenses can be costly.

Your choice depends on your lifestyle and personal preference. You can choose from spectacles or eye contact lenses. In the beginning, you should buy disposal contact lenses and if you think it is suitable for your lifestyle then you can go for it. Also, you have the option to keep spectacles and contact lenses both. if you consider to buy contact lenses then you should consider the above-mentioned pros and cons.