Off-Shoulder Blouses for Brides

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Bridal blouses make the bride feel the most beautiful. They contribute a significant portion of the effect to your bridal look for the wedding. They add the needed color and life to the attire. Bridal blouses have great style, and it reflects the bride’s personality. So why not give the traditional bridal blouse a fun, stylish twist?

Off-Shoulder bridal blouses are trending. Today’s brides are free to choose however they desire to dress as it is their day. And they should be wearing what they love on such an important day. Off-shoulder blouse designs can be seen a lot now. It has become a great way to style your wedding day bridal outfit. It is perfect for an unconventional and striking look at your wedding. It gives a touch of sassy vibes to your outfit. Enjoy the day in classy style. You will look fabulous in an off-shoulder bridal blouse. It would add a modern twist to your wedding outfit.

Off-shoulder bridal blouse style can be worn for your wedding, sangeet, Mehendi, or an extravagant party or reception you have planned. The trend is too glamorous and awesome not to try out. So make sure you get at least ONE Off shoulder blouse for your wedding day! Go check out these awesome designs to choose from.

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Flaunt This Sassy Off-Shoulder Bridal Blouse Designs

Red Bridal Off Shoulder Blouse with Patterned Borders

Image Source: Mohit Jaura

A traditional patterned blouse design is styled with off-shoulder sleeves. It is a classy red blouse with beautiful floral patterns on the borders. A strap with a floral pattern is styled into the sleeve. It’s a crop top bridal blouse which would look fab for your wedding day. Green accessories are worn to create a contrast effect to the bridal look. It’s a simple yet elegant lehenga style that would make you look ravishing at your wedding without any doubt.

Dreamy Off Shoulder Blouse on a White Lehenga

Image Source: Memoirs

Outfit by: Samsara Couture

Let’s take a moment to soak in the absolute gorgeousness of this white lehenga! It’s an intricately hand-embroidered lehenga set. The net dupatta has beads and decorations on its border which looks beautiful. What makes this even better is the off-shoulder style given to the lehenga blouse. It would guarantee the stunning bridal look that you deserve.

Vibrant Pink and Silver Lehenga with Off Shoulder Blouse

Image Source: Swati Verma

Outfit by: Sulakshana Monga

This is an extremely elegant and beautiful bridal lehenga set. The pink radiates such joyful vibes making it a great wedding outfit. The blouse looks very pretty with its off-shoulder style design. Another attraction is the striking pink, silver, and golden combination. It would make you the most classy bride! Win over the compliments of your guests with this awesome blouse design.

Traditional Red Floral Lehenga with Off Shoulder Blouse

Shot by Jodi Clickers, Mumbai

A traditional look is made with this beautiful lehenga outfit. A creative twist is added with the blouse design. Now here is a wedding lehenga which your parents and friends will approve of! It satisfies the traditional soul as well as the modern one. The blouse material is filled with floral designs on it. The skirt also has flower motifs on it. A green net dupatta adds to the beauty of the bridal lehenga.

Cool Off-Shoulder Haldi Outfit

Image Source: The Videowala

Get groovy with this fun off-shoulder blouse for your Haldi function. It gives off shimmery and glamorous vibes which make the outfit grander. Have fun at your Haldi, dancing away in style. The glittery workings on the blouse look lovely. It adds a special glitz effect to your wedding functions.  The golden blouse is paired with a blue skirt and pink dupatta. A quirky sunglass is added to give fun vibes to the look. This is the perfectly stylish Haldi outfit idea that could make you the prettiest bride-to-be.

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Pastel Pink Embellished Bridal Lehenga

Source Baadal Raja Company

This is another awesome bridal lehenga design that could make your wedding day more special. It has embellished workings throughout the material and also silver floral patterns over it. It looks so beautiful with the off-shoulder bridal blouse. The sleeves have thread work attached to them which makes the bridal look more fairy-like.  Accessories with your favorite jewelry and you have a great bridal look at hand!

Feathery Unique Off Shoulder Lehenga Blouse Design

Image Source: Hitched & Clicked

Outfit by: Falguni Shane Peacock

A great party wear or reception look can be seen in this picture. It’s an exquisite style that you could pull off for your wedding day. It’s an awesome bridal look with a look of details and intricacy. Feathery work is given on the sleeves of the bridal outfit fashionably. The blouse looks beautiful with its grand texture and style. The skirt is so intricately designed. It adds a grand antique look to the whole bridal look.

Blue Off-shoulder Lehenga with Silver Works

Image Source: Black Tie Project

Outfit by: Gaurav Gupta

This is a simple yet super classy look that can level up your bridal game. It gives you an example of how simple works can look ravishingly beautiful. It is an elegant lehenga outfit, which would suit the classy bride. A dark blouse shade of blue is the color of the lehenga. And it has silver embroidery over the blouse and skirt, which looks great.

Pretty Bridal Look with Off-Shoulder Blouse

Image Source: Leena Bhushan

Outfit by: Dolly J Studio

An absolutely beautiful look is nailed with this awesome bridal look. It looks like a dreamy outfit everyone dreams of. A shiny stone-studded material is used for the Lehenga. The blouse has silver tassels hanging on it. The sleeves have a net material attached to them which matches the material used for the dupatta. A royal look is made here. Try this look and feel like a true Goddess2!

Simple Lehenga Design with Off Shoulder Blouse

Source Badal Raja Company

This is a relatively simple bridal look that looks lovely. It is going to make you feel special and at your best for the wedding day. It has a pattern in the form of lines, forming diamond shapes over the bridal outfit. The blouse design has been styled in an off-shoulder pattern. The pastel shade looks too lovely here. The skirt has a big pattern of leaves which adds to the beauty of the bridal lehenga.

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Elegant White Off-shoulder Bridal Blouse

Shot by Aniket Mazumdar Photography, Mumbai

An absolutely lovely style is achieved in this bridal blouse. An off-shoulder design is made along with a sweetheart neckline. The material is white with silver motifs on them. It’s a classy look you could go for. White is a very pretty color that brings in so much beauty to your bridal look. It is a peaceful and pretty color with a calming effect. It also signifies love and harmony.

Blue Bridal Blouse with One Off- shoulder

Source Lumiere Wedding Company

This is a unique style which you could try for your wedding. One hand is styled into an off-shoulder in this look. It is super classy and elegant. It has thread works on the sleeves. And intricate embroidered designs have also been sewn on the lehenga outfit. A simple necklace is added for an extra dose of elegance and beauty.

An off-shoulder blouse can add a special touch of style and classiness to a wedding outfit. It can make any bland outfit look super pretty. It’s a life-saver for people who want to achieve a great look for their wedding. It is also an easy way to make a bridal look more elegant.

So we hope you got enough ideas for off-shoulder blouse designs you could wear for your wedding! Wishin you a great wedding day with lots of happiness and fun!

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