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Best Heat Protectant For Your Hair A Simple Guide To Choose

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Styling tools have become a huge part of our daily lives, from hair dryers, and irons to flattening – these are a must-have for beautiful ladies in the modern world. All of these tools help keep our curls looking great, but they also do the most real damage. So good heat protectant products for hair are definitely a must-have in our beauty kit, using a heat shield is very important. By shield, I mean we need products capable of protecting our hair from damage. In this article, we have shortlisted some of the best thermal protection products.

How To Choose Best Thermal Hair Products

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Thermal Protection: What For?

Surprisingly, a thermal protection product is not only necessary for those who love to dry their hair with a hairdryer or straighten it with an iron. Even if you’ve given up “hot” styling help, your hair needs thermal protection in the heat of summer. These rescuers work in several directions at once:

  • They retain moisture inside the hair shaft and provide reliable heat protection.
  • They envelop the hair, creating a film that takes on the full power of heat.
  • They take care of your hair, giving it full care. Modern products contain a lot of vitamins and auxiliary substances.
  • They fix the styling so that all your efforts are not wasted.

What Are The Thermal Protection Products For Your Hair

They can be conditionally divided into three groups:

Washable. These include balms, air conditioners, sprays, and masks. Using ambassadors to wash your hair is convenient, but you will not receive full protection.

Irremovable. The choice is also great: sprays, oils, serums, and emulsions. More reliable than the first group, as they create an invisible film on the hair.

Special. Designed just for amateur “hotter”, the composition is similar to the second group but has a higher degree of protection from heat. Available in spray, oil, foam or mousse, serum or cream.

Thermal Protection: How To Choose?

Focus on your hair type, if you have one:

Dry hair – your curls will love the oil-based products (spray or emulsion). But you should avoid alcoholic foams or mousses.

Fat hair – choose the products to wash away (mousse, foam, mask, or balm). This way, you will avoid weights on your hair. You can also use indelible thermal protection, but it is better to do it in extreme cases.

Mixed type of hair – you will be suitable for indelible thermal spray.

The Best Thermal Protection Products:

Thermal protection from Estel

It is characterized by a high level of protection and fixation while possessing a pleasant aroma. Estel products will give your curls easy combing and unprecedented shine. Using a spray for oily hair and fluid for dry hair is preferable.

Thermal protection from L’Oreal

This brand presents you with sprays or milk that not only protect the curls from high temperatures but also restore them.

Matrix’s Vavoom Gold Heat Blow-in Volume lotion

An excellent option for thin hair that lacks volume. In addition to thermal protection, the product will provide you with shine and lush hair.

Joico’s SILK RESULT spray

It smoothes the curls and makes straightening with the iron not only easier but also safer for the beauty of the hair.

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Wella Professionals High Hair Curl Artist Spray

Ideal if you care about the beauty and health of your hair. The spray contains pro-vitamin B5, which gives the hair shine and silkiness. Note that the spray dries quickly, so it is better to treat them in stages.

Serum “Osis+ Flatliner Foam” by Schwarzkopf Professional

It does not stick hair, reliably protecting it from heat. Very convenient to use, which is why it is loved by many girls.

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