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Shaded Mehndi Designs for Front & Back Hands

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Most of us girls are all busy nowadays pondering upon each small detail which can make us look even trendier and supreme everywhere we go. But, we often do not ponder upon traditional things which we are just following and doing as we have been taught. You may already know I’m influencing you girls here to think about your Mehndi designs more.

Gone are the days when to apply Mehndi we go to our friend who knows a bit of Henna art and ask her to apply it to our hands. Nowadays, there are more spectacular Mehndi designs available in the market which are made for special occasions and outfits. Therefore, to help you with the deed here is a drop-down with 20 shaded trending Arabic Mehndi designs for you girls from Janki Raval. Follow my lead, come!

Shaded Mehndi Designs for Front & Back Hands

A Pretty Wrist-let

A Pretty Wrist-let Shaded Mehndi Designs for Back Hand

A stunning shaded Mehndi design that looks just like a band or a wrist-let tied to a hand. It has got motifs, paisleys and alluring flowers. The design does look intricate but it is effortless when made. Glint your nails with a pretty nail paint to make this mehndi design even more complimenting. The design does not demand ornaments to decorate your hands as it itself is playing a great role of a hand jewel. Talking about occasion, you can use this Mehndi design in small ceremonies like Mehndi or Haldi. You can also put it on festivals and other celebrations.

An Eye-Catching Blend

An Eye-Catching Blend Shaded Mehndi Designs for Back Hand

I like the fact that how celestially the Mehndi design is made up of flowers, dots, motifs and veils. It is a backhand design that starts from a bit bottom of your wrist and stretches all along to your index finger. The simplicity of this design speaks for its elegance. I bet it is entitled to right as ‘eye-catching’ because really it is, right? Since, the design elaborates only the index finger of the hand and the rest of the fingers are artistically decorated from above, therefore you can adorn your hands with some bright rings.

An Enhanced Design

An Enhanced Design Shaded Mehndi Designs for Front Hand

This mehndi design will be optimum for dry and dull-colored hands. It sights amazing and enhanced once applied to hands. If you want to redefine your hands on an occasion and you have bought many accessories for your hands too, then do add this impeccable mehndi design to your hands too. The design covers your hands wholly with paisleys, motifs, bels, and dots. A very common but worth glancing more than once Mehndi design which will definitely make your hands look appealing. Catch attention and drop jaws with this grandeur.

A Dazzling Garland

A Dazzling Garland Shaded Mehndi Designs for Back Hand

With many darkened strokes and outlines and shading filled inside them, this shaded mehndi design should top your list ladies! There are flowers made up of spirals, motifs made up of dark strokes, leaves made up of dark strokes and some dots joint with the bel with a very light stroke. The idea of this design is based on soberness and solemnity. Pair some thin metal bangles and slim rings on your hands to look classier. Prefer the design on simple occasions and celebrations or some small ceremonies and festivities. Dress elegantly with a kurta or a salwar kameez.

What A Charm!

Shaded Mehndi Designs for Back Hand

How charming does this special mehndi design look to the eyes? It will definitely drop jaws if you apply it and go on a great occasion with many people. You will be complimented and asked where did you get it from? It is simple yet classy and I would suggest all you ladies wear this design to a rare and exotic occasion or gathering. Wear a great aberrant outfit like a saree or a Lehenga Choli with the deed. The design consists of a primly shaped leaf, gorgeous leaves, and dark strokes of motifs both inside and outside the outlines.

An Orchard Of Roses

An Orchard Of Roses Shaded Mehndi Designs for Back Hand

This shaded mehndi design is for brides and all their pretty bridesmaids. The design is made up of a bel of roses, dots, motifs, and elegant flowers. The design stretches all along from the elbows of your hand to the tips of your fingers. You just need to practice it once or twice on paper or a utensil and you will be able to make it exactly how it looks. Then, you will become a professional in the same. Wear heavy ornaments like rings, bracelets, necklaces or bangles. The design is best suited for weddings, parties or other immense occasions.

Repeated Designed Trails

Repeated Designed Trails Shaded Mehndi Designs for Back Hand

An imposing design consisting of flowers made up of dark stroked outlines and the flowers are repeated all over the design. The repeated design is made up of spirals, motifs, and dots which is indeed a deadly combination. Polish your nails with some dark-colored nail paints to make the design even fancier. The design looks a bit intricate but a few efforts and a lot of perfection will make it look colossal. The design is best suited for fancy gatherings and occasions. Talking about outfits, a saree, a salwar kameez, and a Lehenga Choli will look optimum with the same.

An Intricate Vasty

An Intricate Vasty Shaded Mehndi Designs for Right Back Hand

What a majestic blend of all the intricate designs from the Arabic patterns of Henna. The design is intricate and will look darling on any girl’s hand. It should be prior in all your ladies’ choice books because you are not getting a more luring and striking design anywhere else. A Bonnie collection of paisleys, flowers, motifs, dots, and leaves. All the out bearings are decorated from the inside with sultry artistic shading. Please people and attract them with the design on primo occasions like weddings and glitzy parties. A superior classic white net material saree will make you look dreamy with the design.

A Baroque Rose

A Baroque Rose A Baroque Rose Shaded Mehndi Designs for Right Hand

It is rightly said that a single rose can fill the surrounding with its odor and freshen up the aura. Just like it, this baroque rose made in this shaded mehndi design is its specialty and point of attraction. If you look at it closely you will observe that it is not that backbreaking when made. You just need to double the outline you generally make while making a rose. Just like a single rose which is an attraction of the whole surrounding, you too will attract and appeal to people with this astounding shaded mehndi design.

Most Exclusive Mehndi Design

Most Exclusive Mehndi Design Shaded Mehndi Designs for Left Hand

This shaded mehndi design would take your breath and I bet you will choose it if you are a girl with exquisite choices. People won’t be able to take their eyes off your hands once they look at this design. Comprising of the sublime art of Arabic patterns made up of flowers, bels, and motifs this design will make a special place in everybody’s heart. The design starts from wrists where a rose and a bel is circling your wrists. Coming down on the back of your palms there will be a great garland made up of a flower.

The Lustrous Winsome

The Lustrous Winsome Shaded Mehndi Designs for Back Hand

If you are somebody who posts pictures of each moment of your life on Instagram, Facebook and any other social media platform then this shaded mehndi design is pristine for your hands. You can show your hands off on social media and flaunt it to your followers who must be waiting for an update from their social media queen. What a sober blend of all immaculate designs from the Arabic patterns, right? Carve this simple design on your hands and catch more eyes by spreading some glitter all over it. The design is best suitable for weddings and parties with night lights.

Something Peak, Something Precious

Something Peak, Something Precious Shaded Mehndi Designs for Left Hand

Isn’t this attractive shaded mehndi design just photogenic and much defined? The design is highly a snip, easy to make and sober to look at. The outlines are made up of dark strokes and dotted chains. The shaded mehndi design is short, sweet and simple. It starts from the wrist and ends at the index finger. Consisting of just petals, motifs, and the shading part it looks clearly dollish. The design will not look good on a fancy or supreme occasion as it is sober. Prefer putting it on small occasions like birthdays or small gatherings.

The Glitzy Radiance

The Glitzy Radiance Shaded Mehndi Designs for Left Hand

The design comprises classic Arabic patterns but is made suffocated. You can notice the authenticity of the design that how it is a great amalgam of Indian and Arabic design. The design is highly unique with its captivating grace and pleasantness. The design can be made even more graceful by sparkling the design with some blue glitter. With intricately shaped leaves, petals, spirals, and motifs this is one of the most starry pieces of Arabic Henna. I would also ask you to notice the very essential part of this design which is the definition of mid-finger.

The Paisley Trail

The Paisley Trail Shaded Mehndi Designs for Front & Back Hand

You will majorly love this heartful art of Henna dominated with paisleys all over the scale. The dominating paisleys in the design and the chaining trail of dots in the design will make people notice your Mehndi and you will be admired a lot. How authentic is the fact that the Mehndi spreads from your hands to your index finger but the rest of the fingers are not excluded? They are decorated with a chain design made up of dots. The design is perusal and looks gaudy therefore you can dance the design very well to any occasion you wish.

Both Hands Arabic Design

Both Hands Arabic Design Shaded Mehndi Designs for Front Hand

The design here is made up of dominating spirals, roses, motifs, and dark stroked outlines. The edges of the design are perfectly chained with the frilly set dots pattern. The edgy shading inside the outlines of the design looks even more aesthetic. As the picture suggests, you can also symmetrically carve this Mehndi pattern on both your hands which is very magnetic to look. Decorating the fingers with bels and motifs the design looks executive stunning. Brides can choose this design for their wedding ceremony or even for their engagement celebration.

The Pro-Arabic Smasher

The Pro-Arabic Smasher Shaded Mehndi Designs for Front Hand

Your bombshells are going to rock this time when you get this design done on your hands and will look even hotter. This design is best suitable for wedding occasions as it is a very defined and enchantress. Brides will look glorious wearing their red bridal couture and this fancy shaded mehndi design with it too. What a splendid combination! Many times when you get Indian patterned Mehndis done on your hand you don’t get clear pictures of your hands as it is made in a suffocated pattern. Get this dramatic Arabic design for your weddings and go regal!

Best Feet Design

Best Feet Shaded Mehndi Designs

We often think a lot when we need to get our feet done with Mehndi on any occasion as it is a bit confusing which design is perfect for our feet. There should be no thinking when it comes to Arabic design as it always looks elegant and does not look extra on any occasion. Here is a great Arabic design made up of broader leaves and spirals in the design. The design is pretty yet simple and less problematic. Your feet can be decorated nicely with a sparkly pair of anklets and traditional Payals

A Ravishing Arabic Design

A Ravishing Arabic Shaded Mehndi Designs for Legs

It is tough to make eyes stay on feet Mehndis but I can bet you could not take your eyes off from this Mehndi design. The middle paisley is shaded from inside like all other dark stroked outlined shapes but it is also filled with motifs. This makes the whole design look heavier and royal. There is the chaining of dots around the design made on the feet which looks charismatic. The upper feet portion is jeweled with the bel design, therefore, do not wear heavy anklets on this design. Wear a sleek but shiny anklet, it will guarantee to look classy.

Closely Made Arabic Patterns

Closely Made Arabic Patterns Shaded Mehndi Designs for Legs

Brides can pick these striking feet-shaded Mehndi Arabic designs for their weddings. It will look beauteous on a bride’s feet and will catch hearts at every look. Design speaks for itself when we talk about perfection and beauty. There is trails and chains adjoint with each other made up of dots. This fashionable design is for girls with a trendy and classic choice in every circle of matter. All the outlines of the shapes are darkened with the Mehndi tool cut broader than usual. Polish your nails with some more artistic and catchy nail art to complete this amazing design.

Fully Filled Arabic Design

Fully Filled Shaded Bridal Arabic Mehndi Designs for Legs

Another beauteous piece for our brides and also suitable for their bridesmaids. Comprising of checks, dots, motifs, zig-zag patterns, paisleys, and some flowers this design is also a prominent Arabic shaded Mehndi design. You must symmetrically draw a similar design to both your foot. The design is not fully shaded in all the bearings. There is shading in the flowers but small petals are filled inside the paisleys. Mostly surrounded by motifs from all the sides this looks absolutely fancy and highborn. Our brides will look queens and royal putting this design on their feet.

You saw a drop-down of many shaded Mehndi designs ranging from prime fancy arts to elegant glories. Hope you found the topflight among the bumper designs we listed for you. We have also listed some feet Mehndi designs in the list so that brides can pair accordingly and wisely.

May your Mehndi be symmetrical and perfect! Rock it, Queens!

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