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Finger Mehndi Design Tutorial for Eid & Wedding

Finger Mehndi Design Tutorial for Eid & Wedding
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Mehndi Designs for Girls & Women. Beautiful Finger Mehndi design with tutorial for Eid Festival & Wedding. Collection of creative & unique henna desgins!

Mehndi has maintained it’s essential value in our Indian culture for over years now. In indian weddings a lot of importance is giving to various custom and rituals and in the same manner mehndi is also a part of a important ceremony that is performed before marriage. Family and friends of bride get together with amazing music in a stunning venue with beautiful floral and tassel in vibrant colours for Bridal seating and guest seating decoration to enjoy the ceremony.

Mehndi or henna is then applied on the hands of the bride to beautify her even more. It’s impossible to image a wedding without a fun ceremony like mehndi. It’s just not mehndi there are also number of ceremonies held by both groom and bride. There is sangeet ceremony, tilak ceremony, haldi ceremony and many more performed before the wedding day. In Indian weddings each ceremony is different from the other and each of them have their own symbolic importance in Indian weddings. These scared ceremony are not just for fun, they somehow  unites two families and two people to start their lives together. They are in a way are blessings for the couples.

Finger Mehndi Design Tutorial for Eid & Wedding

Mehndi rituals are full of love and happiness. The bride in all her glory with a pretty smile decorate her hands and legs are decorated in elaborate design by the application of henna. Bride friends and family also apply mehndi and they dance sign and make merry during the event. Mehndi also has medicinal properties too. It has a cooling effect that helps in soothing stress, headache and fevers so we can also assume that the application of mehndi is actually beneficial for the bride and groom as it will relieve them from all the wedding stress.

In the colorful, musical and lively mehndi ceremony the bride chooses her mehndi pattern. It has the same stress level just like while choosing a wedding lehenga. Different brides want different patterns for their hands and legs. So use their creative mind and opt for some unique mixed patterns and some simply oot for a simple traditional mehndi design. The traditional patterns have become more and more intricate detailed style and decorative with time. There are various trending styles like Arabic and Rajasthani patterns. These intricate detailed design are quite popular around the world.

It is not just during weddings that mehndi is applied on the hands and legs, mehndi is equally important for other cultural function such as diwali, karwa chauth, bhai dooj, teej and other Indian festivals.

Finger mehndi designs for Indian Functions

If you have an important Indian function and looking for a mehndi pattern then don’t you worry about anything, we have compiled some beautiful Mehndi designs for fingers that will definitely win your heart. Scroll down and explore the new trending finger Mehndi designs from Mehndiartist Hira.

Mesh finger mehndi designs

Mesh finger mehndi designs Finger mehndi Designs

Mehndi art is something every girl adores. Mehndi pattern does add a magical touch to your ethnic look every time. This beautiful intricate Mehndi design is created by mehndi artist Hira. To the ladies who want a simple design this is for you if you love Net designs. It has a mesh and curve lines crafted in one of the most desirable pattern with a floral design in the middle section around the initials. Brides and bridesmaids out there opt for this beautiful mesh mehndi design along with a simple look or you can blend this up with some other mehndi designs to get a unique pattern. Paired this with an intricate full hand mehndi designs suitable for various festivals.

Arrow style mehndi designs

Arrow style mehndi designs

This beautiful mehndi designs has a number of arrows or V shape Mehndi pattern. This one in the picture is one of the simple design that will suit when you want a minimal design. This is design is a combination of a floral design in the middle section with dot lines followed by arrow lines in different patterns. The light and dark combination is so beautiful. Opt for this design if you want a simple look to match you outfit and you can also extend the design by mixing it with some geometric patterns. This mehndi design is best for India festivals. This design in created by mehndi artist Hira.

Bands and floral mehndi design

Bands and floral mehndi design Finger mehndi Designs

Floral pattern is easy and most Mehndi artists opt for a simple floral patterns. When they want to add a traditional touch to your mehndi designs this floral design are the best option. We simply love how this mehndi artist has managed to draw bands along with half floral design neatly on the fingers by mixing the two. This design is simple and elegant. You can also mix this mehndi design with Arabic mehndi designs and opt for a full hand pattern. This is fit for wedding ceremonies in an ethnic wear. This design is created by mehndi artist hira. Check her Instagram page for more detailed mehndi designs.

Floral mesh mehndi design

Floral mesh mehndi design mehndi design

We totally love this mehndi design for its floral mesh. The mehndi designs starts from the middle section of the fingers leading to  a band on the top of fingertips. You can leave this design as it is or you can double up the charm by combining it with other Mehndi pattern for a full hand mehndi art. The backhand fingers look absolutely amazing in this unique intricate floral design. The design complete covers the fingers. Add blink to the design with beautiful rings and nail art designs to enhance it even more. This design is perfect option for wedding functions and family function s also.

Minimal finger mehndi design

Minimal finger mehndi design

This minimal mehndi design with neat spaces is sheer elegance. If you having a hard time finding mehndi pattern that is elegant and simple then this pattern is definitely for you. This design is simple and designed in a ring style with band in different styles leading to a semicircular floral pattern ending with dots is worth swooning over.

You can also combine this mehndi design with Arabian mehndi designs with dominating circular patterns on the backhand or mix it with peacock motifs that will definitely look stunning hassle free. Opt for this design for weddings and family function. This design will suit both the bride and bridesmaids cause it will go with every traditional ethnic wear. This beautiful mehndi pattern is designed by Mehndi artist hira. Go through her Instagram account for more mehndi design inspiration.

Every good thing comes to an end! That all for now folks!  The list of most trending Finger Mehndi designs with images and video tutorial ends here. Hope we helped you out in finding inspiration for your next Mehndi designs look. Don’t forget to experiment by mixing the mehndi designs to get a beautiful unique pattern. Do share your lovely thoughts with us and let is know which designs you liked the most in the comments section below.

Simple Mehndi Designs for Front & Back Hand

Simple Mehndi Designs for Front & Back Hand

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