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Holi is such a beautiful festival. We all see colours everywhere around us. Now what inspires us from that is the way we dress. We always look up to celebrities when it comes to sensible dressing. Celeb looks are always something we want to recreate. Be it any festival or be it our favourite Holi. The festival of colours inspires us to drape ourselves in colourful clothes.

Bollywood Style Holi Outfits

1. Bringing Bold Colours Into Action

There is a whole lot of section that doesn’t just want to dress in white. White is not always good to go colour for them. What they can switch to is bold colours like black. This style statement of Deepika from Ram Leela will work wonders for somebody who loves back and Holi at the same time. Go for a lehenga choli with black top-wear and white bottom wear. You can also pair it with some floral rayon skirts if you want. You also need to add some jewellery as they will elaborate your look even more. Go for chandbalis just like Deepika or go with some pretty cute bangles. The thing is you get to wear black & white both.

2. Comfort Over Festivities Ethnic

We all have grown up seeing our elders wearing ethnic on the festivities. But the trend changes every single second. Festivals are there for enjoyment. And you can enjoy it only when you are comfortable. So be that comfortable chick who enjoys the most. Go for the look Deepika inspired us from Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani. Go for shorts and a t-shirt. You can also pair shorts with your favourite top. Give that sexy sparkle into your Holi look. Be comfortable and beautiful at the same time.

3. Get Colours Into Your Outfit

The festival of colours allows you to experiment with different colours that come your way. In the same way, the yellow colour will lighten up your look. Yellow is one of the most vibrant colours one will ever come across. Pairing up your look with yellow will brighten up your look. The look inspired by Alia Bhatt from Badrinath Ki Dulhania can be used by anyone who loves yellow. You can go for yellow lehenga choli and give yourself a bright look. Your yellow top should have a few embroideries on it to make it look more worthy. Try to pair it up with a Mangtika. So you are all ready for that vibrant Holi look.

4. Spaghetti Never Goes Out of Style

Wear your spaghetti as your style statement this Holi. This look inspired by Alia Bhatt from 2 states can work as a fashion statement for you. Now you can style it with your palazzo pants or your patialas. Don’t forget to add some chic accessories to it. You can go for silver bangles or silver earrings as well. Try something different this time. Don’t make your style statement go boring. Take this look inspiration and work it out with your accessories. Don’t forget to add accessories as it plays a major part in this look.

5. Your Pink Aura Makes You Look Different


Pink has always been the favorite colour of many girls. The pink colour makes you look cute. Your cute aura gonna take sight of everyone around you. This look inspired by Priyanka Chopra will catch the eye of everyone around you. Wear bangles and a mangtika to enhance your overall look. If you are that person who wants their hair to be tied, you can always aspire for this look. Go for that simple braid or fishtail braid. Try this unique pink look on Holi this time. You can go for the beautiful trendy flats if you want for this look.

6. White Chikkankari Kurtis Are The Delightful Wear


Chikkankaris kurti never goes out of style. So just pair it up with your white duppata and leggings of any subtle colour. The look of Sonam Kapoor from Ranjhanna wearing white kurta will always remain a trend-setter. Chikkankaris kurtis will give you a beautiful ethnic look. The holi colours you wear should leave your remarks on your kurta as they are your memories. What can be a better colour than white in your wardrobe for this? Pair it up with your nosepin and earrings. You can go for flats with this. Make sure your flats should be kind of flat juttis with kind of work with them. Don’t go for a very simple chikkankari as it will spoil your overall look.

7. Cotton Lehengas Will Provide You The Best Comfort

Everyone loves the idea of wearing a lehenga.  Lahenga will always top that idea of ethnic wear. But some people usually don’t prefer wearing the one with synthetic fibers. So go for the look inspired by Hema Malini and switch for cotton lehengas.  Drape a good embroidery dupatta around it and you are all ready to go. Add some of your pieces of jewelry to it.

8. You Feel Elegant When You Wear Elegant

Your elegance comes with the clothes you wear. So go for this elegant dress inspired by Shilpa Shetty. One-sided shoulders will give you a cool look with your most favourite oxidised jewellery.  This look also is inspired by the latest dhoti pants. Dhoti pants are the most effortless trend right now. Try to go for the colour orange as it gonna look so sweet no matter who wears it.  You can also go for some jewellery for your feet. If you want to go for good footwear, undoubtedly choose the heels. You can go for wide bangles in case you want to give yourself that bold look.

9. White Clothes Are Always A Yes

Go for the look inspired by Sharddha Kapoor. Pair your favourite white kurta with your straight white pants. Nevertheless, white is such a sober colour. Everyone loves to wear it. How can anyone ever say no to such a beautiful, good-to-go colour. You can go for some sliver bangles if you don’t want it too simple. Go for flat jutti with a bit of mirrorwork. You can also go for sneakers as shown in the picture. Go for the middle partition hairstyle. Also, try the no-makeup look with this. Wearing a bit of makeup with white enhances the colour even more.

10. Want Something Western? Then Try This

This look of the white slim-fit dress is a wow for anyone who carries it. If you are not someone who loves ethnic heaviness, wear something light. Wear your white slim-fit dress and can also pair it up with a denim jacket. Just go for some worthy accessories. And yes you are ready to go. You can go for open hairs if you are someone who wants to keep it effortless. On another part, you can just go for that high ponytail. For the shoes, go for sneakers with the least doubt. You can also go for pencil heels.

11. Try The Mesh Embroidered Sleeves

Go for the white heavy embroidery kurta. The one which has been inspired by Urvashi Rautela. Try the mesh Embroidered Sleeves now. This is right now in trend. So giving them a try will never be a loss. Go for it try them and pair it up with jhumkas. You can also add some bangles to get a perfect ethnic look. For the bottom-wear try to go for patialas or white straight pants. When designing the kurta go for the laces as shown. The lace will all-over magnificently design your look. You can also get some curls for your hair or go for the famous fishtail braid if you want.

12. Same Print Clothes Look Super Elegant

This outfit will have the same print on your top wear as well as in your bottom-wear. This look doesn’t actually be that clumsy one. The clumsy thing happens when you try to put one with very heavy embroidery. That doesn’t look that good. But this effortless fashion statement will make your look go so great. The lehenga you gonna wear would have some diagonal prints on both the top-wear and bottom-wear. You can pair it up with some tassel earrings or the pom-pom earrings as shown. This effortless beauty is something that people will never forget.

Holi is not just a festival to wear white. There are so many style statements one can follow. Be it pairing it up with bold colours or sober colours. Stop being the one who follows that fashion sense which is no more in trend. Want comfort? Try shorts! If want ethnic, try white lace design kurtis.

So this Holi wear whatever you want you! Give yourself that pretty look. You should also shine as the colours in the Holi do.

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