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When it comes to footwear essentials for men, shoes are at the top of the list. Boots are a type of shoe with an interesting story. Despite the fact that for many centuries they have been an indispensable attribute of men’s wardrobe, today’s everyday wear shoes are more clearly represented in women’s fashion. These shoes are not only practical and comfortable, but they are also versatile and stylish. Nevertheless, men’s versions of these shoes also exist. Not all shoes suit all occasions, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with the different types and the best ways to style them.

Today, we are here to show you how to wear shoes for a sleek and trendy look. We’ll take a look at what situations are appropriate to wear shoes in, how to fit them into your wardrobe, and what types of shoes to stay away from.

Update Your Footwear With These Trendy Boots

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The Story Of Men’s Boots

Boots were born as riding shoes for Turkic nomads: it was in soft leather boots that it was most convenient to drive a horse with the help of stepladders. From them, this type of shoes became widespread in ancient Russia and soon began to be perceived as an attribute of the rich class. Peasants wore leggings, but the princes and their relatives preferred comfortable and practical leather boots. Saffian boots  – shoes made of expensive soft leather, often painted red – are often mentioned in the bylines as an unchanging attribute of wealth.

Archer wearing boots in ancient Russia

Medieval russian archer wearing boots in ancient Russia

These boots were worn by soldiers in ancient Russia.

In the Middle Ages the boots were spread – shoes made of coarser durable leather, as well as from a material called “yuft”, which was the same cowhide leather, but carefully processed with the help of seal fat or birch tar. This kind of raw material has for a long time reigned in Russia and Europe as the basic material for boots which, in turn, changed the form, according to a fashion. The tone was set by the military (the boots were always part of the uniform), and then the same models were distributed in everyday life. At one time, there were high boots everywhere, then the French musketeers introduced the fashion for boots with a wide shin, later the English cavalry – with a hard and narrow, etc.

Concert of Europe french revolution

Concert of europe painting includes thigh high boots

These were the kind of boots worn all over Europe in Napoleon’s time.

At the turn of the XIX-XX centuries, when the military was growing and the leather industry could not cope with the volume of production of boots, manufacturers in different countries thought about finding alternative materials. In Russia, artificial leather on the basis of synthetic rubber, called “kirza”, appeared. Kirzovye boots entered history as an integral attribute of the Soviet soldier during the Great Patriotic War.

In the second half of the XX century, there was an interesting turn: boots in the classical sense, that is, leather shoes are about the height of the knee without laces, almost completely moved to women’s wardrobe, and in men’s fashion reigned boots and shoes. Nevertheless, certain types of men’s boots exist and, moreover, have been gradually regaining their positions recently. Let’s consider them in more detail.

Winter Boots

The most actual type of men’s boots in our latitudes is winter boots. Modern models are insulated shoes, often with a lining of fur, height from just above the ankle to the middle of the caviar. Sometimes they have shoelaces on them, but more often they are zipped on the side.

The main advantage of boots is obvious: they are much better warmed up in severe frost. At the same time, manufacturers produce them for every taste: from sports and casual to elegant models, which can be worn with a business suit and coat.

Wear brown boots male

Men's brown boots with blue jeans for all occasion

Neutral black or brown men’s boots will fit different styles of clothing.

The question that torments many winter boot owners is to tuck their pants in boots or hide them under their pants? If it’s a business style, the answer is obvious: the shoes hide under your pants. Sufficiently wide suit pants will hide the shins of your boots, and you will look almost the same as in the shoes, but do not freeze in the cold.

Tom Brady boots

Tom Brady, men's cowboy brown boots with brown and blue jacket for winter season

Jeans tucked into boots immediately create a sporty, relaxed look, while the reverse can look very elegant.

If you want to dress in the daily style, it all depends on the style of trousers. Wide trousers, as well as wide enough classical jeans, are worn over the boots. Don’t try to tuck them in: yes, you’ll save the bottom of the pants from dirt, but they’ll doubt and stick out unsightly “bubbles”. If you wear narrow jeans, the modern fashion allows you to tuck them into boots. Just note that this image will be immediately related to the youth style, analyze whether it fits your constitution, lifestyle, the place where you are going to go, etc.

A separate subspecies of winter boots – uggs. These are soft sheepskin boots that caused a real fashionable “boom” a few years ago. They can also be worn with narrow jeans tucked inside, not forgetting that these shoes are designed primarily for recreation, walks, and other informal situations.

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Men’s motorcycle boots

Men's black motorcycle boots for winter season

Rubber Boots

If you are fond of hiking, fishing, and other outdoor activities, you probably know what rubber boots are. This type of shoe is indispensable for many types of recreation and outdoor work, as it allows you not to wet your feet and not to get dirty pants.

Men’s hunter rain boots

Men's black hunter rain boots for winter or rainy season

You won’t even know from these boots that they’re made of rubber.

You won’t even know from these boots that they’re made of rubber
In the last few years, however, rubber footwear has left the field of gardening and fishing and has made itself known as footwear for the city due to the efforts of designers. Many brands have started to produce boots and tall boots made of waterproof materials, including insulated, similar to the usual casual style shoes, and promote them for wearing in rainy weather. Someone is embarrassed by the idea of wearing rubber boots in the city, but it is impossible not to admit that with the Russian climate they can be useful, and not once a year.

Riding boots

Black riding boot for winter season

Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots are not the most standard type of shoes, but they have survived to this day. As it is easy to guess, they were invented by cowboys in the Wild West, and each detail has its own meaning. The narrow nose made it easy to stretch the leg in the stirrups, the rather high beveled heel reliably kept it there, and the wide ankle helped to quickly drop the boot when falling from a horse or some other emergency situation. The fact that the tibia was tall protected the leg both while riding and during, say, a meeting with a viper on the prairie.

Men’s cowboy boots and cutoff white jeans

Men's cowboy boots and cutoff white jeans for any occasion

The recognizable shape of cowboy boots has not changed until today.

Cowboy boots have become a part of American culture and are sold today. They look spectacular, but they are worth wearing only in certain situations, otherwise, you risk looking stupid. Those who watched “How I Met Your Mother” probably remember how Ted Mosby’s friends made fun of his passion for red cowboy boots (though that didn’t stop him from doing so).

Red cowboy boots

Ted mosby red boots on How I Met Your Mother

The protagonist of “How I Met Your Mother” and his legendary boots.

In general, cowboy boots are appropriate at thematic festivals, as well as in a number of communities and subcultures, such as bikers. If you really want to create an image for everyday life with this type of shoes, then be sure to support it with other thematic elements in clothing and again, well appreciate how appropriate this attractive set of attention is in this or that situation.

Sports Boots

Separately, it is necessary to say about the boots, designed for various sports. High tibia shoes are used for riding, sports motorcycle riding, many winter sports and outdoor activities, etc. Each of these types of footwear has its own peculiarities, which we will not dwell on, as it will be described in more detail on the sites and blogs dedicated to certain sports. From the fashion point of view, it is worth emphasizing that these shoes are not intended for everyday wear.

Men’s boots  for horseback riding

Classic men riding breeches and boots perfect for horseback riding

This image is perfect for horseback riding, but do not repeat it in life.

Men’s boots are not the most common, but indispensable type of shoes in certain situations. They warm in winter, protect from rain and dirt, and can look neutral or very spectacular. I wonder if your wardrobe has booted.

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