Pre-wedding Photoshoot Ideas in Low Budget

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Checkout pre-wedding photoshoot ideas in low budget for creating memories in upcoming journey with life partner. Pre-wedding photoshoot will be special with outdoor, beach, candid, romantic couple and traditional photoshoot. Check with your photographer to tryout these photoshoots ideas for unforgettable memories. 

Pre Wedding photoshoot is very popular photography art. This brings back cherished memories when you flip the pages back down the memory lane. There are loads of candid moments during pre-wedding shoots which is memorable later for the couple or the partners. The photoshoots are created with a lot of artistic ideas and creativeness. The time spent together during the shoot helps to build their bond of love immensely. The shoots are mostly inspired by films, videos, etc. to sort of truly bring out the dramatic side of you in real life and also to re-live the iconic moments we always dream of experiencing. It has become a must-activity for the wedding event. In one word the pre-wedding photoshoots are way too precious for everyone and you can also check the pre-wedding photoshoot ideas by Pre-weddings-photoshoot. 

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Affordable Pre-wedding Photoshoot Ideas


Image Source: V2 Creation’s

This idea is an all-time favorite of the bride where the groom presents the anklet to her and he puts it on her ankle. This classic photo shoot idea is illustrated in a very dramatic manner in a rose bedded floor surrounding them. The partners are shown in middle of the decorated area and the shoot is preferably done there. The bride wears an ethnic luxurious lehenga and the groom goes for an embroidered sherwani. You can style your outfit as per your choice to give the shoot a heavy wedding look. In this the groom usually kneels down, takes her leg on top his knee and makes her wear the anklet. In this shoot the photographer uses the piece of jewelry as a prop. Similar picture can be taken using the wedding ring too where the boy would be proposing kneeling down in front of the girl with a ring in his hand. It’s probably one of the most adorable photo shoot. And also not to forget the cute moment made when the couple looks at one another with broad smiles. The pre wedding pose ideas build up from various platforms, everyday life, different usage of props, love for nature, long walks, etc. Quite dramatic but all the more adorable.


BETWEEN THE ROCKS pre-wedding Photoshoot Ideas
Image Source: Shethpurv

: The portrayed image shows us a candid shot taken with flawless photography skill. Pre wedding shoot is a special event that most partners looks forward to realizing wedding is a lifetime affair and similarly so is the pre-event. This shoot is taken on a naturistic place. The guy sort of holds the girl from behind with a happy smile and the girl flows her dupatta along with the wind in utter joy. The plot of the photography matches amazingly with the natural joyous mood over flowing with thousands of emotions relating to spending the rest of their life with each other in harmony. The Groom here wears a contemporary mustard yellow kurta coordinating with the to-be wife who is wearing a mustard yellow ethnic wear along with pink dupatta. Flowing dupatta is an absolute filmy concept. The destination is chosen accordingly which would counterpart to the whole scene. It gives a certain kind of soothing feeling that you wished since forever along with all the love from your partner. The greeneries adds up to all the excitements related to the wedding shoot.


THE FAIRY TALE PROPOSAL pre-wedding Photoshoot Ideas
Image Source: Wooyeonhada

This is a picture-perfect pre-wedding image showcased beautifully. The to-be husband here hugs his partner holding a bouquet of her favorite flowers in his hand. It is a church wedding event. This is such a beautiful illustration of their compatibility and love towards each other. He is dressed up in a blue suit and the bride is dressed in a pearl white bridal gown designed with laces. The flowers that he is holding matches so well with the small floral tiara that the girl is wearing on her hair. The picture here is clicked uniquely from behind giving it a sophisticated look. This image is all about creating that perfect moment with each other in the pre-wedding shoot which is definitely going to be as memorable as ever. The photo is captured with soft neutral hue shade which gives the last finishing touch to the moment created by the couple. It’s an awe-striking picture clicked by the photographer which is immensely appreciated. Well-coordinated Christian wedding set some serious pre-wedding goals for couples.


Image Source: Shutter Bees Photography

Pre wedding outdoor shoots amidst nature is a famous technique that the photographers adopt. The couple is pouring their affection towards each other in this image. The guy kisses the bride from the side hugging her very comfortably. The image reveals an idea of comfortness towards one another which is very essential for any successful relationship. The attire that the couple is wearing for this shoot is quite simple. The guy is wearing a dark colored shirt with suitable formal trousers and the girl is wearing a salwar in cream silk along with orange dupatta. The theme is kept traditional. A wedding seems to be incomplete without a pre wedding event for capturing few of the best moments of their life. The simplicity in this picture is a special quality that the photographer tries to convey. Overcoming the stereotypes, every couple looks ahead to their picture perfect shoots.

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Image Source: Chiaara Designs

It is a head turning photo shoot image with a dramatic gown in display clicked at the right moment. There are multiple images show casing romantic gestures like proposing, sitting close to each other turning in opposite directions, holding each other hands, carrying the bride in his arms etc. Beach sides are picked up by most couples as well as the photographers because of the sunsets which adds undefined glamour to the overall shoot. It gives a breathe-taking view and brings out the sparkling romance among them. Generally suits are chosen for the male candidate and the bride wears the undoubtedly dramatic gown. Colors are chosen too in advance to go well with the surrounding and the occasion. It’s a very stylish and trendy pre wedding photo chosen by maximum couples. The fun beach side photo shoot is one of the effortless ideas which can never go wrong. Soaking in the light in to the pictures gives a different kind of glow altogether.


THE ROYAL FEELS pre-wedding Photoshoot Ideas
Image Source: Bhavin Rathod Photography

This pre wedding shoot idea is inspired from vintage shoot clicked in a historical or cultural area with ancient architecture. The old school charm is back with this pre wedding set but trust me it is indeed a big hit. Vintage themed pictures looks royally attractive with all the effects added to it. The pre wedding event is created wearing traditional wedding attires in royal blue with heavy embroidered silk threadwork. The couple here not only enjoys an iconic photo shoot but also equally enjoys the outing together. The picture is taken simultaneously when the couple is in a ball dancing scene staring at each other with passion. This is particularly known as fusion themed suit and it’s certainly for all the classic lovers out there. Adding different props along with the cultural background also adds to its beauty. It’s a flash of moment for lifetime valued deeply by most.

7. THE CHILDHOOD MEMORIES – Outdoor Photoshoot

THE CHILDHOOD MEMORIES pre-wedding Photoshoot Ideas
Image Source: The Aartistry

This exact depiction is clicked showing that the couple is enjoying a hearty laughter with one another. It further shows that the girl is sitting on a swing and the husband is enjoying by swaying her away in that fun instant. It’s for sure in the list of couple goals in most of the diaries. The boy is dressed in a black suit and the girl wears a dress combined with boho jewelleries giving an entirely exclusive appearance. These photo shoots are not only exciting but also it gives us that chance to enjoy tremendously with each other’s company and spent quality time too. A wedding is a start of a bright journey and should begin with a positive and amusing vibes. These magic moments created for the shoot among the couple is treasured forever.

8. RUNNING INTO HIS ARMS – Affordable Idea

RUNNING INTO HIS ARMS pre-wedding Photoshoot Ideas
Image Source: Son Sung Joo

The image gives an example of layout pictures. Different ideas are used for pre wedding shoots. It portrays the groom stands with his arms wide open waiting for the bride and the bride on the other hand is walking towards him and the last picture shows she finally goes to him and he embraces her by hugging tight. It’s basically a sequential picture each showing she is walking closer to him. She is walking towards wearing a splendid white gown holding bouquet of white flowers in her hand. And the groom is dressed in a polished black tuxedo. Black tuxedo are equally stunning and perfectly complementing their mood and chemistry. A lot of feelings are involved in the pre-wedding pictures. Pre wedding shoot is just unspoiled amidst the natural setting with minimalistic décor. The icing on the cake are those clicks showing the simultaneous sequences almost compared like giving a slow motion effect to the walk.

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THE RULE OF LOVE: OPPOSITE ATTRACTS pre-wedding Photoshoot Ideas
Image Source: RBD Photography

This shoot demonstrates an intense look picture between the two clicked with enormous photography skill. The picture is taken from a high level area or a tree top or can be any high building too for capturing the complete look and picture-perfect concept. The whole picture looks lovely with the couple looking at each other with all the hopes and dreams. The couple lies down close facing each other and holding each other’s hand depicting they will be by each other’s side for lifetime in every situation that comes their way. The outfit is kept simple to focus on the scene more. The girl wears a pretty red embroidered dress and the guy wears a white kurta. Love is blooming gorgeously in the image. A pre- wedding set like this is sure to bring out the romance even in the shyest couple. Choosing this particular style is ideal for a magical shoot to remember for ages.

10. FROM PAPER TO REALITY – Indoor Photoshoot

FROM PAPER TO REALITY pre-wedding Photoshoot Ideas
Image Source: Stories By Hari

Nothing can be more adorning than a genuinely happy smiling couple. This image is very modest yet innovative where the specialized wedding photographer takes the picture from the end of a book folded in a love shape through which the couple can be seen. Experimenting with different types of props makes the photos very exceptional and ground-breaking. The to-be husband wife closely sit side by side holding one another and smiling away looking forward to spending lifetime forever with each other. A bright look is provided very artistically when the sunlight falls through the window on them. Thus this pic shows that the sunshine correlates effortlessly with the smiling faces. The sunlight and the sunsets are widely known to enhance the pre wedding shoots. The best photographers interact with the couple to make them as comfortable as possible because everyone will not have an extrovert nature.

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THE HISTORICAL MASK EFFECTS pre-wedding Photoshoot Ideas
Image Source: Fine Creation

This is a fine creation pre wedding photo shoot also depicting awareness during the covid 19 situation. So this image is shot wearing masks. The couple wears lavish wedding outfits along with compulsory masks. They stand in a distance reflecting the importance of social distancing during these crucial times. As millions around the world stay indoors during the coronavirus pandemic, the heartwarming love stories emerge too. They are trying their best to find their moments of happiness even in the given situation. The photo also brings out their “together forever” vows to one another and reflects their journey story. It is surely cutest and all the more romantic on the list.

Indian weddings are intricately planned and are absolutely famous for their various rich cultural rituals and undeniably insanely beautiful. The celebrations and the memories relating to it go down the albums as precious memories to look back on. Pre wedding shoots are one of the events all the couples look forward to. The event creates a stunning magical aura between the two. It is a vibrant mixture of emotions and happiness. The wedding planners and the photographers work passionately for this lavish joyous occasion. It is worth saving the date to be appreciated forever, to laugh on the stupid and cute expressions, to go through the pages of the album on a lazy Sunday etc.

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