Marathi Couple Portrait Photography Ideas

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A wedding is undoubtedly the most beautiful and special event of one’s life. You finally take a vow to spend the rest of your life with your special someone. In India especially, we very well know how big of an event a wedding is. It is an event of hues and joys. It’s like stepping into a new phase of your life which involves the making of new relationships, commitments, highs, and lows.

Indian Weddings are of many types depending upon the state, region, or religion. Every religion or state has its own way of commemorating this ceremony. For instance, the Bengalis or people from West Bengal have almost 9 important wedding rituals to complete and the Wedding takes place in a banquet while the Sikhs usually have lesser wedding rituals and the Wedding takes place in a Gurudwara.

Here in this article, we are particularly going to talk about the Marathi style of wedding. The bride in Marathi weddings usually wears a Paithani saree which originated in the Paithan district of Maharashtra. This Paithani saree can either be woven into Kanjeevaram silk or Banarasi silk. The Haldi ceremony of Maharashtrians is also very famous. The Haldi used for the groom is usually packed and sent to the bride’s side who then use the same Haldi for her. In short, the Marathi wedding is a fun-filled and happening event.

We’ve listed below a few inspirations for ‘ Marathi Couple Portrait Photography ‘ for you to capture this beautiful moment of your life in pictures forever!

Marathi Couple Portrait Photography Ideas

1. Smile Please!

Marathi Couple Portrait Photography Smile Please !
Image Source: Prasad Wadekar Photo & Films

Starting off with a very simple and typical pose where the bride and groom are facing towards each other looking down as if it were a candid moment. They both have wrapped their hands around each other and then all you have to do is strike a smile for the camera and pose!

2. Important Rituals

Marathi Couple Portrait Photography Important Rituals
Image Source: Vishal B Walve

This couple was caught by the camera at the right moment when the groom’s been tying the Mangalsutra over the bride’s neck. This ritual is the most important one which officially marks them as husband and wife. The bride looks all pretty with that smile on.

3. All Smiles Forever

Marathi Couple Portrait Photography All Smiles Forever
Image Source: Weddings By Bhushan

How pretty is this picture? A perfect idea for a candid shot. The groom’s been holding the bride by her waist and giving his widest smile. The bride looks in front of the camera all smiles of course!

4. The Side Look

Marathi Couple Portrait Photography The Side Look
Image Source: Aditya patil

A yet another candid pose where both the bride and groom are looking away from the camera while the photographer captures this candid moment. The groom has his hands over the bride’s shoulders while the bride stands still.

5. Happy Faces

Marathi Couple Portrait Photography Happy Faces
Image Source: Photizo Studio

Here’s another beautiful shot captured from the Mandap itself, where the groom’s about to tie the Mangalsutra around the bride’s neck. He shows it off first for a picture where the couple’s all smiles and looks so happy!

6. Two Hearts, One Soul

Marathi Couple Portrait Photography Two Hearts, One Soul
Image Source: Weddingzest by Rohit Nagwekar

If you wish to click cheesy pictures over candid pictures on your special day, then we have the cutest pose for you to try with your partner! Here we can see the couple making a heart with their hands. You form a half heart with one of your hands and then join it to form a full-shaped heart. So cute right?

7. Look Me into the Eyes

Marathi Couple Portrait Photography Look Me  Into The Eyes
Image Source: Weddings by Parag Sawant

A very romantic pose for you to try out with your partner. The soon-to-be-married couple here is just faced towards each other, looking into each other’s eyes because that’s where their world is set in indeed! Such a happy picture.

8. Lift Me Up

Marathi Couple Portrait Photography Lift Me Up
Image Source: Weddings by Manas

This one’s for all the boys especially – since you have to carry your partner’s tantrums forever now, why miss out carrying her on your big day itself? A cute and fun pose where you lift your bride from the side and strike a pose for the camera! Don’t forget to put on a smile though.

9. A Peck on your Cheek

Marathi Couple Portrait Photography A Peck On Your Cheek
Image Source: The Click Stories

Another cute pose for you to try out on your big day. For this pose, all you have to do is hold your partner and kiss him/her on the cheek gently while the other one looks all surprised or acts shy. The perfect picture for you to keep with you forever!

10. Who Started the Fight?

Who Started The Fight ?
Image Source: Rohan Acharekar

Another fun pose for you to try out on your wedding day. The one who usually starts a fight first can make the gesture of punching the other one who usually apologizes first after a fight. But let’s all just agree that this pose is too cute to not try out.

11. Strike a Wink

Strike A Wink
Image Source: Patil Brothers Photography

Here’s another candid moment captured where the groom clearly struggles to tie the Mangalsutra at the back of the bride’s neck so he makes this goofy face at the camera. A very candid moment indeed.

12. Take Me with you Forever

Take Me With You Forever
Image Source: Aditya patil

Another cute pose is where the bride holds the Varmala as if she were pulling the groom towards her while the groom makes a goofy smiling face. They both are looking towards the camera with that wedding smile on!

13. Forever Vows

Forever Vows
Image Source: Magical Affair by Tejas Naik

Here’s another candid pose where the bride and groom are looking towards each other with the prettiest smile on their faces!

14. Hold Me Tight

Hold Me Tight
Image Source: Patil Brothers Photography

Here’s another beautiful pose where the couple’s holding each other close. The groom touches his forehead against the bride’s while their smiles show how deeply in love they are with each other!

15. The Haldi Pose

The Haldi Pose
Image Source: Weddings by Parag Sawant

Here’s a pose for the soon-to-be-married couple to try at their Haldi ceremony. The couple is all smiles while giving nose rubs to each other. Isn’t this the cutest pose out of all?

So that’s a wrap on this article of Wedding edition. We hope you could find some cute pose inspirations to try out on your big day! We wish you all the very best for this new journey of your life!

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