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Every girl wants to look different on her wedding. Many of us have seen different types of bridal lehngas in whichever marriage we go. Almost all look alike and we want to wear something which is very different from them. So here are unique bridal lehenga ideas in which you’ll definitely look very exclusive and beautiful.

Unique Bridal Lehenga Ideas 2020

1. A contrasting lehnga

Gone are the days when red was the only colour suitable for wedding and spiritual occasions. Nowadays people like to wear things in contrast and not in matching. Look at the image below. Isn’t it a very cool bridal lehnga?  It is.  So if you don’t want a traditional type dress so you can choose this light purple and green lehnga. Moreover you can choose to wear a red colour tiara. It will give you a princess type feeling. This dress is mostly suitable for destination weddings. Wear bold makeup with this. The flowers on the green coloured choli are looking very pretty. This is a very unique style , the belt on one side is giving it a very sexy look.

contrasting lehnga Unique Bridal Lehenga Ideas for Stylish Look

IG : Shubhika

2. A peach or light pink colour lehnga

This colour is mostly good for the girls who have fair complexion. This will enhance their beauty. Look at the heavy embroidery of this lehnga. Just a look of it is quite appealing. Remember to wear bold make up and heavy accessories and jewellery with it. The doris on its one side are looking very beautiful. Before you wear ti’s type of lehnga you should make your figure. Because if you’ll have a tummy then it will destroy all the glory of this lehenga.

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IG :  Astha Narang

3. A cute and simple lehenga

This lehnga is specially meant for those girls who want to look simple and beautiful on their wedding and do not want to wear a heavy embroidered lehenga. This a perfect combination of orange and off white colours. There are no precious stones stick on it. There are only flowers to make it enchanting. The border of this lehnga is very wide thereby making it very pretty and especial.  This cutest design from our unique bridal lehenga ideas.

4. A perfect combination of orangish yellow and pink

The choli and dupatta of this lehnga are of pink colour and lehnga is in orangish yellow. This is a very rare combination but it looks extremely beautiful. This will go on any complexion. You need to wear light make-up with it as it is not a heavy embroidered lehnga. Precious stones are very small and less in number still this lehnga has a very good grace in itself.

5. A velvet choli lehnga

Maroon colour in velvet looks very distinctive. So why not you should try this lehnga which has maroon velvet choli. The neck of this choli is embroidered with golden colour and moreover the dupatta is heavily embroidered with golden colour. The lehnga is of dark punk or you czn say lehnga is of magenta colour and this is also heavily embroidered with golden colour. There are no precious stones embedded on lehnga and choli. The belt on the waist is giving it a sexy look. Try to wear the golden coloured accessories with it which matches with the embroidery.

6. A royal look lehenga

Who doesn’t like royal look and that too with royal blue dress?

Everyone wants to wear royal blue dress so why don’t we try royal blue lehnga on our wedding night?

The royal blue colour gives a very charming and pleading look. A person looks very decent in this colour. If bride and bride groom both wear this colour then definitely they will look the best amongst others. The golden embroidery in this lehnga is giving it a little heavy look. Wear same colour bangles with it. The choli is quite short thereby showing your tonned skin and sexy waist. It’s a very decent and adorable lehnga.

7. A bold look lehenga

The shimmering choli of this lehnga is giving it a very hot look. Its a very deep necked choli. The big red bindi is also enhancing the beauty of this lehnga. The green coloured lehnga with embroidery of flowers is also looking very beautiful.The sheer dupatta with precious stones embedded on it is going well with this. If you want a hot and bold look in your marriage then you can opt for these kind of lehngas according to your own choice of colours but the ones given in picture below are perfect for any bride.

8. A fully embroidered lehnga

The dupatta of this lehnga has a very pretty border embroidered well. The whole dupatta is sheer with nice border and some stones embedded on it. The embroidery looks n this lehnga consists of many colours like pink yellow green, so the jewellery and accessories related to it should be of variety of colours.

Unique Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Ideas to Match Your Personality Unique Bridal Lehenga Ideas for Stylish Look

IG : Aza

9. A multi colour lehnga

The dresses which are multi coloured have a very exquisite look. You don’t have to worry about a particular colour of jewellery and accessories. Different kinds and colours of jewelleries will go with it. Look at the border of lehnga. Isn’t it exclusive? It’s a way different from the borders which you have generally seen people wearing. You’ll definitely look very unique in your wedding if you’ll try this lehnga. Give plates to your hair and decorate it with flowers. You can wear a colourful necklace and if you want to wear a sleeveless choli then you can also wear bajuband.

10. A red coloured lehnga

Our ancestors used to believe that red is a very pure colour therefore on any special occasion we are told to wear something in red colour. But we want to look different in our wedding and if we’ll wear red colour again then it will be boring. Yes we think like that. Now look at the picture given below. The lehnga is of red colour but it’s a way different what we usually see in marriages. This is a very sexy look lehnga and the choli of this lehnga is quite above waist. The colour is hot red thereby it is looking very appealing. It is embroidered very beautifully.

These unique bridal lehenga ideas are perfect for weddings in any season.  That was all for this article. Hope you enjoyed it. For more latest updates stay tuned to K4 Fashion.

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