Beauty Tips For Women Post 30

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Every women is beautiful in her own way but looking beautiful is something which she definitely deserves. As we all know, in our 20’s it’s easy to look after our skin and health, but once the age starts showing its monstrous effects in our 30’s, it’s so much difficult and take so much efforts to look beautiful. The solution of this problem does exist(yeah! ladies). Even there are so many options to reduce the effects of aging. Some give immediate results and some take time to show the effects to reverse aging. T

he immediate results giving options are medical treatments like injections (by the way these are really very costly), sometimes laser treatment too seems helpful and of course we all have make up kits. Make up instantly creates another layer on your aging skin and that second skin creates the illusion of ageless beauty. But this can really harm your skin as they contains chemicals and with time they can even fasten the aging effects on the real skin.

Now if we talk about the long term results giving options for healthy skin, they are our sleeping patterns, healthy skin care habits and balanced diet.

So, let’s dig up some ways which can be done in our 30’s and gives results a little bit late but surely make you beautiful in the long run.

Post 30 Beauty Tips

1. Balanced Diet

We women passionately take care of our family but in doing so we forgot us. So, just do remember that you are a family member too and feed yourself good portion of nutritious food. This can make your skin glow, keeps your body healthy and creates good effects on your skin.

2. Good Night Sleep

A sound sleep is very important in order to get a healthy skin. You must be wondering how? According to research, when we sleep our brain works hard in cleaning the toxins created during the day which can cause stress later on. So after a good night sleep you feel fresh and well rested. Also, during sleeping, our body starts repairing the skin. And you get a healthy skin when you wake up.

3. Keep Hydrating Your Skin

Our body is almost 70% water. We must not let it get unbalanced. Imagine a piece of grape(It represents a well hydrated skin) and now imagine a raisin(this can happen when its water dried i.e. get dehydrated). So, if you want to give your skin a nice and healthy look, drink a lot of water religiously. You can even drink juices (orange, pine-apple, carrot, etc), these can provide you nutrition as well as keep you hydrated.

4. Exercise

Experts says that even exercising 30 minutes on 4 days a week can elevate your skin health condition by many folds. So, make some efforts to include exercise in your daily schedule. Exercising have many forms. Choose the one which is comfortable for you. You can do yoga, zumba, cardio workout, skipping, dance, aerobics. Exercising makes your skin glow. It must make you sweat and fastens your heartbeat. Make sure of it.

5. Meditation

Meditation does not affect your skin directly but creates amazing effects indirectly. Meditation make you calm, forces you to think positively and decreases your stress level. As the results you get healthy body, positive thoughts and positively good looking skin.

6. Choose Skin Care Products Wisely

After 30’s your skin needs extra care. So, take extra care in choosing natural and targeted skin care products. Look for products containing vitamin C, AHAs, retinol and cermides. These will give your skin a youthful look.

7. Create A Daily CTM Skin Care Routine

CTM stands for cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Once a day clean your skin using natural cleansers like milk. This will remove all the dead skin and dirt from your skin. Now, tone your skin. Toning can reduce the blemishes and uneven skin. Rose water works as an excellent toner. Next step is to moisturize your skin. This can help your skin repair and keep it well nourished and hydrated.

8. Exfoliate Your Skin Twice A Week

Exfoliation is important as it helps in getting rid of excess dirt, pollution and dead skin accumulated with time. It can remove the dark patches, blemishes, dull and dry skin. Do it twice a week. But not more than twice a week as it can damage the new skin cells.  You can use natural home made scrub for this purpose.

9. Protect Your Skin From Sun:

Use Sunscreen in order to protect your skin from the harmful effects due to  sun. There are various sunscreens available in market. You may have noticed that sunscreen has two important ratings SPF and PA+. So, try to choose sunscreen above SPF 30 (it will protect your skin from UVB rays) and above PA+++ rating(it will protect your skin from UVA rays). The higher the ratings, higher will be the protection.

10. Hormones Should Be Balanced

Make your hormones balanced. Yoga can help you in this. Due to hormonal changes, sometimes acne problem occurs. Obviously acne are like enemy of beauty, which snatch all the attention from skin towards them. So, work on avoiding hormones imbalance.

11. Try To Reduce The Intake Of Oily And Fast Food

Since women knows how to cook, you can make tasty food using green leafy vegetables, fruits and cereals. Try to avoid fast foods and oily food. They will decrease the quality of your skin in the long run.

12. Visit Your Dermatologist Once A Month

Last but not the least, please visit your dermatologist once a month to keep up your skin care. This is something which does not get any priority on our schedule. But this is crucial, really crucial for your skin.

So, ladies all these skin care tips will make you look younger than your age after post 30’s only if you follow them religiously. So, please make some efforts for yourself as you do deserve self caring. Your skin and body are asking for your attention. So, try to extract some time from your busy schedule to make yourself young, glowing and beautiful.

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