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DIY Peel-off Face Mask Recipes for Acne & Blackheads

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Face plays an important role in anyone’s life. As it is the only way human expresses emotion not only this, face is the foundation of uniqueness in a person. Face consists of basic organs and features that makes us different from other. Not only this face skin is said to be thinner and sensitive than our whole body. We should treat our skin bit carefully because it can be harmed very easily by any way. So, some of the problems our face goes through are:

  1. Black heads
  2. Pimples
  3. Oily Skin

So, what are the causes behind these problems are discussed below:

  1. Black Heads: You people might have noticed black color eruptions on your face specially nose. That is black heads, in a good language it is acne that’s developed in hair follicle. It’s kind of looks weird to the people who are conscious about their face. This is the one of most common problems happening with adolescents and adults.

Reason behind it

So, as we know that our body consists of sebaceous glands (that secretes oil), it is present in our skin follicles along with hairs. When the follicles our skin is disturbed in anyway the sebaceous gland produces a product called “Sebum” and when it reacts with the environment it appears to be black. This happens because of the presence of lots of oil in the body. If the dead skin is not removed then also this may occur. It could be due to lots of hormonal changes in body.

By the way black heads are not caused of hygiene issues, it’s all games of hormones.

  • Lemon and Egg white Peel Off Mask:
  • Ingredient: two egg white, one lemon

Method to apply:

  1. Take out an egg white in a separate bowl.
  2. Take out lemon juice and mix a spoonful of lemon juice in that bowl.
  3. Apply it to your face leaving the eye area.
  4. Gently press the tissue on your face, dab some more freshly prepared egg white solution on the tissue to hold it in place.
  5. Leave it for 25-30 minutes. Once it gets dried, peel the mask slowly starting from your forehead.


  1. Lemon: Great source of citric acid and vitamin C. It is said to be a great antioxidant and it acts as a great astringent that is it helps in motivating pores close and keep it tight and smoothening of skin. It
  2. Egg White: Sodium and Folate is present in egg white; it helps in skin tightening. It tones skin and helps in removal of excess facial hairs. It minimizes oily skin and eliminates blackheads too.

Yogurt and Rejuvenating Oatmeal Mask

Ingredients: four tablespoons oatmeal, two tablespoons yogurt

Method to apply:

  1. Place two tablespoons of yogurt in a bowl.
  2. Grind oatmeal, for a while make its texture fine.
  3. Mix it with yogurt and let it sit for a while.
  4. Gently apply the mixture to your face and massage and scrub on the areas that is near nose where you have blackheads for 5 minutes.
  5. Let that face mask dry.
  6. Wash it off after 25 – 30 minutes.


Oatmeal: It is said to have antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. That helps in maintaining skin texture and also helps in removing dead skin cells. Oatmeal is said to have roughage, that is saponins which plays a great role in working as cleanser. This cleanser cleans extra oil present and stored as sebum in the pores. It also exfoliates the face.

Yogurt: It has a lot of vitamins present in them, that helps in removing clogs and fine lines. It also helps in moisture on face but in a controlled way. The lactic acid in yogurt will help dissolve dead skin and tighten pores that are left wide open. It has hydroxy acid present in it that helps in removing dead skin cells.

Honey and Wheat Pack

Ingredients: Two to three teaspoon of honey, two teaspoon of wheat flour and some drops of rose water, a tissue

How to Apply it:

  1. Put honey in the bowl.
  2. Then add wheat flour.
  3. Mix it well.
  4. Honey is the binder here. So, mix honey really well.
  5. And then add 1 teaspoon of water.
  6. Mix them all well. See if a paste is formed.
  7. If not then add some rose water and make it into a paste.
  8. Apply this mixture on your nose.
  9. Then place the tissue paper over the mask.
  10. Allow it to dry and take off the mask.
  11. Finally, wash your face with cold water.


Honey: Honey opens up the skin pores to cleanse them and get rid of black heads. It has antibacterial properties that helps skin in fight against blackheads and acne by keeping your pores free. It prevents skin from oily dirt while at the same time keeping them hydrated and tight to give skin clearer complexion.

Wheat: Wheat comes with properties that work wonders for the skin. It has essential vitamins and minerals like zinc, selenium, manganese and as we know wheat is also a great source of fiber. It helps in maintain sebum charge, keeps oil in check.

Rose water: Rose water removes oil and dirt from your skin. It helps in preventing blackheads by unclogging your pores. It helps in toning of skin too.

Pimples: Red color eruptions, clogs that occurs on our face can be called as pimples. It is majorly inflammable, causes pain and itchiness too. It causes all that pain because it is filled of pus and if not taken care properly can cause pustules or papules.

Reason behind it: As mentioned above our body is made up sebaceous gland and it releases oils, it becomes “sebum” that is sometimes caught by bacteria. As bacteria plays its game, causes infection in that area. It can be called as cleanliness issue by few people. But it can be caused due to oily gland activation, also body releases hormones that causes pus sometimes. Even sometimes anxiety and stress, hot and humid climates, using oil-based makeup can cause pimples. Even eating too much oily food can cause pimple.

Neem and Turmeric Mask

Ingredients: Three to four neem leaves, two spoons turmeric

Method to apply:

  1. Boil water and put neem leaves in it.
  2. Give it some time then filter water and put it in a bowl.
  3. Add two spoons of turmeric in that bowl.
  4. Mix it well and apply it.
  5. Remove it when it dries.


Neem: Neem is good in moisturizing the skin and make it soft and supple. It’s anti-fungal properties also helps in lessening scars and marks that are caused by acne. Neem leaves are very known to cure pimples on the face.

Turmeric: Turmeric is famous for its super antibacterial properties and helps in getting a clear skin as bacteria is soul reason for pimple. It has anti-inflammatory qualities that can target the pores and relaxes the skin.

Oatmeal and Neem Mask

Ingredients:  One to two neem leaves, one spoon turmeric, one spoon honey and two to three spoons oatmeal

Methods to Apply:

  1. Boil water and put neem leaves in it.
  2. Give it some time then filter water and put it in a bowl.
  3. Add oatmeal in it and mix it well.
  4. Mix a bit with honey.
  5. Add turmeric to the paste.
  6. Mix it well and apply it on your face.
  7. Remove it when the paste dries.


Neem: Neem leaves are very known to cure pimples on the face. It is also known to keep sebum in control that means it keeps skin oil free. It has limonoids, vitamin E, triglycerides that keeps skin in check.

Honey: Honey is said to have antioxidants and antiseptic properties. It helps in skin firming as it takes care of sebum in the face. It is said it heals all the cuts too.

Turmeric: It is said to have valuable anti-inflammatory results by increasing circulation and cell metabolism. It is said to have antioxidant properties for skin care that is, it helps in skin firming.

Cucumber and Oatmeal Pack

Ingredient: Three to two pieces of cucumber, two to three spoons of oatmeal, one to two spoons of honey

How to Apply:

  1. Take few pieces of cucumber, mash it in the bowl.
  2. Put two to three spoons of oatmeal in the bowl.
  3. Then add honey in it, that will act as a binding substance.
  4. Mix it all well.
  5. Apply it for some time. Then remove it.


Cucumber: Cucumber has vitamin C and caffeic acid, both of them fight to reduce inflamed and irritated skin. It is popular for hydrating skin as it has a high-water content. The peel also contains silica, which firms up sagging skin. One of the important benefit of cucumber for skin is that it helps in revitalizing the skin.

Oatmeal: Oatmeal is famous for containing zinc that is said to reduce inflammation and kill the pimple causing bacterial action. It also helps to soak up the excess oil from the skin that may trigger acne pimple.

Honey: Honey is famous as a natural exfoliator, which means applying it to the face takes off oily, dull skin and reveals new beautiful pore free skin. It helps in preventing the bacteria from reaching the skin

Oily skin: Skin when gets waxy, sticky and over smooth this is when we call it oily. This is also because of a gland called Sebaceous gland, that releases oil. This oil which helps in keeping our body away from moisture as well as protect our skin from friction. But when that gland releases much more than needed, it causes our skin waxy.

Reasons behind it: This can be because the hot and humidity in the environment. Sometimes it’s the genetics that effect the whole mechanism, even hormones play a game when it comes to oily skin. Oily skin is also caused because of the make up products and regime you follow. Even age plays an important role as well.

Multani Mitti/Fuller’s Earth Face Mask

Ingredients: Multani Mitti (Fuller’s Earth clay), one spoon milk, 4 spoons rose water, lemon


  1. Take a lemon squeeze and juice it out.
  2. Take two tablespoons of fuller’s earth powder and soak it in water for half an hour.
  3. Add four tablespoons of rose water and few drops of lemon juice. If the mixture is still too thick, then you should add some water to it.
  4. A tablespoon of milk can be added to avoid over-dryness.
  5. Mix it well and apply it on the face.
  6. Remove it after 15 minutes.


Multani Mitti: The oil-absorbing properties of multani mitti will clear up excess oil from your face. It is said to be cooling in nature and helps in improve blood circulation. It removes all the dead cells from skin.

Rose Water: Rose water is said to restore the pH balance of skin. Rose water removes oil and dirt from your skin, by unclogging all the pores.

Lemon Juice: Lemons contain antibacterial properties (which is why the juice is a great cleanser), it helps there. It also acts as a natural exfoliator that is it removes dead skin cells.

Milk: Milk can do wonders for face, it hydrates dry skin, exfoliates mature skin, soothes irritated skin and lightens dark skin.

Honey Banana Mask

Ingredients: One banana, two to three spoons of honey, one spoon turmeric, few drops of rose water.

How to apply:

  1. Take a banana, mash it properly in a bowl.
  2. Add a spoon of turmeric in it.
  3. Add two to three spoons of honey.
  4. At last add few drops of rose water.
  5. Mix all the substance, to make a paste.
  6. Apply it on your face.
  7. Clean up the pack in half an hour.


Banana: It is said to have potassium and vitamin C that helps in moisturization. It has collagen in it, it helps in keeping skin hydrated. Collagen losses can make skin less tight, and may increase the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Rose Water: Rose Water: Rose water is said to restore the pH balance of skin. Rose water removes oil and dirt from your skin, by unclogging all the pores.

Milk and Wheat

Ingredients: Two to three tablespoons full wheat flour and two to three tablespoons milk.

How to Apply:

  1. Take two to three tablespoons full wheat flour.
  2. Take two to three tablespoons milk.
  3. Make a paste using them both.
  4. It should have the same consistency as a regular face pack.
  5. Apply it all over the face and neck and let it try for 15 minutes.
  6. Then wash your skin with cool water.


Wheat: It helps in providing nourishment. It promotes skin elasticity. It takes about the sebum in about time.

Milk: Milk is a natural facial cleanser. It can remove dirt within clogged pores. It can remove excessive oil and treat dry skin. It enhances It can remove excessive oil and treat dry skin.

Sandalwood and Neem pack

How to Apply:

  1. Take three to four fresh neem leaves and sundry them for 2 days until all the moisture from leaves gets dried out becoming dry and crispy. Put them in a blender and grind into a fine powder.
  2. Take two to three tablespoons of neem powder from it.
  3. Now add sandalwood powder.
  4. Then add a little water and one tablespoon of rose water to make a paste.


Neem: It helps in healing mild skin problems like rashes, irritation, burns and infections. It is famous for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps in nourishing oily skin.

Sandalwood:  Regular use of the coolant Sandalwood powder helps in fighting oily skin and dry it in a better way. It exfoliates the skin.

Rose water: It helps in soothing skin irritation. It reduces skin redness and also contains antioxidants. It helps in healing cuts, scars, and burns.

What to do to get “GLOWING SKIN”?

What is “glowing skin”?

Glowing skin in reference does not mean fair skin or so. It means skin without any patches of dullness and tired. No sun tan, but flawless skin. A skin with no acne, pimple and blackheads. Skin without a patch of oil (sebum). Glowing skin is also the skin that is moist and soft. It need not have uneven skin tone or color, that is patchless. It is already said that this kind of skin comes to the one who is regular in maintaining fat free, oil free diet. But few of these tricks can help in getting glowing and rejuvenated skin tone.

Sandalwood and Turmeric pack

Ingredients: Sandalwood, two spoons of turmeric, three to four spoons of gram flour (besan)

How to apply:

  1. Take sandalwood, make its paste with water.
  2. Take gram flour in a bowl, add paste in it.
  3. Add turmeric to it.
  4. Add few drops of water to make it a bit watery.
  5. Apply on your face and leave it for 15 minutes.
  6. Wash it off


Sandalwood: Sandalwood contains natural skin lightening agents, that can reduce the concentration of melanin in the skin. Also, the natural oils present in sandalwood help to get rid of a sun tan. It also helps to soothe a sun burn and has a cooling effect on the skin of the person applying it.

Gram flour (Besan): Besan is said to have a certain amount of starch in it, that is successfully being used in tan removal. It also works better on oily skin. It also has a cleansing effect, that takes all the dirt and dust away from the face.

Turmeric: Turmeric contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components. The given characteristics can give glow and luster to the skin. Turmeric can also revive the skin by bringing out its natural glow. That is why application of turmeric is done before marriage.

Curd and Papaya pack

Ingredients: One long slice of papaya, one tea spoon turmeric, three to four spoon curd, one spoon rose water

How to apply:

  1. Take a long slice of Papaya, mash it tills it becomes a bit coarse.
  2. Add a spoon of turmeric in the bowl.
  3. Add three spoons of curd and mix it well.
  4. Add rose water in the mixture. Apply it on face, till it dries.
  5. After 30 minutes when the pack dries.


Papaya: Papaya consists of enzyme papain, along with the alpha-hydroxy acids, which acts as a powerful exfoliator and dissolves inactive proteins and dead skin cells. This, in turn, can make the skin lighter and softer. This makes the point valid that papaya has skin lightening properties that help clear pigmentations and scar.

Curd: Curd has hydroxy acid present in it that helps in removing dead skin cells, which in turn helps in removing dark old skin. The lactic acid in curd will help in dissolving dead skin and tighten pores that are left and gives a cooling effect on face.

Cucumber and Aloe Pack

Ingredient: Aloe vera gel or take an aloe leaf, cucumber, two teaspoon curd, honey.

How to Apply:

  1. Take a fresh cucumber, cut it to make a paste or juice.
  2. Mix freshly prepared aloe vera gel with it.
  3. Mix curd in it.
  4. And add honey to this in a quantity that is required to make a small batch.
  5. Apply this mixture on to cleansed face.
  6. Keep on for half hour and rinse off.


Aloe vera: Aloe vera acts as a coolant for the face, it keeps it cool and prevents it from tan. It has antibacterial properties that helps to get rid of skin related problems like acne, pimples, dryness, pigmentation etc. Aloe vera helps in moisturizing your skin, keeping it hydrated as it is a great source of water. It keeps the skin rejuvenated and glowing.

Curd: Curd is a reservoir of protein, calcium and vitamin D, that means it gives nutrition to skin. Curd when applied on skin improves the complexion. Its anti-inflammatory properties that helps in reducing acne. The antioxidants present in this tasty milk product heals dry skin and has answer for oil skin.

Now, coming to an end I would like to suggest a pro tip, if you don’t have any product use any fruits peel to apply it in on your face for a bit time. It is the face mask. That takes care of the skin. Application of honey along with any fruit mash can be rejuvenating and gives skin the glow they want.

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