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Gol Tikki Mandala Mehndi Design with Bangle

Mandala Mehndi Design with Bangle for Back Hand
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Learn to make round tikki mandala mehndi design with bangle. Even beginners can make this mehndi designs easily with this trick!

You don’t need an occasion to adorn you pretty hands with Mehndi patterns just like you don’t need an occasion to dress up. You dress up because you feel like dressing up in the same way you can apply mehndi on you hands whenever you want to fill your hands with intricate designs. However the main task is picking or choosing that one particular design that will look good on you hands and will reflect your style. We women love looking for latest trending Mehndi design that suit the best and imagine the pattern on our hands. There are many Mehndi designs so the best way to get a unique design is by mixing designs or exploring new ways to get a pattern, bound to make us speechless.

Just when we thought there wasn’t anything more new pattern in mehndi designs we bumped into another new innovative pattern to make mehndi designs more adorable. New creative and artistic mehndi designs is a trend that is currently taking over the traditional mehndi designs and how beautiful. Most of the women opt for a simple and laden their hands with traditional pattern other go beyond the traditional designs and pick the more artistic form of mehndi designs. So if you are one of those who pick creative patterns and ditch the traditional designs then try out new trends.

Down below is a tutorial video on how to draw a mehndi design by using a bangle. The circle shape makes it easy to get a Mandala outline and to make design around the circle. It is simple easy and Mandala patterns.

Scroll down below and explore the unique mehndi designs with some tricks to make it easy from Mehndi artist Hira.

Gol Tikki Mandala Mehndi Design for Back Hand

Checked Mandala mehndi design

Checked Mandala mehndi design for back hand

Round or circular mehndi design are not only done on the palm but also can be drawn on the back hand side. The roumr mehndi design are like mandala like circular patterns are drawn and can easy be drawn by using a bangle to get the circular shape. Mandala design consists of floral patterns beginning from the centre with a small darkened circle in spiral shape followed by several pretty small petals then again filled with several big petals that are filled with checked pattern in fine lines.  The edges of the madala design on the back hand side is adorned with well placed small mandalas along with dots and leaf motifs that complete the look of the main mandala. You can opt for a single mandala or you can add more floral pattern mandalas to make it more intricate. If you want you can also drawn some pattern on the fingers to make a full hand design or leave it as it is to get a simple intricate design. This design best suited for karwa chauth, diwali, eid or weddings. You can also draw the design on the backside of both hands. You could add some accessories like finger rings or a bracelet along with a pretty lehenga ,gown or any ethnic wear to look more glamorous.

Spiral mandala mehndi design

Spiral mandala mehndi design for back hands

This design is for women who like to keep it simple and elegant. This mandala mehndi design is simple and traditional round mehndi design with a beautiful flower within a circle and number of round spiral motifs bordering that circle. The circular round mandala design is large enough to cover the most of the back hand. The centre flower is filled with light strokes and bold lines. The beautiful are adorned with bold lines like ring with several spiral pattern add beauty to the hand. The design is simple and elegant can be easily done on both hands. This design is not time consuming and can done without any hassle. This design would be ideal for diwali , eid , engagement or wedding functions. This design looks good on the backside of the hands. You can accessorize it with pretty ring or bangles to make it more attractive. Pair this design with a gown or intricate lehenga or saree to gut that gorgeous look. Opt for a red nail paint to make it more charming.

Floral mandala mehndi design

Floral mandala mehndi design for back hand

If you look closely you will see the incredible skill with which every layers is made. The design is made up of quite a few different kinds of flower patterns. This beautiful round mandala mehndi design is done with several circles that feature a number of incredible different patterns. This mehndi design is consist of Floral patterns beginning with a small dot in the centre and small dark petals around with another petal design around it. The edges are adorned with another floral pattern  makes it look very elegant and gorgeous. The middle portion of the fingers are adorned with simple floral design with dots and leaf pattern. On closer look the pattern look intricate and detailed with multiple circular patterns. This design look beat on the backside of the hands. Add charm to the design by applying pretty nail polish to make you nails stunning and add accessories like rings and bangles to get a traditional look. This can be wore for parties or Mehndi ceremony or for eid. Opt for this design with gorgeous bridal intricate lehenga, gown , anarkali or saree. Basically this pattern will look with every ethnic outfits.

Chain mandala mehndi design

dot Chain mandala mehndi design for back hand

This incredibly beautiful intricate mandala mehndi design starts from the large flower pattern with little darkened circle in the centre in the of spiral filled with several flower petals around it and more flowers bordering the circle with leaf motifs. The design of Mandala is large enough to cover  most of the the back of your hand. The mandala flower is attached to a beats chain and it is connected to the ring finger. The ring finger is adorned with pretty intricate bold design with bold lines with leaf design.  This design is attractive and eye-catching especially the chain pattern. Accessorize it with pretty bracelet or ring and opt for a matte nail polish. The single ring and this stunning pattern would definitely complement each other. This is suitable for engagement function, wedding functions or for any traditional functions. Pair this beautiful mehndi design with bridal lehenga or salwar suit or saree.

Beads and mandala mehndi design

Beads and mandala mehndi design for back hand

This Mehndi design look so stunning. Who would have thought beads can make such a huge difference. We are majorly obsessing over this backhand mandala mehndi design.  The Mehndi designs start with a small darkened spiral and filled with several beautiful petals then it is followed by spiral pattern around the round edges. The beads string is attached to wrist to look like a bracelet. The fingers adorned with attractive bold lines and semi circle floral pattern is at the end . The bold lines is the highlight of this design. Enhance the beauty by wearing bangles or finger nails which can be paired with intricate detailed bridal lehenga or embroidered salwar suit or gown. This beautiful mehndi design is suitable for engagement, eid, karwa chauth or wedding functions.

All the designs are stunning. By using your creativity mind draw exquisite designs in circular form to make it a mandala design  which would be eye catching. This mehndi pattern is easier to make with bold strokes which makes it impressive to look. All above designs would cover most of your palm and don’t forget to add  finger ring or any other accessories to make it more appealing. Hope you enjoyed the above designs and got your dose of inspiration. Make an ideal choice by choosing the perfect round mandala mehndi design. Tell us what you think of the designs and let us know which one you liked the most.

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Round Mehndi Designs for Back Hand | Gol Tikki Mehndi Ideas

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