Healthy Substitutes for White Rice for Weight Watchers

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Eating rice has always been a bliss for everyone as it blends and tastes so nice. Being from Indian household, you all may have a great memory of your mother making rice and dal every afternoon. With the serving her telling the importance of eating this meal. Rice is always considered as staple food and part of a healthy diet, not only this we were always told to eat rice. People in a great amount are served white rice, half of the population in their teens came to know about other types of rice. Before discussing about this let us know some pros and cons of white rice.

Pros & Cons of White Rice

Pros of white rice are

  • Great source of folate and helps in giving nutrition to the body.
  • Have low fiber content that’s helpful in maintaining digestive issues.
  • White rice is gluten free.

Whereas cons of white rice are

  • First and fore mostly it welcomes obesity too fast; white rice helps people to increase amount of carbs in their body.
  • White rice is great fiend of blood sugar increase, it is one of the reasons why blood sugar increases. It increases risk of diabetes by 1 percent every year.

Now when we are introduced to all the problem lets find a solution to it. So, the best solution in this condition is to not leave this beautiful habit of eating rice but to find an alternative of rice.

Healthy Substitutes for White Rice

1. Brown rice

About it: White rice and brown rice are said to be made from the same variety of rice. Just the difference is that it is whole grain. Brown rice is said to have the fiber full bran, the nutritious germ and the carb-rich endosperm. Whereas white rice doesn’t have main two layers like bran and germ but has endosperm that is full of carbs and fat.

Nutritious element:  It is said to have a great amount of magnesium in it. It also has sodium, good amount of Vitamin B-6 and calcium in it.

How is it weight loss friendly: It has the same number of carbs and fats stored it. But the amount of fiber present in brown rice is more. It is more weight conscious diet as eating a bowl of brown rice will make the person feel full for a long duration.

2. Millets

About it: So, this crop is already famous for being the soul reason of rise of multi grain farming. It is a very famous cereal grain, that looks like small seeded grass and is a famous fodder crop too. Most famous and consumed variety of millet is pearl millet called as bajra here.

Nutritious elements: It is rich in antioxidants, that removes stress away from mind. It also has good amount of minerals in it and also has phytic acids in it. Millets are good sources of phosphorus, magnesium and iron

How is it weight loss friendly: So, the way can remove rice is when it is soaked for overnight and cooked in the same way. They have a great amount of fiber and as we know it doesn’t make anybody hungry that early. It is gluten free and has low cholesterol that is a great deal to take.

3. Bulgur Wheat

About it: It is a whole grain as it is made up of the same component that is barn, endosperm and germ too. It also has component in it equal to consistency of couscous or quinoa. It is a sub product of wheat and that is why it is good.

Nutritious elements: Because this grain is very less processed so it has all the good nutrient in it. It is said to have magnesium in it. It has vitamins, proteins and folate present in it. It also has Manganese and iron in it

How is it weight loss friendly: It is a famous grin that is high on carbs but low on fats, so you can loss carbs afterwards. It also has great amount of fiber in it as we know that it won’t make you feel hungry more. It will take over rice in this way.

4. Barley

About it: Barley also known as jau is a very famous form of cereal here. It is also regarded as whole grain because of its characteristics. It belongs to grass family first of all and interestingly is one of the important components in production of beer.

Nutritious elements: It is said to have increase in number of vitamins and mineral when it is soaked in water overnight. It has a good number of antioxidants in it. It also has vitamin B, magnesium, potassium and also has chromium. It also has copper present in it.

How is it weight loss friendly: It is said to replace rice when a person drink glass of barley mixed in water every day before eating. It is also a good source of fiber again. It also has a small chain of fats that helps in great digestion that is helpful in weight loss.

5. Cauliflower Rice

About it: So, whenever anybody has a heart or mood to eat rice or fried rice you can always make yourselves a replacement. This replacement is made by cauliflower floret. This all becomes not only tasty but a dish without rice too.

Nutritious element: It is said to have vitamins and ample full of minerals to eat. It has fibers present in it. Cauliflower which is the main component here has a great amount of choline present that is helpful in maintaining metabolism and synthesizes DNA.

How is it weight loss friendly: It is said to be low on carbs which helps in maintaining calories for the person is conscious for his or her weight. It is good with fiber too as mentioned above, which helps in controlling weight. But how? Cauliflower present in the cauliflower rice slows digestion and promotes feelings of fullness. When you won’t feel hungry you won’t eat more.

6. Buckwheat

About it: Also known as dalia here, it is a very famous diet to inherit here. By the way as the name suggests it does not belong to wheat family because it is not a grass. But is regarded as a pseudo cereal because its seeds are used as cereal.

Nutritious elements: These famous seeds are good source of antioxidants and phenolic acid. It is also said to have proteins in great amount. It has ten different kinds of amino acids that synthesizes muscle formation.

How is it weight loss friendly: As we know it can replace rice as it is good in fiber that means it can keep stomach full for a good amount of time. It does not have saturated fats in it and also has less calories int. so you can it in a good amount and you won’t gain much weight. So it can be an alternative to rice.

7. Oat

About it: A good oatmeal is so famous as a great breakfast nowadays. People consider eating oats as a health-conscious lifestyle.

Nutritious elements: It is a good source of antioxidants; it has low carbs and less fats content too. It regulates blood level and bowl timings too.

How is it weight friendly: It is one of the famous meals that halts fat absorption that means no fat, no fats mean slim body. It has a great of fiber again and keeps in control the weight when taken properly in right amount as we know it can help in gaining weight too. Take care to take it in small amount more amount can help you bloat.

When we talk about keeping weight in check, we should check our regular day to day lifestyle too. Because not only eating healthy will help, but the person who wants to be slim has to walk and do a bit of yoga too. Not only this he/she would have to take care of his or her sleeping pattern too. This will lead you to a healthy and slim you.

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