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Fashion has always been a vast line for discussion especially when it comes to girls, they have a great variety of clothing for women. Dress up apparel like jeans, shirts, t-shirt and pants were the options females had in older times. But a designer at that time came up with the concept of SKIRTS. Skirts in older times was considered as a symbol of feminism, this was one of the way women used to differentiate themselves amongst people.

Now with the change in time, use of skirt changed for the same. Wearing skirt is nowadays can be part of following fashion, can be called as being modest. Girls wear skirt because they are comfortable wearing skirt as it is open cloth, it also has different kinds of fabrics to make them, patterns and types of designs to make them. Now, we will discuss about the famous Skirts brand in India.

Top Skirts brands in India

1. Vero Moda

A brand that knows how to go with fashion well. If a person follows Bollywood movies and was ever interested in trying the designs they wear. Congratulations, because this brand has tied up with few movies officially, they provided the clothes line collection with movie release. They promote giving a gift of fashion to people in a really affordable amount. They make skirts keeping all kind of new trends in mind.

You can contact the official store to buy skirts from vero moda, that is You can compare price online at amazon, flipkart, nykaa fashion, ajio and shoppers stop. If you are interested in buying skirts offline then you can go to Shoppers Stop try and buy there.


A brand from Spain, which has blown away the mind of the Indian Customers, with their simplicity. That is most appreciable thing about this brand that they are quite famous among people but their designs are simple and elegant. They make you look presentable; they make a special collection of skirts for office wears too. Here you can get skirts with shimmers too for party.

You can contact to official online stores that is to buy skirts from them. If you want to buy from online website that are amazon, flipkart and myntra. But official offline stores of Zara are also available in most of the cities if you want to try and then buy.

3. Forever 21

A brand that attracts youngsters more. It serves right for the people who are into fashion. The one who likes to go out for cool skirts, this brand is surely great for them. They are trendy, cool and really affordable. They make skirts that enhances on figure and body shape too, so that you can flaunt yourself.

You can contact the online stores that is for buying their exclusive products. But you can compare and buy from amazon, myntra and ajio too. There are exclusive stores from Forever 21 to buy skirts from.

4. West Side

The vibe we get from seeing the attire from Hollywood, they give the same vibe. Beautiful and trendy, they are cool to buy skirts. They have a great line of skirts made by them. They have their main focus on elegance and skirts that could be worm in formal places. This brand is really worth buying if you want to look great in the office.

You can buy skirt from the official website that is There are other sites like, and for second option. It can be available offline on shoppers stop.

5. H & M

H and M or Hennes & Mauritz AB, is a brand that is originated from Sweden. This brand is really good with fashion and is known for bringing new trends alive. They make and bring really quality stuffs up. We can say this for their skirts too. The skirts by them are beautiful in colors and look really cute. You can try their mini skirts collection that is worth keeping.

You can buy skirt from the official website that is There are other sites like, and for second option. It can be available offline on life styles store.

6. Ginger

Ginger is a brand presented by lifestyle that is pretty much cool itself. The branch has spring colours that are bright. Few beautiful designs that makes a person buy skirts from them. They make causal looking skirts so elegant and worth wearing.

You can buy ginger brand skirts from amazon, flipkart, ajio, myntra and life style store online. They do not have an exclusive site, where customer can look out for the skirts. You can buy the skirts offline too from Life style stores.

7. Here & Now

The brand Here and Now presents you stylish clothes for customer. They are not only making cool stuffs but the make really impressable party wear. Specialty about their product is that they all make these party way stuffs using a comfortable cloth. They have great collection of casual and party skirts. They make skirt that fits in girls, and are not the baggy ones which looks awkward during parties.

You can buy skirts from Here and now on sites like amazon, flipkart, ajio, myntra and shoppers stop store online. They do not have an exclusive site, where customer can look out for the skirts. You can buy the skirts offline too from Shoppers stop nearby you.

8. Faballey

Really cool looking matching with the summer vibe collection is produced by them. They give beautiful cut in the skirts, so that one can flaunt him/her through those cuts and great fitting by the way. You can try slit skirts by them.

You can buy skirt from the official website of faballey that is There are other sites like,, and for second option. It can be available offline on shoppers stop.

9. Max

An all time go, super store, where you can find all the trends everything you want at a really affordable pricing. They have the customer reviewing them saying that this store really keeps in care what people actually want. Their skirt collection is even good you can try long skirts and A line skirts from them.

You can go to the stores that are present in the mall if you like checking the stuffs before buying. But if you want to shop online then contact You can check and compare on amazon and myntra.

10. Biba

What really goes on with fashion is a pinch of tradition. When these both mix up together the combo is really worth it. The same is with BIBA. They make really cool and trendy skirts with bright colors. But their beauty is the small magic with the ethnic designs.

Biba has outlet stores in all the big cities from where you can go and purchase whatever kind of long skirt you want. But if you want to buy long skirt online you can go to its official website that is and biba is available on,, and too.

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