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How to Detox Your Skin at Home

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We see plenty of advertisements of skin care products claiming detoxification of the skin. Detoxification of skin? Yes, skin. Our skin is the outermost and most overlooked organ of the body. So, keeping it healthy is very essential. For this detoxification is needed. Then what is the meaning of detoxification here? In simple words, it means the removal of toxins out of the body. But from where do toxins come inside our body?  If it is harmful then How can we remove these toxins? Wait, wait. Let’s understand things from the root.

Toxins come inside our body through diet, environment, lifestyle, area of living or working. Our organs such as kidneys, lungs, liver are capable to deal with some of these toxins. Then why detoxification cosmetics market is flooded with skincare products? Frankly speaking, our skin cannot remove toxins, it is the work of kidneys and liver. But cosmetics market contain certain products which can grime from the surface of the skin such as excess sebum and dead skin cells.

Tips for detoxification of the skin

Our skin is the largest and most overlooked organ in our body, and that alone is enough reason for us to give it a little bit extra love and care for beautifying the skin.

Then how can we achieve it?

For detoxification of the skin, we not only need external but also care from inside of is essential

Cleansers  And Moisturizer

As we are aware of dry and itchy skin problems are most irritating for us especially in winter. These problems are seen mostly in winter as there is a major fall in moisture and humidity in the surrounding environment. In winter, because of the fall in temperature and moisture, the external environment absorbs moisture from our skin. As a result, our skin becomes dry, itchy, and cracked. It is always advised by dermatologists to apply moisturizer to damp body, immediately within three minutes after a shower.

During the application of moisturizer, one should follow the routine of consistent application of moisturizer in the morning and evening too. Moisturizer protects skin from the harsh environment as an outer shield, due to which moisture is locked for a longer duration

Protect Skin From Uv Radiation Or Use Sunscreen

In addition to applying a moisturizer one should also apply sunscreen with SPF 15 or 30 every day.

Do Regular Exfoliation Of Your Skin

Exfoliation is essentially done to remove all the dead cells present on the skin. As a result, you can get a clear complexion of the skin.

  • Exfoliate your skin using products consisting of natural ingredients.
  • Exfoliate no more than once a week
  • Before exfoliation take a steam bath. Or Do immediately after showering.

Healthy Diet

Taking a diet, having detoxifying properties help to remain toxin-free from the inside out of the body.

  • Fruits and vegetables like cabbage, beets, dark leafy greens, apples, garlic, and onions are well known for their liver-cleansing properties Start your morning with a green juice of cucumber and pineapple for a healthy dose of vitamins.
  • Increase intake of sulfur-rich food like broccoli, garlic, etc. This sulfur-rich food is beneficial for increasing glutathione action. Glutathione is a natural antioxidant. It is produced by our body. It plays a crucial role in the detoxification process.
  • Increase intake of prebiotics-Prebiotics keeps the digestive system healthy. This is beneficial for Strengthening the immune system and detoxification process.
  • Limit Your salt intake-

Consuming excessive salt can increase water retention. This slows down the detoxification process. In this condition, you can eliminate excess salt and waste by increasing your water intake and potassium-rich foods.

Avoid Excess Sugar Intake

  • Excess sugar intake may give rise to certain health conditions like diabetes and obesity.
  • Such chronic health issues reduce livers’ ability to detoxify.
  • So cut down the intake of excess sugar. If you can’t control your urge of eating sweet, then try to substitute chocolate with dark chocolate.

Use Antioxidants

Natural antioxidants like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, etc, helps to get rid of oxygen-free radicals. These antioxidants nourish and strengthen the skin cells internally, which adds a marvelous glow to your skin.

  • In addition to this, antioxidants can reduce the harsh environmental effects of skin damage.
  • Use Retinoids– Retinoids are very helpful to stimulate collagen. This gives a firm appearance to the skin.

Limit Intake Of Food And Beverages That Lead To Skin Flare-ups

Excessive alcohol consumption comes in this category. Generally liver metabolizes alcohol and covert it into acetate which can be removed by our body and is less toxic. Excessive drinking can severely damage your liver function due to which the liver is incapable to metabolise alcohol. This leads to toxins building up in the body. This gives rise to fat buildup, inflammation, and scarring.

  • Be wise, Prevent problems before they arise. To avoid such things which will lead to flare-ups

Stay Hydrated

Water helps in the transportation of the body’s waste products, efficiently removing them through urination, breathing, or sweating. So staying properly hydrated is essential for detoxification. Drinking plenty of water keeps the body hydrated and skin moisturized. This helps to keep your skin complexion clear and helps prevent fine wrinkles.

  • Daily 2-4 liters of water intake is essential for detoxification.
  • While drinking water, drink it sip by sip.
  • Keep a water container or bottle in front of your eyes so that you can consistently drink water for a whole day.

Sweat It Out

Regular exercise helps to increase blood flow and allows us to sweat out toxins naturally Make the habit of cleaning your skin after exercise. Regular exercise helps us to stay away from detoxification-related skin problems as it removes some amount of toxins via sweat.

Catch Enough Amount Of Sleep

sounds odd! But sleep is the most impacting thing of skin damage. Irregular and insufficient sleep lead to give rise to lots of skin issues. So catch enough sleep for at least 6-8 hours. Sufficient and deep, quality sleep help us to reduce stress. Sleeping allows our brain to recharge itself, as well as remove toxic waste byproducts that have to build up throughout the day.

 Take A Steam Bath

A steam bath will clear clogged pores. Which will give pure, clean, and clear skin. Adding vitamin C in water for steaming is very beneficial for skin glow.

Avoid Alcohol And Smoking

There is no doubt that these things are bad for your health. Alcohol can cause your skin to get dehydrated quickly. Excessive use of such more addictive things affects liver function. The liver’s inadequate function can lead to increased toxins in the body. This will affect the skin in the flare-ups. So cut down these addictions. Take away Our skin cannot detoxify as this is a function of the liver and kidney. But external cleansers, steaming, exfoliation are helpful to remove surface dead skin and environmental pollutants. Along with this, some diet and lifestyle modifications may enhance the body’s natural detoxification process.

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