How to Protect Hair From Chlorinated Pool Water

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Majority of people like swimming.  Swimming gives you relaxation, and it can also be used for burning some extra calories. You also noticed that there is chlorinated water. Chlorinated water is used to kill germs and bacteria from the water and to keep the water looking fresh for a long time. It can damage hairs, especially if you are swimming in a pool for a long time.

Chlorine sucks up the natural oil of hair and makes hair dry and weak. It causes visible damage to hairs in just a couple of minutes of swimming. You should take care of your hair before and after swimming to protect hair from chlorinated pool water.

Hair care while swimming

You need to take necessary hair care while you swim to protect hair from chlorinated pool water. The only way to keep your hair moisturized and strong is to follow pre and post-swimming hair protecting routines.

Pre-swimming routine

Here are essential things to follow before you go to a chlorinated swimming pool. If you do it correctly with effort, then you can have healthy hairs even after swimming in a pool.

1.Oil your hair

Chlorine makes your hair dry, so it is advisable to oil your hair before swimming. The oil will not let your hair expose to chlorinated pool water, and it will make your hair waterproof by forming a protective layer over your scalp. It will prevent hair damage and dryness caused by chlorine. You need to massage the oil gently into hair from root to tip, and you are ready to swim. You can use coconut oil, olive oil, argan oil, etc. on your hair. Olive oil is very nourishing, and because it is natural, it does not weigh the hair down. Coconut oil is also a great alternative since it is equally nutritious. Coconut oil is excellent for sealing in moisture and is known to help strengthen the hair shaft.

2. Take quick shower

It is also another best method to protect your hair if you are in a hurry. You need to take a quick shower. After taking a shower you do not need to wait till your hair dries. You can go to the pool right after your shower. After the shower, your strands will be wet, and wet hairs will prevent the absorption of chlorinated water. So your hair will be less likely to damage after swimming.

3. Apply hair conditioner

You should condition your hair before swimming. It can be helpful to protect your hair. The conditioner will nourish your hair, and it will create a barrier between chlorinated water and your hair. You can use your regular conditioner, or you can also use a leave-in conditioner, leave-in conditioners are also a good option, and it can be easily washed after swimming.

4. Spray your hair

It is a handy tool for you in summer when you go to the swimming pool frequently. Applying hair spray is easy. You will need sun protection spray that prevents damage from the sun and helps to keep hair moisturized if you colored your hair than hair sprays are even better. It will prevent hair color from fading. It is an easy and effective option for you to protect hair from chlorinated pool water.

5. Wear a swimming cap

If you are not fond of getting your hair wet, then a swimming cap is secure and the best option to keep your hair healthy. By wearing a swimming cap, your strands will not come in contact with chlorinated water. Swim cap covers your entire hair and keeps your hair dry.

Post-swimming routine

You have to take good care after swimming in a chlorinated pool. If you followed above mentioned pre-swimming routines, then there are fewer chances of your hair damage. But to make sure that your hair is still excellent and healthy, you should follow a post-swimming routine as well.

1.Shampoo your hair

You should wash your hair after swimming. But if you will wash your hair with shampoo immediately after swimming, you will get rid of maximum chlorine from your hair. If you do not wash immediately after swimming, then chlorine will stick with your strands, and it will be difficult to remove afterward. You can use your regular shampoo to apply on hair after swimming. You can also use anti-chlorine shampoo to wash off chlorine thoroughly from your hair.

2. Condition your hair

After washing hair, you will feel dryness in your hair. You can apply conditioner to overcome drought in your hair. It will keep hair well-nourished and provide moisture to the hair. You can also use a leave-in conditioner after swimming to protect hair from chlorinated pool water.

3. Comb your hair

After taking a shower and washing your hair, the last step is to comb your hair. You will need a wide-toothed comb to remove frizz and tangles from your hair. It will make you relax and reduce breakage in hair.

Fix chlorine damaged hair

You need to follow the above-mentioned steps to protect your hair from the chlorinated pool water. But what if you already damaged your hair while swimming? Do not worry. There are solutions for that too. If your hair is damaged by chlorine, you will know it. Because you will see your hair is dry, frizzy, and bleached out. Here are some ways to treat your damaged hair.

1.Use home remedies

Home remedies can be used to clean your hair. These remedies will help you to remove chlorine from your hair, and it will also make your hair healthy—some home remedies mentioned below.

Apple cider vinegar wash

Apply apple cider vinegar to your hair with few drops of water. Let it dry for 2 min. and then wash your hair.

Lemon juice and soda

Apply the mixture of soda and lemon juice to your hair. Keep it for 2 min. and then wash your hair.

2. Clarify your hair

Use a clarifying shampoo to remove chlorine from your hairs altogether. You can use a paste of baking soda and water. You need to keep paste of baking soda and water in hair for 1 min. and then wash it with water. Then apply the conditioner afterward.

Do not let short period fun ruin your hair. Always follow pre and post-swimming routines to keep your hair healthy and strong. Also, if your hair is damaged, then you can use the above-mentioned steps to cure your hair.

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