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Mangalsutra is a very important piece of jewellery that all the Indian married women have. This auspicious jewellery is said to keep the new bride away from evil eyes. All Indian brides have to wear this by their grooms hand on their wedding day. According to hindu tradition this piece of jewellery is made with black beads in it. Black beads are kind of necessary.

These days, jewellery is handcrafted keeping in mind that it has to be traditional and modern both. So even magalsutras are also designed with that thought. It comes in diamonds, polkis, and gold. With some customisation of their own, women likes to flaunt it. Just have a look at these latest Mangalsutra designs that are very famous for their designs and also their price.

For all the soon to be brides or new brides, K4 Fashion searched these pictures just for you!

Latest Mangalsutra Designs

1. Sonam’s Zodiac Mangalsutra

Based on your zodiac sign and your partners zodiac sign you can get this customised with a single diamond in between. This kind of Mangalsutra came in trend after the famous Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor got married to Anand Ahuja. In this Mangal sutra traditional black beads and 22k gold plating with your zodiac signs  you can have a mangalsutra designed just like this for your wedding as well. Sonam Kapoor’s mangalsutra is an inspiration to many brides who wants to design their own mangalsutra.

2. PeeCee’s Cluster of diamonds!

If you don’t want anything fancy, just a cluster of diamonds and a pendant with black beads are for your mangalsutra. It is slightly unconventional mangalsutra, but looks great. With hat basic 22k gold chain and a pendant her mangalsutra looks really beautiful. Priyanka Chopra Jonas mangalsutra design can be worn even daily for women who likes to keep it on.

3. Deepika Padukone’s Solitaire mangalsutra

If you don’t want any fuss in designing the mangalsutra, then a simple black beaded 22k chain with a solitaire in the middle will make a perfect mangalsutra for you , one like Deepika Padukone has. This mangalsutra must be really expensive as solitaires are very expensive.You can get something like this for yourself, if not a solitaire then you can aways choose a small cluster of diamonds placed together, it will be cheaper and will give you similar look as well.

4. Anushka’s Diamond Mangalsutra

It has a dangling flower attached on the diamonds with he black beads in it, this mangalsutra is worn by Anushka Sharma. It is similar to the original mangalsutra design which is usually chosen but it is in diamonds, one of the latest Mangalsutra Designs.This design is not that fancy but because of all the diamonds it is very expensive, but if no one is stopping you from spending on your mangalsutra then go and grab one like this only.

5. Aishwarya’s Mangalsutra

With 3 solitaires placed like making half flower this Mangal sutra has two chains of black beads to make it look heavier. This Latest Mangalsutra Design is very simple, exquisite and sophisticated. This mangalsutra is giving vibes of sophistication mixed with traditions in it.

6. Shilpa Shetty Kundra Mangalsutra

This is short in size and not long, like other mangalsutra. Making a shape of leaf filled with diamonds on the centre piece with small diamonds in between the black beads, this mangalsutra design is so dreamy. She had a stunning and lavish wedding as well with the very famous business tycoon Raj Kundra.

7. Traditional Mangalsutra

Conventional and traditional in style, this mangalsutra is made of 22k gold and has lots of black beads with some chunk of gold over the chain area. Madhuri Dixit kept it extremely traditional. She do believes in simplicity and traditions go hand in hand. She kept it basic, conservative and moderate in her mangalsutra design .

8.  Kajol Devgan

This Latest Mangalsutra Design is not so latest, as Kajol got married really early. But this design is still very much relevant and brides are opting for such designs as well. Traditional in looks this mangalsutra is for brides who can’t take too much of funk and likes things to be simple, even with her jewellery.

9. Sagarika Ghatge

It is stylish and sophisticated piece of mangalsutra embedded with lots of diamonds. The design is simple that is what makes it so elegant. They had a normal court marriage and had a celebration later.

10. Divyanka’s minimalist mangalsutra

Her mangalsutra has lots pop small diamonds with a jail design on it. It is looking very beautiful and traditional as its made with proper black beads which gives it a traditional look.

11. Aashka Goradia

This is one amazing design. She got married to a foreigner in style and chose a really beautiful mangalsutra for herself. Gold plated with some tint of diamonds below it. It is a very gorgeous design with Satyam Shivam Sundaram written on it. I have never seen a mangalsutra design like this.

12. Gold mangalsutra!

This beautiful actress is wearing a gold mangalsutra. Nothing fancy which makes it even better, that ends you can wear it with anything and it will blend in easily. Some gold and black beads , very traditional and authentic Indian design of mangalsutra has been selected. Brides who don’t like much bling, this design is for you.

13. Sanaya Irani

A famous TV Actress, Sanaya Irani, looked gorgeous on her wedding day chose for a very simple mangalsutra. Three tiny balls go gold in the centre area and black beads holding it up. This is very authentic Indian design of mangalsutra.

14. Bharti Singh

Comedian Bharti Singh when got married, flaunted her diamond mangalsutra. She is wearing two different kinds of mangalsutra. One completely gold, which also gives vibes of temple jewellery and other mangalsutra is made of diamonds. Both Mangalsutra’s looks gorgeous on her.

It is not the price that makes this jewellery special, it is actually the tradition and belief that makes it special. Women flaunt it with so much of confidence and love . Whether it of diamonds or gold or copper plated , it does not matter. The fact remains it is a very important part of bridal jewellery which holds a lot of significance in hindu tradition.

These latest mangalsutra designs will help you choose one for yourself. Don’t go on the price just choose one beautiful mangalsutra for yourself. K4 Fashion wishes you all the good luck for your wedding.

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