Latest Saree Blouse Back Designs for Modern Look

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Saree Blouse Back Designs!

Sarees hold a beautiful tradition to themselves and it is the most popular traditional attire in India. The popularity of the sarees lies in the fact that they are so forgiving to any shapes and sizes of women and prove to provide an elegant look all the time. They are also so versatile that you can wear them anywhere be it a party or a casual event or even for work. What is interesting about this attire is the choice of blouse though? Choosing the right kind of blouse for the perfect saree and for that occasion is extremely important.

You must be thinking the saree covers almost everything and who is going to decide all the layers to look for the blouse. While you are partly correct you are also wrong about the fact that people will not notice your blouse. The back of your blouse is the only thing visible to your audience in a saree and that is why there are millions of back designs available in the market. Blouses play a very integral role in your overall saree look and it can either make or break your entire look.

In order to make it easier for you, we here have selected some of the best blouse back designs which will work best for all kind of parties are it weddings or cultural occasions or even any big events. These blouses are not only the latest and trendiest but they also hold a traditional and cultural value to them. So without much further ado, let’s begin.

Saree Blouse Back Designs

1. Inverted heart blouse design:

Inverted heart blouse design Latest Saree Blouse Back Designs for Modern Look

This blouse is something fascinating. A heart-shaped blouse ideal to wear on a date night. But if you are planning to wear it at your wedding then it is even better. The heart is bordered in golden zari work and is a great choice for the designer and unpleated sarees. The blouse further has a complete sheet back with some embroidery work. So you can also pair it with embroidered sarees to grab the attention of your audience.

2. Fishnet-style blouse design:

Fishnet-style blouse design Latest Saree Blouse Back Designs for Modern Look

This blouse is a very unique design which is quite the latest and trending nowadays. The blouse has a completely open back with some grid-like designs and embroidery at the bottom. The embroidery has beautiful peacocks with flocking wings. The similar embroidery pattern is on the sleeves as well. The blouse also has some embellishments around the neckline and the borders. These type of blouses are good to be paired with embroidered sarees of the same colour to make the look blended. These are good for parties and weddings and especially when you want to look unique and elegant.

3. Crochet Saree Blouse Back Designs:

Crochet Saree Blouse Back Designs Latest Saree Blouse Back Designs for Modern Look

Blouses of this kind look smart and elegant. The image here is of a very pretty yellow coloured blouse. Yellow is very summer appropriate and a gorgeous colour in itself. This blouse is meant to suit every skin type and is perfect for all occasions. The blouse has a very trendy diamond shaped cutout all over the back with some white designs on it. This blouse can be paired with traditional cotton sarees. It is better to wear either solid or printed sarees in order to allow the blouse to work its charm.

4. Back beads blouse design:

Back beads blouse design Latest Saree Blouse Back Designs for Modern Look

This blouse has an ultra-modern look with a touch of femininity and vibrancy. The blouse has a semi-sheer back with a T shaped marking on the middle. The middle portion is entirely designed with buttons which are not functional of course but just for show. The blouse further has a wave-like detailing with some embellishments on it. The blouse is of a beautiful red colour which will suit any designer sarees. Blouses if this kind is great for events and parties and even for special date nights if you please.

5. Asymmetrical cut blouse design:

Asymmetrical cut blouse design Latest Saree Blouse Back Designs for Modern Look

This type of blouse design is perfect for all those ladies who are bold enough to break the conventions and try something new. Asymmetrical blouse designs are a cool way to jazz up your outfit and it the best you could find on a catalogue. The blouse shown here has an inverted S type cut which looks quite trending and unique. The blouse further has a golden patch with embroidery on it. The pink side of the blouse has some leaf-shaped cutouts which are also in the sleeves. This blouse is great to pair up with your traditional silk sarees in order to provide that much-needed oomph.

6. Deep U Saree Blouse Back Designs:

Deep U Saree Blouse Back Designs Latest Saree Blouse Back Designs for Modern Look

U neck blouse patterns are the most common design that you can find ladies wearing. Whenever in doubt go for a U neck blouse. It is simple yet classy and provides a very attractive look. This design suits all sarees and it is pretty much available in all fabrics. This is a unique blouse design which we meant to suit all body types. Be it skinny ladies or plus sizes you can never practically go wrong with it. The blouse shown here has a dual tone design. It is heavily embellished and it is meant to be worn with both lehengas and sarees. You can either wear it with pink or orange sarees or you can also wear it in contrast as shown.

7. Sheer back blouse design:

Sheer back blouse design Latest Saree Blouse Back Designs for Modern Look

A sheer blouse is a summer trend which is absolutely loved by ladies all around the world. This blouse is perfect for all those ladies who are not a big fan of open and bare backs. These blouses work equally well with both traditional sarees as well as designer sarees. These transparent back blouses are exciting and breathable at the same time. There are many occasions where an exclusive skin show might not be permitted. In such occasions, these blouses come in really handy. The blouse shown here has some embellishments on the sheer pattern and it had zari detail all around. Works best for all occasions where you want to flaunt your classy glam.

8. Sheer embroidery blouse design:

Sheer embroidery blouse design Latest Saree Blouse Back Designs for Modern Look

Another example of an exclusive sheer blouse. The blouse shown here has a fine sheer material at the back which is finely embroidered in the middle. The peacock design completely transforms the look of the blouse and it makes it superbly occasion worthy. The entire blouse is intricately embroidered which looks amazing and traditional. This glam blouse is a perfect blend of modernity and tradition. So if you are looking for something which would maintain your traditions but will also look fashionable then this is your safest bet.

9. Completely sheer blouse design:

Completely sheer blouse design Latest Saree Blouse Back Designs for Modern Look

It looks like a sheer blouse is on the focus today. Looking for a wedding blouse? Have a look at this. There is nothing that you can not like in this blouse. This is intricately detailed and extremely sexy. The blouse is completely sheer and there is something about the net fabric which will keep you wanting more of it. It has a heart-shaped cutout in the middle. The blouse is everything from exquisite to chic. This kind of blouse pattern works best with all kinds of sarees from your traditional sarees to designer sarees. There are also beads detailing in the blouse which adds to the charm of the blouse. Grab it to rock all your festive invitations.

10. Criss-cross lace-up blouse design:

Criss-cross lace-up blouse design Latest Saree Blouse Back Designs for Modern Look

This design is quite classy and trendy. This lace up design was quite trendy and you might have seen it everywhere. This design was mostly found in western tops and dresses and even in sweaters and sweatshirts. Keeping such a hot trend in mind how can saree blouses stay away from it. This orange and black blouse completely steals the show. The blouse here has a mesh detailing with shining sequins on it. The velvet material at the bottom just adds to the gorgeousness. The criss-cross detailing further adds to the uniqueness if the blouse. You can pair this with either black or orange is a and it is a great choice to grab some attention in parties or events.

That was all for this article. Hope you enjoyed this amazing Saree Blouse Back Designs. For more updates stay tuned to K4 Fashion.

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Modern Blouse Designs for Your Gorgeous Look

Modern Blouse Designs for Your Gorgeous Look

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