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Neem For Hair – Benefits, Side Effects & How To Use/Apply

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We have always been taught and acquainted about our country’s rich heritage and culture. In a similar way, we are certainly not unaware about it’s abundance in multiple other indispensable aspects, Ayurveda being one of them. Since immemorial times, we have been listening about it as one of the best systems of medicines that employs herbs and plants for treatment of various diseases. Neem is one such medicinal plant that India is privileged to have abundance in. Talking about its benefits, it will be difficult to accommodate.

The prominence of neem in Ayurveda has been undefinable. Be it in the field of skin care or hair care, it never ceases to possess beneficial properties. Most of the parts of this 30 to 50 feet high plant are useful in multiple ways. The twigs, fruit, leaves and the bark are all purposeful in distinct aspects. When it comes to hair, neem possesses profuse healing properties. This therapeutical herb brings about tremendous positive alterations in the hair texture. From shiny strands to voluminous locks, this botanical gem has uncountable merits.

Benefits Of Neem

Neem oil is rich in adequate amount of fatty acids, limonids, antioxidants, vitamin E, calcium and triglycerides.

1. Twigs:

Since times immemorial, the twigs of neem tree are used in the form of toothbrush to clean teeth as the anti microbial properties kills germs thereby  cleansing the mouth. Besides, it eliminates foul smell and helps in fresh breath.
Neem gel is considered an ideal remedy to tooth plaque. The extracts of the leaves work towards the reduction of plaque.

2. Dandruff:

Neem serves to be an enemy of dandruff thereby helping in its eradication to a great extent. Neem oil or Neem paste, if applied on the scalp and massaged throughout does wonders towards reduction of dandruff.

3. Elimination Of Lice:

Lice forms in the hair if the cleanliness of the hair is not taken due care of. Neem water helps in prevention of lice through the presence of azadirachtin.

4. Cure Of Multiple Diseases:

In case of common infections we come across, such as earache, scabies, mouth ulcers, boils, fever and so more, a little bit of neem is adequate for one to get over these. Many anti bacterial bars and liquids with neem components are available in the market which can be worthy to consider.

5. Anti Microbial Properties:

Considering the anti microbial properties of neem, it is used for the prevention of spread of communicable diseases as in the presence of the anti bacterial properties it is difficult for the bacteria to survive.

6. Does Wonders To Human Skin

Neem does wonders to human skin in the sense that it cures blemishes, pimples and acnes. In this context, neem is the most preferred remedy to skin problems.

Benefits Of Neem For Hair

1. It hydrates and conditions the scalp which results in softening of hair.

2. It is a phenomenal remedy to curb dandruff to a great extent.

3. It helps prevent premature greying, being rich in antioxidants.

4. For, the treatment of lice, it serves to be the best as the azadirachtin content interferes with insect hormones thereby ceasing their existence.

5. It helps seal hair follicles for some time.

How To Use/Apply Neem On Hair

1. For The Treatment Of Dandruff

Neem oil can serve to be an excellent remedy for dandruff. It consists of Nimbidin, which functions as controlling inflammation thereby helping towards the treatment of psoriasis and such infections. Multiple brands have introduced neem oil but if one wants to make use of it in the most natural way then such oil can be prepared at home as well.

How to use
All one needs to do is mix neem leaves with coconut oil and boil it for some time. Post boiling, add a few drops of lemon juice and the combination must be evenly applied on the scalp, leaving overnight for best results. Use a mild shampoo to wash off the paste.

2. For Cleansing Of Scalp And Unclogging Pores

Neem contributes to exfoliation and cleansing of scalp. Scalp affected with dirt and dandruff tend to produce itchiness. Besides, excessive secretion of oil may lead to weakening of hair including inflammation and several other issues too.

How to use
For this purpose, Neem oil can be extremely efficient. A combination of neem leaves paste and curd is required. The paste needs to be applied on the scalp and allowed to rest for around 15-20 minutes. The mixture will certainly prove to be efficient to curb dandruff to a great extent. Besides treating, it also promotes hair growth by nourishing the scalp.

3. Lice Treatment

Also known as Pediculosis capitis, this insect must not be mistaken for it’s nominal size. These tiny yet annoying creatures feed on human blood and cause too much itching.

How to use
Neem consists of a component, termed as, azadirachtin which is known to cease growth of unnecessary insects in the scalp. All one is supposed to do is give a two time massage with neem oil and leave it overnight. Later, it has to be washing using a mild shampoo.

4. Hair Fall Issues

When it comes to hair fall related issues and balding, it’s a major concern for every age group. Hair fall takes place on account of weakening of hair from the roots. This is a trait that hair is in need of nourishment and strengthening which can be attained without much efforts through Neem oil.
A head massage through neem oil helps enhance the blood circulation thus resulting in a healthy scalp.

How to use

For this, a mixture of neem oil with a carrier oil is required. The latter lies on the discretion of the user. One can make use of coconut or jojoba or olive oil. Besides using neem oil in this regard, a direct application of neem paste will also do. However, neem paste will require a little more effort as one is required to indulge oneself in the preparation of dry been powder along with water. Followed by an even application all over the scalp and a thirty minutes halt, cold water rinse must be performed to clean.

5. Controls Premature Greying

The presence of considerable antioxidants in neem leaves serve to be immensely beneficial when it comes to greying of hair. The greying may be a consequence of several issues including stress and hormonal imbalances. In this regard, a combination of neem and yogurt can prove healthy.

How to use
Mix some neem powder to half cup of yogurt and make a paste. Apply the application evenly on you hair and let is sit for around twenty minutes. Wash it off with a mild shampoo.

6. Gives Life To Dried Ends

Neem is believed to soothe frizz by hydrating lifeless hair that has lost its shine and gloss. Conditioning the frizzy cuticles of your hair, neem proves to be a trustworthy companion in this aspect.

How to use
For this, considering the hair length, lukewarm water is required. Mix around two spoons of neem powder in the water. The paste obtained is required to be applied properly on the hair tips and must be washed after 10 to 15 minutes.

Side Effects Of Neem

Though neem has been of recognizable significance in the field of haircare yet there are some possible side effects which are likely to be observed post topical application. However, people rarely come across such signs. One of the most significant things to be considered is the use of diluted neem oil only. It is comparatively safe and less likely to produce adverse effects on the skin.

People with sensitive skin may suffer irritation or itchy scalp. In the presence of any such situation, one must consult a dermatologist or stop the usage on time. For this purpose, dilution of neem oil must be given due consideration.

Precautions To Be Taken While its usage

One of the most vital precautions to be considered is the quantity of neem to be used for application and using diluted neem. For external application, the side effects are less likely to be observed however oral supplementation can produce adverse effects to one.

In Case Of Children

While external application is absolutely safe, consumption of the same can result in multiple issues the instances of which are diarrhea, vomiting, lacking consciousness and can even be lethal.

In Case Of Pregnant Woman

Also, in case of pregnancy, it is advisable to avoid the usage of neem.

In Case Of Diabetic Patients

As per researches, it is found that neem helps reduce sugar levels to a great extent. This may prove to be beneficial to a certain extent but beyond that it can be fatal.

On Interaction With Medications

neem is believed to boost up the human immune system. Through this, it is likely to cause unnecessary disruptions with the medications consumed for the purpose of decreasing the immune system.

The bottom line is that neem can undoubtedly perform wonders to human hair however not everyone may experience the same consequences of the usage. As per research, not much has been looked for in this regard which is why the effect of neem on hair can not be elaborated. Due to varying skin types, one must make sure to consult a healthcare professional for better understanding.

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