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Hair Loss Problem & 5 Reasons That Can Cause Hair Damage

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You’re always taking care of your hair by applying different products and styling your hair, but it could also be damaging your locks depending on your technique.  Yes, there are things that suddenly (and not in the best way) affect your curls. Damaged hair is fragile, so it tends to break and if we continue doing that, we may eventually see thinning hair or even bald spots. We tend to underestimate some of the treatments or habits, but they do damage your hair a lot. Let’s find out what terrible things are that can turn your hair into straw.

Hair Breakage Reasons And Bad Habits That Can Damage Your Hair

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Too Tight An Elastic Band

Tails help us out when we don’t have time to do our hair or wash our heads. This styling goes absolutely to everyone, for which we love it! But, it turns out, if you are too tight and often tie your hair, you cause them irreparable harm. Excessive tension damages the follicles, they lack food, which leads to a kind of “strike”. This can not only lead to brittle hair, but even to a breakdown in the circulation of the scalp! And here it is not far from hair loss!

Alternative: use soft fabric gum or plastic hairpins. Better yet, replace the usual tail with a beautiful (and not tight!) slanting tail.

Dyeing Your Hair

It’s hard to argue with that point. Despite the fact that the dyes are improving from year to year, the hair suffers from them incredibly! Dryness, fragility, and increased salinity – this is probably the minimum that will bring you a love of experimentation. But what to do if you want to change or, God forbid, you have gray hair?

Alternative: use natural dyes or contact a professional who will pick up gentle dyes for you and tell you how to restore your hair. Sometimes the right haircut and the right shade can delay the re-coloring period.

Hands off wet hair

You’ve probably heard you can’t comb your wet hair. But you can’t even imagine how dangerous it is! Wet curls are more susceptible to damage, so forget the brush and coarse towel. Any “hand application” to the hair after the “thug” causes them irreparable damage.

Alternatively: gently dampen the curls with a silk pillowcase to remove excess moisture and then brush them with your own fingers.

Loving Hot

Of course, hairdryer drying makes our lives a lot easier! Being in constant time pressure, it is difficult to afford a natural drying of hair. And we can’t imagine our lives without it, we can’t imagine our lives without it! But these miracle tools damage the cuticle, making hair tough and dry. If you don’t want to get split ends, you can give it up.

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Alternative : Ideally, of course, it is better to forget about the hair dryer and ironing. But if you can’t imagine your life without it, it’s worth to get reliable “hot” styling satellites – thermal protection means. They create an invisible layer on the hair, which seems to seal the moisture.

Loyalty To One Shampoo

It is not a common myth that hair gets used to the same product, which then ceases to work. Choosing a shampoo, you must pay attention to the condition of your curls, otherwise, you can exacerbate the existing problems. Hair condition is a changeable phenomenon, so replace the shampoo as soon as you notice that it has completed its task.

Alternatively: once a month, make a full assessment of the condition of your scalp and hair, and then draw conclusions about whether or not to leave the shampoo on the shelf in the bathroom. Dyed your hair – change the shampoo! I made a permanent – change to the shampoo! The new season has come – change shampoo.

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