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If we use more and more digital devices and spend more time looking at the screens then probably we are making our eyesight weak. By spending time watching TV or watching a mobile screen will have weak eyes sooner or later. Many people have early effects and many have late. Children and teenagers are most likely to spend more time before a digital screen and they have high risks that they have to wear spectacles in the future.

Spectacles are considered as the part of outfit. You can change your personality just by changing the frames of your spectacles. But many people do not like to wear eyeglasses every day or maybe they are in that type of working area where wearing spectacles is not possible and convenient. We also have an alternative to spectacles and that is eye contact lenses. Contact lenses are more convenient and you will not have to worry all day about lenses. Lenses will stick with your eyes and you do not have to take care of it as you need to take care of eyeglasses.

Using lenses will give you feel like you have natural and normal eyes but at the end of the day you know that it is not true. You have weak eyes and you need to wear lenses. Also lenses are not something that you can wear quickly as eyeglasses. So you can’t rely on lenses all the time. But with upgrading technologies today we have a solution for everything. There is a solution for weak eyes too. If you want your eyes as before and you don’t want to wear lenses or eyeglasses then laser surgery can be a convenient option for you. But there are also advantages and disadvantages of laser surgery.

Pros of Eye Laser Surgery

Here are advantages of eye laser surgery,

1. A big relief from eyeglasses

The main benefit of laser surgery is that you will no longer need to wear spectacles. So now you do not have to worry about forgetting your eyeglasses. You will not be dependent on spectacles. And you will see clearly all the time without any glasses. You can play your favorite sport without fear of losing or breaking your eyeglasses.

2. You will be free from eye contact lenses risks

Wearing contact lases has many risks like corneal infections, scratches. You need to take extra care of your eye lases and cleaning eye lenses and wear can be a time-consuming thing to do. But after laser surgery you will see everything clear as before without wearing contact lenses. And you will be worry-free of losing your contact lenses

3 No frequent visits to an eye doctor

Once you have done your laser treatment then you will not have to visit eye doctor too frequently. After the laser surgery you will need one or two follow-ups and then you are free. But if you wear eyeglasses then you have to keep visiting your eye doctor frequently. If you wear eye lenses then you will require a longer initial examination and more follow-up visits to maintain eye health.

4. Fast results

If you need to get eye laser treatment then all you have to do is to make an appointment with the doctor and then the doctor will do surgery. The only thing that will take time is your meeting with the doctor. Because after examining your operation will last for at most 15-30 min. and you will be discharged. In the morning you were wearing your eyeglasses and by night you won’t need it. Also, you will start seeing the results within the first 24 hours, and your eyesight will continue to improve over the upcoming days and weeks.

5. Pain-free and permanent solution

One of the best advantages of eye surgery is that it won’t be painful like other operations. You won’t feel any pain during the laser surgery. Eye laser surgery is lifetime relief from weak eyes. You will not have to worry about your eyesight anymore. And unlike the contact lenses or spectacles, eye laser surgery is a permanent treatment and it gives long-lasting results.

Cons of Eye Laser Surgery

Here are disadvantages of eye laser surgery,

1. Laser surgery is costly

If you are low on budget then it can be a big investment for you. If you compare the cost of laser surgery and the money you spend on spectacles then you will find that eyeglasses can be a cheap and convenient option for you.

2. You will need to rest your eyes a couple of days

Although laser surgery is a very quick procedure and you can go home the same day, but to heal your eyes properly you need to rest it and you have to take a couple of days off work. Your eye doctor will tell you about the things to take care of and to spend less time before the digital screens for some time.

3. It may cause dry eyes

Laser treatment can cause dry eye condition that can last from one week to three months. How much time this dryness will last is different for individuals. For most people topical artificial tears, topical dry eye medications, and the use of oral omega-3 fatty acids can relieve dry eye conditions.

4. You may have side effects

One may find some side effects related to eyes after laser surgery. You could find that you experience some glare or halo effect. This is caused because of your eye laser treatment. But this effect will reduce significantly in 3-4 weeks. And your eyesight will continue to improve. You should visit your doctor if you find any side effects after your laser eye surgery.

5. There are chances that you will need laser surgery again

After laser surgery you will start to see clearly and your vision will be improved notably. But those individuals who have higher prescriptions prior to surgery are more likely to see a minor decrease in vision quality over time. This condition is known as myopic regression. And Patients can choose to wear eyeglasses or one can choose to do laser surgery again. But second-time laser surgery has increased and different risks.

Going ahead with laser surgery is a big decision. So, you have to make sure that this is the best decision for you. There are always alternatives like eyeglasses and eye contact lenses. Laser surgery is not for everyone. You have to consult your eye doctor and after examination you will know that you are eligible for laser treatment or not. And if you are eligible then before you continue with your surgery, you should notice above-mentions the pros and cons of eye laser surgery.

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