13 Secrets of using Cosmetics You Should Really Know

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Many girls are sure that their cosmetic bag is a real treasure chest, and they will be right, since a large number of cosmetic products are multi-functional. Now you will see this.

It is a mistake to believe that the cream is intended only for moistening and lipstick can only color your lips. In fact, there are many ways to use these cosmetics not for its direct purpose.

1. Shadows = tone for lacquer

Many girls who make themselves a manicure, faced with such a problem, when it is difficult to find the original color of the varnish. There is a way out – do it yourself, for which you have to shred bright shadows and pour them into a bottle of clear lacquer. Stir well – and the varnish is ready.

2. Cream = a remedy to soften your leather jacket

Natural skin requires special care, but this does not mean that you need to spend money on the purchase of special funds. They can be replaced with the usual cream for hands, body, legs and so on. Lubricate them with leather products, which will eventually become soft and shiny.

3. Shadows = highlighter

If purchased light shadows roll down, do not throw them away, as they can become an excellent highlighter. There are light brown and gray-brown shades – then you make them sculpture of the face.

4. Hygiene Lipstick = Cuticle Oil

To keep your hands tidy, it is important to take care of the cuticle regularly. For this purpose you can use hygienic lipstick, which should be applied several times a day on the skin around the nail plate and carefully rub it.

5. Shampoo = liquid detergent for washing

Some things require the purchase of individual gels, liquids and other means to ensure delicate washing. In this case, there is a way to save – take a regular shampoo, shower gel or a means for intimate hygiene. And they will do, even if the expiration date has expired.

6. Shadows = eyeliner

There are special thinners, thanks to which any shadows can be used as a liner. To do this, moisten the brush first in the diluent, then draw the shadows and bring your eyes. If instead of a special tool to use water, then the lining will not last long.

7. Micellar water = stain remover

The problem that every woman has probably faced is a collar or other parts of clothing stained with a foundation. There is no need to panic, because there is a proven method to fix everything, for which it is necessary to moisten the wadded disk in the micellar water and wipe the contamination. By the way, you can use this method and return the presentable look to the light sole of shoes.

8. Hair conditioner = shaving gel

If there is no shaving gel on hand, then surprisingly many alternatives can be a hair conditioner. This tool will ensure a good slide of the razor and soften the skin.

9. Hygiene Lipstick = Eyebrow Gel

Eyebrows treacherously look disheveled, and a special tool to quickly give them a beautiful shape, no? No problem. Using a brush, apply a transparent hygienic lipstick on them and it’s done.

10. Hygiene Lipstick = a healing remedy

Get a scratch or cut can be anywhere and anytime, and not always at hand will be the necessary disinfectant pharmacy. If you delve into a women’s handbag, then there is an item that can help – hygienic lipstick. It will protect the wound from infection and accelerate healing.

11. Body Cream = Scrub

Want to save – you can buy one large jar of body cream and use it for the purpose and as a scrub. In the second case, you just need to take a couple of spoons of cream and add the ground coffee or large salt and mix well. Before each scrubbing, you need to prepare a new portion of the remedy.

12. Lipstick = blush

If the bought lipstick dries lips, rolls down and has other disadvantages, then re-qualify it in blush. Put the agent on the pads of your fingers and apply on the apples of your cheeks with driving movements. Use this method before dusting, and the result will be weird.

13. Deodorant = remedy against corns

Hope you like these secrets of using cosmetics.

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