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Simple Tips for Hair Care During Pregnancy

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Tips for Hair Care During Pregnancy!

Hi, everybody! At the age of 25, I am already the mother of a beautiful girl. I want to tell you how to keep your hair healthy during pregnancy. Problems with my hair have already become apparent since the 9th week of pregnancy (about 2 months), by this point I was already aware of my situation. The dull look, the sliced ends and the innumerable field of hair on the floor after combing were all an unpleasant bonus to the growing tummy. First of all, I stopped dyeing my braids.

It was a blessing that it was summer and I also gave up my hair dryer, allowing my curls to dry out without the participation of high temperatures. But even the reduction in chemical and thermal influences did not improve the condition of my hair. When you are pregnant, the thought of harm to your future child comes first. So I decided not to use the finished products offered by cosmetics companies, but turned to natural hair care products during pregnancy.

I have tried out many different types of masks and rinses – some of them were instantaneous, while others were useless. Since my hair length is higher than average, the cost of components increased by 3-4 times. And future childbirth is a costly matter, and I had savings in everything. Therefore, I wasn’t insulating myself, but using the most accessible elements. Through trial and error, I have found the ideal program for restoring the health of hair and preventing its weakening, which I recommend to you.

Hair Masks During Pregnancy

I did masks twice a week, Wednesday and Sunday. It was my weekend, and I could walk around the apartment with a turban all day.

The masks below are designed for long hair, so you can reduce the proportions for short/medium hair.

General recommendations:

  • The mask should be at room temperature (heated in a steam bath).
  • Exposure time 50-60 minutes.
  • The mask should be rinsed with a special rinse aid, and only after that with water.
  • The masks alternate each time to make at least once a month on one type of mask.

The composition of the masks I selected so that the hair received additional nutrition, restored its structure (especially split ends) and reduced hair loss.

Make natural hair mask at home using coconut oil, shea butter during pregnancy

Make natural hair conditioner at home using coconut oil, shea butter during pregnancy

Types of masks:

  1. 5 tablespoons of coconut oil + 3 drops of cocoa butter + 3 drops of camphor oil;
  2. 1 bag of blue clay diluted to creamy consistency + 1 tablespoon of linseed oil + 2 tablespoons of avocado oil (it can be changed to olive oil);
  3. Aloe juice (1 stem 13 – 15 cm long) + 150 grams of greasy homemade sour cream (or cream);
  4. 1 bag of blue clay + 5 tablespoons of turnip oil. After the time of the mask’s influence on the hair has passed, it should be washed off. But do not rush to do so under running water.

Firstly, before rinsing the mask, I recommend a head massage to soak the mixture into the hair roots, and secondly, the mask is better washed away and there will be no sense of weighting, if you use a rinse aid, after which my head is normal water.

Recommended products:

1. Diluted with water apple vinegar. I have a convenient jug in which I make a vinegar solution – for 3 liters of water half a glass of vinegar, preferably natural. This solution perfectly washes away fats from hair.

2. Citrus solution. On 3 liters of water I spend a little more than half a lemon or a whole orange. The aroma of hair – not to convey words, and the feeling of freshness remains for the whole day. (Make sure you are not allergic to citrus fruits and vegetables)

3. Chamomile potion. For this purpose it is necessary to pour 2,5 tablespoons of chamomile in a liter jar and fill them with boiling water. Just as long as you keep the mask, the chamomile insists, and after 40 minutes it is ready. We filtered, diluted with water (to make my favorite 3 liters) and you can wash it off.

With the help of such simple procedures I went to the birth with perfect hair. Moreover, while breastfeeding, I continued to use masks and rinsing solutions. But, at the same time, I replaced coconut oil with olive oil and removed the citrus components in order to avoid allergies with my daughter.

Long, black beautiful hair Simple Tips for Hair Care During Pregnancy

We hope you liked this article for hair care during pregnancy. We hope all mothers will find it useful. Check out other related articles to get more help. We will soon come up with more such articles. Share your feedback and experience in the comments section below.

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