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Stylish Ways To Wear Men’s Parka Jackets

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Looking for universal outerwear for the autumn-winter season? Park for men, aka Men’s Parka Jackets is the perfect solution for a stylish everyday wardrobe!

Such clothes are comfortable and practical, can be light or insulated, have different colors, as well as have a restrained or decorated with decorative accents design. The park is suitable for men of any height and size, it is relevant on the street, walking, shopping, in the office environment. In it you will always look original and courageous. How to choose a men’s park and what to combine it with? About the secrets of creating stylish images for every day read in our article. Join us!

How Did The Men’s Parka Jackets Get Here?

Like many successful men’s outerwear styles, the park was created for the needs of the military. Initially, it was a insulated coat, the purpose of which was to protect American pilots and Marines from hypothermia or strong winds. The prototype was the time-tested outerwear of Eskimo hunters in Alaska.

The men’s park was successfully used by the army until in the 1960s it was noticed by the so-called Mods (Mods) from Great Britain. Representatives of this youth subculture with pleasure “scattered” on scooters through the streets of London, surprising the stylings of the time among the “golden youth” unusual cut comfortable insulated coats. It is the mods of the park that owe their success and quite stable popularity for several decades. Today it is worn by young people and men over 30 and 40, 50 and 60 years of age with equal pleasure. There seems to be no age limit here! As well as social differences.

What Is Men’s Parka Jacket?

For today there are different variants of this outerwear:

  • Traditional fishtail, or “fish tail”
  • Strict enough models, actual for office bows;
  • Remotely reminiscent of the Alaska jacket options used in more extreme conditions and street-style kits.
Stylish Ways To Wear Men's Parka Jackets
Traditional Fishtail Parka, or the so-called fishtail, is still popular not only among young people and is relevant for casual style.

In addition to the classic dark green and khaki solutions, you can find a park of blue, black, brown, grey, red and other shades. Printed models are also a success among today’s young people. The choice is wide enough. It is easy to find a decent solution for a particular image in the daily style.

In general, these jackets can be divided into two types:

  1. Parka men’s winter (insulated version)
  2.  Autumn (lightweight) version.
Stylish Ways To Wear Men's Parka Jackets
Insulated men’s park – easy to warm you in winter, there are suitable styles for the office.
Stylish Ways To Wear Men's Parka Jackets
Autumn park for men with pockets and sewn hood.

Now, let’s move on to the most interesting thing.

Daily Outlets

As for the colors of the jacket, you can freely rely on your personal preferences and imagination. Beige, grey, blue, khaki, dark green, camouflaged, brown and even bright yellow – what color do you like most?

A little bit about your companions. Courageously wear jeans, straight or slightly narrowed down trousers, at least the same chinos, combined with a monochrome jumper, restrained long-sleeves,strict shirt, vest, sports jacket. The choice of things for the ensemble with the participation of men’s park directly depends on the requirements of a particular dress code, your personal taste and individual style. Dare! You’ll get it all!

Stylish Ways To Wear Men's Parka Jackets
Bright youth onions in street style with jeans and terracotta-colored parka.
Stylish Ways To Wear Men's P arka Jackets
A youthful street image – a traditional green park, jeans, striped long sleeve.
Stylish Ways To Wear Men's Parka Jackets
Spectacular and stylish youth bow with black trousers chinos, t-shirts and black park – a great solution for autumn wardrobe!

Make sure that the colors of your trousers matches the tone of your jacket.

Shoes can be preferred to classic models or less formal, but more comfortable chelsea, chukki, deserters, timberlands, boots Dr Martens. By the way, suede variations are very useful here.

For Work

This may seem questionable to some men, but the park is a universal garment. It is suitable not only for street bows, but also for casual wardrobe, and is also perfect for going to work. Provided that the office dress code is tolerant of frivolous everyday style. Black, blue and grey jackets are considered to be optimal for a work wardrobe. Sometimes brown variations are allowed.

Men’s park is organically combined with light suits. Since there is a suit, you need a decent pair of shoes. In autumn, the actual monks and brooches. In winter, you should also give preference to boots or boots of restrained classic styles. The choice is yours!

Stylish Ways To Wear Men's Parka Jackets
A grey park of discreet design combined with a strict classic suit, cage shirt and tie is optimal for office environment.
Stylish Ways To Wear Men's Parka Jackets
Harmonious image for business casual style office with beige parka.

Remember that the length of the park is optimal when the hem of the jacket does not look out from under the outerwear.

Stylish Ways To Wear Men's Parka Jackets
James Bond worthy of a discreet option for winter in a smart casual style with the participation of park, sweater and gray trousers.


What Kind Of Parka Is In Fashion Now?

Do you want your outerwear to match the current trends? Then here are the features that it must have to win the status of a fashionable park:

  • Patch pockets
  • A hood with fur upholstery or an edge
  • Length – from the middle of the hip to the knee
  •  Presence of hood
  • Colors: green, black, blue, brown


I just say a few words about the care that the men’s parka requires. Here are a few simple recommendations, stick to them and your universal outerwear will last for many years:

  • The water-repellent coating of the jacket requires cleaning with special products. Otherwise, there may be visible streaks on the fabric.
  • Do not wash or dry-clean your jacket often. The fabric wears off quickly from this. Just wear the park gently, and if it’s dirty, clean it up.
  • If you decide to wash your jacket in the car, be sure to turn it inside out and gently stick it in the drum.

With this, we come to the end of this article on Men’s Parka Jackets. Hope you enjoyed this and have made up your mind about your favourite Parka Jackets. For more updates like this stay tuned to K4 Fashion.

Do you already have a parka? What do you think about it?  As always will be glad to your comments. And be sure to follow on Pinterest for more ideas. Good luck!

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