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Sweatshirt for Men!


Before you go shopping, you should refresh your stock of shopping terms so that you don’t buy a hoodie by choosing what you think is a sweatshirt. This is gonna be awkward.

What Is A Sweatshirt?

The word “sweatshirt” comes from the English words sweat “sweat” and shirt “shirt”. In the 50s of XX century, the American manufacturer Benjamin Russell for the first time began to produce in industrial scale spacious shirts without buttons for sports. This type of men’s clothing appeared because of the increased sweating of the child of the manufacturer. Once his sporty but sweaty son complained that he was not comfortable playing in a popular at that time shirt in football, as it sticks to the body.

Soon Russell presented the world with a “sweaty shirt” that makes life easier for people who are active in sports. That’s how clothes for training promoted this subject wardrobe, which can be seen on the pictures of American basketball players, footballers and Olympians of all colors in the period from the 40s to 70s of last century.

Sweatshirt for Men for Stylish Look

The sweatshirt moment came when the costume designer of the iconic sports drama “Rocky” decided to wear it to Sylvester Stallone. In the film, the hero in a “sweaty shirt” for the first time appears on his morning jog in Philadelphia. In the film of the same name, Rocky Balboa ran in a sweatshirt (alternating it with a hoodie – sweatshirt with a hoodie), trained, visited bars and even brushed his teeth.

Sweatshirt offers comfort and lightness in every movement, which is not contrary to the concept of sport. Simple in cut, light but warm sweatshirt is a universal thing without which it is impossible to imagine a wardrobe of an adept of casual style. However, the sweatshirt is often called a more familiar word for a Russian man “sweatshirt”.

How the Sweatshirt Differs From Other Types Of Clothing?

In its appearance, this type of clothing is similar to the favorite by many people sweatshirt. As with “grandmother” sweater, it has no buttons or zippers. On sleeves and waist there is a so-called “elastic band” – corrugated fabric that prevents unwanted movements of these parts of clothing. You can find an almost invisible triangular insert in the neck area. It is worth noting that this groove used to be designed to absorb sweat.

Sweatshirt for Men for Stylish Look

The triangular groove, which many people remember from childhood, is designed to absorb sweat.

The sweatshirt does not have a hood, the original idea was not to have one. If you can’t do without it, you need to buy a hoodie – the same cut + hood. Classic sweatshirts should have an exceptionally round neckline, but today the V-shape dominates. Many modern manufacturers do it in favor of fashion.

The most significant difference between sweatshirt and long sleeves is the material. If you turn the sweatshirt inside out, you can see grooves or corrugations on the fabric, and the winter variants are usually made with a slight comb. This is a reference to a period when this type of clothing was used exclusively for sports activities. Such a design of matter will pleasantly envelop you in everyday life: when you are stuck in traffic jams, hurry to the movies, walk through the autumn park.

How To Choose A Sweatshirt for Men

Today, “sports shirts” moved into the wardrobes of people who are far from the world of Olympic achievements. Sweatshirts are produced for all tastes and purses, they are popular among all categories of consumers: schoolchildren, students, bearded vipers, smoothly shaved intellectuals. The price category of “sweatshirts” varies like a heartbeat: from the cheapest variants that can be found in any store, to the unique Japanese models produced by the authentic technology developed by Benjamin Russell.

Sweatshirt for Men for Stylish Look

Sweatshirt, which is made with authentic technology, differs from its less expensive analogues in the fact that the material for them is made very slowly. For example, you can sew no more than 8 shirts per day on one machine. In addition, expensive exclusive models are mainly represented by seamless models. Initially, sweatshirts were made of knitted fabric. Now they use either pure cotton or a combination of cotton and synthetics. For every day it is better to choose cotton models, for sports training shirts made of cotton with an admixture of synthetic fibers will be suitable.

When fitting, remember that there should be a small space between the fabric and the body. But the shirt should not hang in a bag, it will create extra volumes. If the item is too tightly attached to the body, it will cause discomfort during movement and training.

What To Wear With A Sweatshirt

You can wear sweatshirt with almost any clothes. Exceptions to this are tailoring, classic jackets and trousers. If your wardrobe has at least one pair of jeans, you should buy a sweatshirt. Also, “sweaty shirts” are perfectly combined with shirts, which have virtually no gates. From autumn to spring, these shirts can be worn with coats, jackets and bombers. As for shoes, sneakers, sneakers, non-classic shoes and their tourist analogues will be suitable for the sweatshirt.

All shades of grey are universal sweatshirt colors. Other colors require more careful selection of other items of clothing. This is due to the versatility of gray, which is a good background for other shades.

Sweatshirt for Men for Stylish Look

Sweatshirt for Men for Stylish Look

Nowadays, in a sweatshirts you can safely go not only to the sports ground. This form of clothing is appropriate in the park, movies, pizzerias.Remember that the sweatshirts fits perfectly to modern jackets, jackets, jeans, chinos, sneakers. However, you should not wear a sweatshirt at the meeting, interview or in the civil register office.

How To Take Care Of A Sweatshirt

Taking care of sweatshirt implies the following rules:

  • Wash it by turning it inside out. If you want to put a thing in the washing machine, set it on a delicate mode. It would be good to use special washing bags that will save the garment from shrinkage.
  • Shirts with large prints are best washed by hand in warm water.
  • You can dry a sweatshirt just like any other clothes. The only exception is the model with a comb inside, which “until ready” is better to bring in a horizontal position, carefully leveled beforehand.
  • It is necessary to iron only with a warm iron. If there are drawings on things, we iron from the wrong side.

Observance of these points guarantees that the product will serve a long and reliable service.


In the article we tried to answer the question “sweatshirt – what is it?sweatshirt – this is the same clothes for every day, which is perfect for your jeans and your favorite sneakers. In the sweatshirt you can safely go for a jog or, cozily settled down by the fireplace, to read conceptual literature. Regardless of the price, sweatshirts fully cope with the functions assigned to them, which also contributes to their popularity among the population of the world.

With this, we come to the end of this article on Sweatshirt for Men. Hope you enjoyed this and have made up your mind about your favourite Sweatshirt. For more updates like this stay tuned to K4 Fashion.

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