Tag: Karwa Chauth

Karwa chauth the festival of purity gets glorify with the beauty of mehndi. In the hand of the wife the name of their husband shows her love towards him. There is a say “The darken the color of mehndi the deep the love is”. It is a festival of love.

This festive is beautiful not by its own, it’s the beautiful Indian ladies which makes this festive so beautiful. They together are keeping our unvaluable Indian traditions and rituals alive in their hearts. Our Indian women are the sign of  beauty and their presence makes the environment beautiful.

It’s not only a festival but also an emotion that have a special place in the hearts of every Indians. It strengthens the love and bond between the couples. karwa chauth is a blessing for the blissful life ahead.

Karwachauth is a festival of collection of different feelings, which gives a vibe of happiness, a perfect smile and a glow in the face just like the shinning full moon of that night. Karwachauth is reflected by the beauty of women that night.

It’s a festival of love, an unvaluable Indian tradition, a purity of belief which is reflected from every part of attire wore by the women. Specially from the mehndi in hand which shows the deep love of wife for her husband.

A festival which has an eye of every woman, for which all women wait eagerly, keeps fast not to maintain their figure but for long and healthy life of their partner, karva chauth brings a smile in the faces of crores.

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