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Thinking about what will you wear for the festivities? Or worried about your make up? Or thinking about your look on the big day? Settle down and relax ’cause we have got your back, to help you out. Anytime, any day, any occasion. Here’s to the beauty in you and the hidden diva you are!!

Karwa Chauth Makeup Tutorials for You

The Traditional Makeup look for your Day

Worried about your makeup? relax, ’cause we are here to help you out. Here is an amazing makeup tutorial by Smitha Deepak for your ‘Karwa Chauth’. 

Follow the easy steps. The products used are amazing. The makeup is kept simple and subtle yet elegant and your look will leave everyone in awe!! Get ready for the glam look you deserve!

Products used are –

  •  ICE Ceramide Moisturizing Cream
  • LAURA MERCIER (Illuminating Eye Cream)
  • Natural Finish Foundation by MILANI
  • contour
  • a concealer from MILANI
  • Air Spun loose face powder
  • a make up Fix from MAC
  • a setting spray from MILANI
  • your favorite eye brow pencil or brush
  • your favorite eye shadows
  • your favorite ‘kajal’
  • your favorite Mascara
  • your favorite lip liner and lipstick colour

With all these products follow the video that has a step by step tutorial to give you the Diva Glow on your big day. The steps are simple and are beautifully explained.

Follow the steps and leave everyone in awe. Don’t forget to carry the perfect smile to lure everyone around!

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Glam up with Smitha this Karwa Chauth

Wanna look drop dead gorgeous on festivals and occasions? Want to leave everyone in awe at a party? Wanna set eyes of peeps around on you?? Need not worry when Smitha is here!!

Follow the simple steps shown in the tutorial video. It contains all the necessary steps to get you a glowing glam look on your day. Each step is represented amazingly and beautifully. They are well explained and the products shown can be bought easily. Follow each step perfectly.

Starting with moisturizing the skin, following the steps of applying foundation matching to your color tone, creating perfect contours, using your favorite concealer and then spraying a make up settler to set the make up and then doing the eyes and eye brows and choosing the colors matching your outfit, this video explains it all. Thus, do not worry and leave everything to this tutorial. Follow all the steps that are well explained to get the drop dead gorgeous look.

So what are you waiting for? Get set go… the glam look awaits you.

#makeup #tutorial #ocassions #karwachauth

Lights Camera Action – Glam Festivals!

We all worry about our looks on festivals. Would it be too light? or am I looking something extra? or it this shade too dark? or is this dress too dull or too heavy or too this or too that? We have an n number of questions going in our mind. Be it diwali or karwa chauth or any festival where you want to flaunt your Indian-ness, leave it to Smitha Deepak. Here’s another makeup tutorial video to get you the glam diva look. The bold bright amazing colors matching your outfit will leave everyone in awe.

Follow the easy steps.

Products used are –

  • a brow pomade
  • loose face powder from NYC
  • concealer
  • eye cream
  • a foundation matching your color tone
  • eye shadows matching your outfit
  • contours
  • your favorite ‘kajal’, mascara and lipstick

and you are all set to get the glam look. Follow the tutorial video step by step. From moisturizing till getting the smile of satisfaction on your face, follow the steps and get the amazing look you have hidden.

Flaunting your Indian-ness in that Festive Look

here is another video to help you get ready for your karwa chauth. We all want to look perfect in a red dress flaunting our Indian-ness in the traditional attire.But we generally worry with the questions of how and what. Here’s to help you out with a make up look that sets fit with your red dress for your karwa chauth. Follow the easy steps and get the glam look.

Products you need –

  • Loreal Paris Gel Cleanser
  • Lakme 9 to 5 Face Serum
  • Lakme Vitamin C Day Cream
  • Biotique’s Natural  Diva Makeup Primer
  • a foundation matching your color tone
  • a concealer from SUGAR
  • Maybelline’s FIT ME COMPACT
  • bronzing powder from MAC
  • a contour palette from SUGAR
  • Maybelline FIT ME BLUSH
  • a make up settler
  • eye brow pencil
  • eye shadow palette of your choice
  • lipsticks of your choice
  • kajal and mascara

Follow the tutorial step by step to look stunning on your big day. It’s time to celebrate the diva in you. Get set go…

‘Cause it’s festivities and festivals time of the month

We all want to look the best on festivals – with the best dress, the perfect make up, a perfect hair style and bright dark henna. We want to look perfect and yet we worry with the questions of what if and how. How to get ready? What if it looks too extra? What if the make up is too dull or what if it does not look good? What if it is too subtle and what if it is too heavy? Loaded with so many questions of what and ifs ?? We are here to help you out with your diwali look or puja look or karwa chauth or teej or whatever the occasion be, we are here to help you out with your outfits and make up to fetch the most amazing look.

Follow this easy tutorial video that will help you to get the most amazing look and leave all the eyes set on your beauty.

#makeup #traditonal #indian #festivals #tutorial

The Maharani Attire And Karwa Chauth

Bored of wearing red on each festival? Here’s something that might help you to get rid of the reds and yet look stunning on occasions like ‘teej’, ‘karwa chauth’ and many more.

Here’s to the traditional “Maharani Poshak” you could wear on Karwa Chauth. Leave the reds behind, choose orange, yellow, golden or any color of your choice.

Remember how the Rajput Maharanis used to dress up – in the gold embroidered ghagra or sarees with a heavy pallu wearing amazing jewelleries? That is how you are required to dress up. In this video, you will get all the tips of dressing like a Royal Maharani. Follow the easy steps.

Pick your favorite lehanga or saree that might have some sort of embroidery – simple thread or silver or golden, anything that you have.

Keep the make-up simple, yet bold and highlighted as the rituals are generally performed in the dark. Also, match the jewellery accordingly. Do not forget the heavy “maang tika” and “nathni” or the nose piece. Be the royalty you are supposed to be. All you need is your unlimited confidence to carry yourself with the elegance of a Rajput Maharani.

And you are ready to flaunt the royalty you are!

#royal #traditonal #tutorial #makeup

Anytime, anywhere, with anything, we are here to help.

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