Things You Should Not Apply Near the Eye Area

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It would not be wrong if we say the area around your eyes is more sensitive and delicate and applying wrong products may cause irritation or any other problem. You may or may not know which and how much any product can affect the delicate area near your eyes. You must know how to take care of your eye so that they look good with less makeup and seems attractive naturally. Taking care of eye is also important as we can’t neglect the fact that the area around our eyes is more sensitive than general skin of face.

Having wrinkles near eyes, dark circles, dry skin may be the signs of you are not taking care of your eyes carefully. Even sometimes people noticed their eyes are getting smaller than original size. So, what do you think, is it normal? Actually, whatever product we use, leaves its own impact on the surface of the skin that’s why we need to become more conscious about delicate areas of our face.

Taking care of eye area becomes most important for people with sensitive skin, because in that case even normal product can react. Whereas, there are also some cases in which people suffered even after having normal skin. Generally, we know how can we take care of our eyes but we don’t do that, somehow we don’t focus on the main point, what things we should not apply near eye area? If you don’t know it then read below.


Never use products containing artificial colour and dye

You may have seen products having artificial colour and dyes in the market, but do you know these products can cause irritation or even rashes, redness and dryness too. So, be careful. If you are not facing irritation after using it over anywhere on your face then it does not mean it will not affect eye area, it can. Dermatologist suggest to not to use any product or treatment having ingredients like formaldehydes, artificial colour and dyes. You should also avoid products containing hydroquinone because it is popularly known for its side effects and it can cause similar problems like dye or artificial colours can do. So, make sure, the product you are going to use must not contain these ingredients.

Do not apply acne medication

Very often, we use acne medication to control acne breakout but do you know? it can also be harmful for your eye area. Because products use to control acne breakout contains salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide, dermatologist said these ingredients are good for skin but when it comes to eye are it can be harmful and cause problems like irritation and redness. This can happen easily if you have sensitive skin.

So, to deal with these kinds of problem, you should know first of all your skin type. If you have sensitive skin then be in distance from these kinds of product or use only which suits you. After applying acne medication, you should wash your hands carefully so that whenever you touch your eyes, it don’t create problem.

Choose Scrub carefully

Now, it is turn for scrub. We all use scrub to exfoliate dirt and dead cells from our skin. But sometimes it starts causing irritation, itching, redness and swelling. Dermatologist Lamela says, Abrasive scrubs or rotary brushes can cause excessive irritation and even skin burn. She also tells that microdermabrasion is too aggressive for the eye area and can cause tearing in the skin, redness, irritation and swelling. Use scrub or face washes away from the eye area and switch to those products, which are gentle to your skin.

Use of false eyelashes

What we don’t do to enhance our beauty and using false eyelashes are one of them. False eyelashes gives our eyes totally different attractive look and tends to make them big than usual. But according to Dermatologist Dr. Janet Prystowsky, the adhesives in false eyelashes can be irritating or may cause allergic reactions to your skin and the constant pulling on your real lashes could lead to damage or lash loss. But you can be safe from these problems if you apply them correctly and use them for limit time. Excessive use of anything can be result in bad.

Whereas, some other dermatologist says, using the brand which suits you and right application of it is the key. In case of eye makeup don’t be experimental, use your trust worthy brand (products).

Don’t wear non-prescribed contact lenses

Many people men or women prefer to wear non-prescribed decorative contact lenses so often just to make themselves more attractive which is totally harmful for their eyes. Often use of these kind of contact lenses may affect or damage your cornea, cause infection, and even lead to blindness. Poorly fitted lenses in your eyes can also cause damage.

Use of sunscreen

Most of us use sunscreen to save ourselves from UVA or UVB rays of sun. Usually, sunscreens don’t harm your eyes but still some may do this. So, you should notice which product is labelled to not to apply near eye area. Whereas, using products of bad quality can also put bad impact on your eyes. Be careful regarding their quality.

These were some points on which you should be focused for eyes. But only knowing what you should not apply near eye area is not enough, you should also know, how to take good care of eyes. It is also important to have eye check up on regular basis to avoid any kind of allergy or vision problem caused by any thing around you. Do you know?

Conjunctivitis is one of the most common infections which may be caused by cosmetics. Stop using makeup if you have any eye infection until it healed. Follow guidelines instruct by your optometrist, if you wear contact lens. Don’t use any sharp object to separate eyelashes. Be careful while applying makeup above eyelids, they may not enter into your eyes. Avoid applying makeup over eyes with unhygienic hands. Most important one, don’t late to seek professional help if you will have any infection or kind of irritation.

These were some necessary guidelines to take care of your eyes with carefulness. Hopefully, these guidelines will help you.

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