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How to Take Care of Skin in Winter?

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Lovely and cozy winters have arrived and its time to for us to get warm and cozy and even enjoy the cold breeze as well as inspired by adorable white scenery. Playing and admiring the beauty of snow balls is everybody’s favorite activity during winters and each and everyone of us love to go out and enjoy this season. The way white snow and frosty winds delights us by their gentle touch can’t be explained. But on the other hand it also does a lot of damage to our skin that leads to dullness, dryness, dehydration, redness, itchiness and sometimes the condition can be severe. These damages causes skin irritation which affects our mental peace as well. All you have to do is follow these simple and easy tips to get an ideal skin this winter.

Tips to Take Care of Skin in Winter

1. Eating healthy and a balanced diet

Outside appearance of ours is the reflection of our inner health. What we eat and how much we eat plays a vital part in our outside beauty as well as inner beauty. During winters it is very important for us to eat fruits and vegetables in quantity. The nutrients we get from these not only rejuvenate our skin but also maitain its health. Green vegetables, fruit juice and dry fruits are some healty food that one should include in their daily winter diet to get flawless skin. A balanced diet improves the proper function of our body and organs thus nutrients gets equally distributed in every part of our body giving us glowing skin.

2. Drink lots of water

Drinking water during winters as important as drinking water in summer. We think that it is ok to drink less water in winter but the fact is we need to drink more water during winters because of loss of moisture from skin. Dry and cold winds takes away the natural moisture of our skin thus making it dull and lifeless. Drinking water during winters keeps us hydrated as well as maintains the nourishment of our skin. It even detoxifies our body thus making a remarkable change in our skin.

3. Moisturerizing and nourishing the skin

Extra care of skin is needed during winters as our skin when exposed to cold air loses its moisture very easily. Moisturizing is very essential to maintain its smoothness and softness. Add this habit in your daily routine as well as in night routine to keep your skin hydrated all the time. Try any oil based moisturize or you can even try a mixture of glycerin and coconut oil that works as miracle for your skin and give you a flawless skin. Glycerin being a very good moisturizer keeps your skin soft and smooth all the time. It is also a very good humectant that stops evaporation of water from your skin coconut oil being rich in fatty acids increases skin elasticity as well as Vitamin E in the oil protects your skin from any harsh damage hence giving you a beautiful and glowing skin.

4. Regular Exercise

Physical activity is prominent to keep us active all day during lazy winters. Nobody wants to leave the comfortable and cozy blanket during chilly winters. But to stay fit and beautiful one has to come out of one’s comfort zone. Less activity during winters slows down our body organs process thus affecting us both inwardly as well as outwardly. Regular exercise not only increases the rate of blood flow in our body but also makes each and every part of our body active. As a result our skin cells also become active thus giving us a healthy looking skin. If you are bored with those regular exercises then you can try sledding, ice skating to add fun in your physical activity. These activities helps you to burn around 400-500 calories thus helping you to achieve your winter goals.

5. Covering yourself from tip to toe

Wearing proper and accurate clothes and woollens not only keeps you healthy and well but also act as a protective shield for your skin. Always try to wear socks, gloves and proper woollens to keep yourself warm and safe. Wool being a good insulator keeps your hands and feet warm and well protected thus maintaining your body temperature. Standard body temperature helps accurate functioning of body thus maintaining the accurate moisture balance of skin.

6. Warm water for your daily activity

Both hot and cold water can have harsh effect on your skin and can cause dryness to an extent. To be on a safer side try to use warm water for bathing, washing hands and feet. Warms water not only relaxes your body but is also skin friendly. Bathing with warm water daily provides lot of relief to your body and mind as well as is very mild on your skin.

7. Morning sunlight is magical

Some amount of sunlight is very beneficial for your skin.We often believe that sunlight is very harmful for our skin and causes a lot of damage to skin. But the truth is that some amount of morning sunlight is very good source of Vitamin D. Vitamin D also known as “the sunshine vitamin”can be boon for our skin. The healthy Vitamin D that we get from morning sun helps us in skin protection and recuperation. The active form of Vitamin D that is Calcitriol serve in metabolism, skin repair as well as prevents skin aging.

8. Take extra care of your hands and feet

Hands and feet are most exposed parts and hence become dry easily. Dryness makes you uncomfortable thus your hands and feet develops cracks which further causes redness and skin irritation. To keep your hands and feet healthy always moisturize it with skin friendly moisturizer or any natural oil. You can even try olive oil which is a very good antioxidant for your skin.

9. Mild exfoliation of skin

Dry, itchy and dull skin are very irritating and unbearable. Too much exfoliation can be harmful for your skin but mild exfoliation can help you a lot since it removes dull, dry and dead skin cells and generate younger and glowing skin. Coffee being a very good exfoliater removes dull and dead skin instantly giving you glowing and smooth skin in just one try.

10. Sunscreen is must in gloomy weather also.

Sunblock lotion is not only for summers but also for winters. UV rays that cause alot of damage to our skin are also active during winters. Its just that they attack us secretly and inscrutably. So, whenever you step out in the sun do not forget to wear your sunscreen if you dearly love your skin. Sunscreen not only protects your skin from damage done by UV rays but also protects skin from aging because of its anti-aging properties.

Here, we end our article with ten useful remedies for you that will keep you smooth, nourished and glowing in snowy season. Try these tips and tricks and get the desired

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