Trendy Latkan Designs for Lehenga and Blouses

Latest tassels Latkan Designs for Bridal Lehenga and Blouses red skyblue pink green
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Are you looking for trendy latkan designs lehenga & blouses. Stop here and read this article to get what you need!

Latkans and adornments are one of the most important things in a lehngas, dresses, suits, etc. Latkans are the ends of the doris used to ties the cholis, blouses or the lehngas. They can truly add another dimension to the design of the attire. They can be made in similar colours and patterns to maintain homogeneity or can be made bright and crazy to stand out or depict some meaning.

Latkans can surely be your aid in making your ensemble stand out of the crowd. The big, heavy and elaborate latkans are a great fir for the attire of the bride. They look grand and compliment the beauty of the bride’s ensemble. You can opt for simpler or smaller versions for other functions or roles in the wedding itself. So let us have a look at some of the trendy latkan designs for lehenga and blouses. These latkans will surely make you look more beautiful in your beautiful ensemble. So, let us go through some of the enticing designs.

Trendy Latkan Designs for Lehenga and Blouses

1. Mirror adorned latkan

Mirror adorned Tassel latkan designs Indian Bridal Hair Accessories
Image Source: Abhinav Mishra

This mirror centred latkan design looks very beautiful. The latkan design carries gold pearl strings below the mirror design. The latkan looks great at the back design of the suit, sharara, blouse, etc. You can combine this look with a long braid and hair accessories along with gold based jewellery. This beautiful latkan can also be worn on the waist band of your lehnga. Combine it with subtle makeup and a beautiful attire.

2. Beautiful pearl endorsed heavy latkan

Beautiful pearl endorsed heavy taj mahal latkan Tassel Skyblue Lehenga
Image Source: TwistedThreads By Divya

Taj Mahal is the true token of love. it will be a great idea to carry a motif of the Taj Mahal on your wedding day. You can get this beautiful Taj Mahal motif latkan for your D-day. The beautiful motif latkan is made in gold sequins and the base of the latkan is laden with golden and white pearls. It will go very well by the side of your lehnga’s waist band. You can beautifully combine it with an equally beautiful pastel lehnga. Wear your hair in lose curls and apply light makeup for your D-Day.

3. Cloth and tassels combination latkan design

Cloth and green tassels combination latkan design embroidered patterns gold pearls
Image Source: Mehr by Neha

This is a very beautiful and unique latkan design. This latkan design comes with cloth pockets adorned wityh embroidered patterns. the beautiful embroidery makes this latkan stand out. The latkan also boasts of green tassels and gold pearls line the top f the embroidered cloth pockets. This regal latkan design will look great by the waist band of an equally royal lehnga. You can also wear the latkan in the back doris of your blouse or gown. Wear your hear in a top knot bun with this attire. Wear gold based jewellery to bring out the real royalty in you.

4. Pink latkan for wedding lehenga

Pink and Skyblue latkan for wedding Bridal groom Name Tassel
Image Source: We Don’t Say Cheese

This is a beautiful latkan design with an introduction of the couple getting wedded at the ceremony. Pink and blue latkan has pink cushions with blue tassels at the base of the cushion. Cushion reads the names of the wedding couple. The pink latkan looks great with matching orchid adorned hairstyle. This is a great addition to the waist band dori of your attire. Combine it with an equally beautiful lehnga and beautiful gold based jewellery.

5. Stylish net designed latkan for lehenga

Stylish light pink and skyblue colornet designed tassel latkans bridemaids
Image Source: TwistedThreads By Divya

This beautiful and bright bubble gum combination latkan design is a beauty made in sheer net. the beautiful latkan looks great with the pearl head on the top of the net cones. The net cones are layered on the waist band dori of the lehnga along with cycle motif. This adds the funk to the look. This makes for a great addition to the bride’s mehndi ceremony attire. Combine it with minimalist jewellery.

6. Heavy layered latkan design for lehenga

Ananya Panday Heavy layered latkan design for grey lehenga
Image Source: Anushree Reddy

The beautiful steel grey layered latkan design is a true beauty. This latkan design adds the oomph to your ensemble. It is made of grey embroidered cones. The cones are strategically placed all along the dori at the waist band of the lehnga. This adds more dimension to the lehnga. It is a great choice for sophisticated bridal wear. Go for minimalistic jewellery with the ensemble combined with lose curls and light makeup.

7. Mirror & pearls laden latkan designs for blouse

Mirror & pearls laden latkan designs for blouse light pink lehenga
Image Source: Abhinav Mishra

For the love of mirror and pearls, this beautiful latkan design does justice to both. The beautiful round mirror latkan is adorned with strings of pearls at the base of the mirror. This latkan design goes very well with the pastel coloured sarees or lehngas. This beautiful latkan goes well with the doris at the back of the blouse. Combine it with flower adorned hairstyle combined with light diamond jewellery. This is most stylish latkan from our collection of trendy latkan designs for blouses.

8. Beautiful purse shaped latkan designs for bridal lehenga

Beautiful purse shaped tassel latkan designs for brides sister
Image Source: Archana Rautela

This is a beautiful modern take on the latkan designs for lehenga. The beautiful round purse style latkan hanging from the waist of the lehnga looks great. The name tags of the latkan are an innovative way of introducing the family of the bride and the bridegroom. This way everyone will know everyone. The beautiful forest green ensemble looks great with blush pink latkan designs. You can teem it up with curls and beautiful choker necklace and chandelier earrings. Wear a regal watch with this sophisticated ensemble.

9. Layered net designed latkan

Layered grey net designed latkan tassel
Image Source: Mehr by Neha

The net latkans are a rage today. You can go for these beautiful layered latkans for a beautiful effect for your ensemble. These beautiful layered net design latkans are beautifully adorned along with red cloth balls. The beautiful latkans look great as the doris for the blouse of your lehnga or saree. You can combine this grey and red latkan with an equally beautiful saree or lehnga. Combine it with minimalistic silver or diamond jewellery. Wear your hair in a high bun, to keep the focus on the back design of the attire.

10. Beautiful basic design red latkans

Beautiful basic design red latkans tassel bridal lehenga
Image Source: Anushree Reddy

These beautiful bright red trinket shaped latkan looks fabulous. The conical shaped latkan is lined with golden gotta at the base. The beautiful cones are topped off with cowrie shells. These beautiful latkans look beautiful on the sides of an equally beautiful red lehnga. You can teem it up with gold jewellery and beautiful kaleere.

11. Stylish silver colored latkan for bride

Stylish silver colored tassel latkan for bride blouse
Image Source: Archana Rautela

This silver based latkan design looks great. The beautiful latkan design boasts of silver cloth balls led by silver tassels design at the base of the latkan. The beautiful silver sleek dori carries multiple such designs. the silver latkan is paired with silver lehnga to extract the best out of it. It will be a great addition to the back of your saree or lehnga blouse. You can combine it with floral hair accessories to balance out the shimmer silver effect. Combine it with heavy jewellery.

12. Mirror & gotta border adorned latkan

Mirror & golden gotta border adorned tassel latkan bridemaids lehenga
Image Source: Label Kanupriya

This is a really beautiful golden latkan design made from golden gotta nd cloth balls. The beautiful and shiny gotta designer latkan boats of two golden gotta flowers which have a shiny mirror in the middle. The beautiful flowers are lead by a golden cloth ball topped off with golden plastic designs and pearls. This latkan design will go very well on the sides of your beautifully gold embroidered lehnga in pastel shades. You can combine it with gold accessories and hair accessories to bring in homogeneity.

We hope you loved these beautiful & trendy latkan designs for lehenga and blouses became embellishments for your attire. They will surely lift up your ensemble a notch or two. We hope you find the perfect fit for a latkan design for your outfit. Do share your feedback with us in the comments section below. Check out other related articles at K4fshion. We will soon come up with more such useful content soon.

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