Stylish Blouse Designs for Wedding Saree

Stylish Blouse Designs for Wedding Saree
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Selected blouse designs for wedding saree!

Have you ever worn a saree? If you have then you must know how feminine it looks. It is perfect for every complexion and every body type. But what is a saree without a blouse?? Nothing. It is the most integral part of a saree. It can transform even the most boring of your saree to a statement piece. If you think no one is going to invest their time in decoding the layers, you are wrong. Blouse designs will just accentuate the look of your saree.

In this constantly changing world, woman’s fashion is also changing. We have all stepped out from the contemporary saree and blouse designs and have taken in the modernity. Ethnic fashion has really been a trend lately. Be it events or weddings or glam parties, everyone is up and about with their saree charm.

So if you are looking for a dress to impress, then definitely go with this traditional and ethnic look. You will be surprised to see what this 6 yards fabric can do to your overall look. Now, that we have discussed so much about sarees and blouse designs, in this article we will take you through these gorgeous and stunning blouse designs which will turn you from drab to fab, instantly.

It’s not always about giving your fashion competitors an awful taste of jealousy. But sometimes you just need to fall in love with the look your mirror reflects. It is about self-love and self-confidence. No women on this planet can look more gorgeous than a saree. There is something about this attire that brings grace and femininity to your overall appearance.

Blouse Designs for Wedding Saree

We have selected blouse designs for wedding saree to add glamour in your style. Let’s explore new blouse design collection with K4 Fashion.

1. Mirror work backless blouse design

Mirror work backless blouse design
Image Source: Abhinav Mishra

The idea of mirror work is not new when it comes to fashion. We have seen this trend come and go several times before. But this season it has come back with all modern aspects attached to it. The image that we have here portrays a design of a beautiful backless blouse with mirror work on it. The shiny and reflective mirrors are definitely eye-catching. The blouse further features sleek tie up threads to provide some support and is also sleeveless. The colour is also summer appropriate. So if you have a sexy back, flaunt it.

2. Bird embroidered blouse design for wedding party

Bird embroidered blouse design for wedding party
Image Source: Nyshka

Are you a bird lover?? If not, you are just about to be. And if you are then this blouse is just for you. Look at all those birds sitting at the back of your blouse. Super pretty, isn’t it?? Don’t worry we are not cruel to birds, they are just embroidered. The image portrays a green colour blouse with caged loops at the back on which sits the embroidered birds. The blouse further features heavy embroidery all over and has golden borders along the neckline and sleeves. Super fresh and pretty.

3. Back cutout blouse design to look like bride

Back cutout blouse design to look like bride
Image Source: Maple The Boutique

If you are not sure about a backless blouse, then go for this. This does not reveal your entire back but just has a generous amount of cut at the back to provide a peek-a-boo look. The image here features a blue silk blouse with a back cut out, colour blocked sleeves and certain embellishments. The floral embroidery along the neckline and the embellished sleeves and neck enhances the beauty of this blouse. If you are confused about your bridal look, this blouse is perfect.

4. Cold shoulder blouse design for wedding function

Cold shoulder blouse design for wedding function
Image Source: Parvathy Chankramath

The cold shoulder has been quite a trend lately. From tops to dresses to kurtas and now even in the blouse. This is one such design you can’t stay away from. In the image here we have our model wearing a beautiful mint green cold shoulder blouse. The blouse is a beauty in itself but has further added on to increase its beauty. It features embroidery on the sleeves and above the bust area. It further has tassel detailing and sequins to elevate the look. Pair it with a solid saree of a similar hue to keep up the charm of the blouse.

5. Sheer sleeves blouse design for net saree

Sheer sleeves blouse design for net saree

Sheer fabric is another design which is very much on trend lately. Sober yet elegant this blouse is perfect for those who are not comfortable with revealing too much skin. The image here is of a white net embroidered blouse with sheer sleeves. The sleeves also have embroidery over it and have a cutout detailing. Perfect for every occasion this house will instantly glam up your outfit.

6. Backless blouse design for glamorous look

Backless blouse design for glamorous look

Love it or hate it, but you just can’t stay away from. These blouses are ultra appealing and overtly sensuous. The blouse here features floral print all over it with a pot-shaped cutout at the back. It further has bead detailing on the arms and the back. The blouse is entirely backless with two threads at the top and bottom for support. When you are confused about what blouse to wear to add that oomph to your outfit, this is your best choice.

7. Pleated neck blouse design for party saree

Pleated neck blouse design for party saree
Image Source: shree couture

This is another unique blouse design. Something that you will find our celebrities wearing. The house in the image is of pink colour with red embroidery all over it. But the real highlight of this blouse is its neck. It has a sheer heated design on the neck which further ends up being a high neck design. Everything from the colour to the design is perfect for making a fashion statement. So if you want to showcase your A game, put this on.

8. Marigold embroidered blouse design for Haldi ceremony

Marigold embroidered blouse design for Haldi ceremony
Image Source: Sayanti Ghosh

What can be better in summers than blooming marigolds? The blouse in this image does exactly that. It brings you the essence of marigold through its design. The blouse is of dark green colour with yellow and orange flowers embroidered on it. It further has a cutout at the back to give it a more modern touch. Pair it with contrasting hue to make the blouse pop.

9. Sleeveless blouse design for wedding photoshoot

Sleeveless blouse design for wedding photoshoot
Image Source: Tojo Kappithan

Sleeveless is always an option when it comes to summer choices. They are airy, breathable and comfortable. Here is this image also we have a similar blouse design. It is a simple sleeveless blouse with a cutout at the back. Nothing over the top or too fancy. Pair it with some fancy sarees as shown in the picture to glam up your look.

10. Designer blouse for bridesmaid

Designer blouse for bridesmaid
Image Source: labelkanupriya

This is my favourite out of all the blouses that you have seen so far. This blouse looks like something that will be featured on a Manish Malhotra fashion show. It is a super high end and super trendy. The blouse is completely sheer with floral applique detailing. It is also high neck and has fringes on both the sleeves. Exceptionally breathtaking this blouse is worth every penny of your investment. Pair it with similar saree to keep the aura going.

That was all for the article. Hope you liked these trendy blouse designs for wedding saree. So pick your favourite and get ready to flaunt the ” desi girl ” inside of you.

We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. And be sure to follow on Pinterest for more ideas! For more updates stay tuned to K4 Fashion.

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