Inside Ankita Lokhande & Vicky Jain’s Haldi Ceremony

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Happiness and blessings are being showered in this Haldi Ceremony on Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain’s by their parents, friends and relatives. A ritual holy bath that is practiced in India is one of the important pre-wedding ceremonies. Considered auspicious, rejuvenating and lucky for both bride and groom these two were seen enjoying each moment to the fullest!

Look at their bright and spirited faces full of joy and love for each other! May they remain this way, happy and blessed together forever!

Charmer in Red Sharara

Covered in Haldi from head to toe, the soon-to-be-bride looks as happy as a clam ! she is decked up for the day in an amazingly beautiful red sharara suit with floral gotta-patti work spread over the entire assemble. Her hair are beautifully tied back in a decorated with gajra flowers.

Shower of Rose petals on the Bride

A lovely candid picture of Ankita in a gleeful state. She’s pretty easy on the eyes with a wide smile that spreads from ear to ear…

Blessed within the company of her loved ones, she is being pampered and blessed by them for a successful married life ahead!

Full on Dance and Masti

Ankita was seen having time of her life. Her excitement and happiness are apparently observed in these photographs…

She is delighted and Absolutely, Can’t Stop Dancing and Grooving to the beats of the music!!

Applying Haldi to each other with such Fondness

The bond of trust, love, warmth and intimacy they share gets evident in this picture. Both are seen affectionately rubbing haldi to each other as there is no distinct colour of love, they say!

Some more romantic pictures of the two LoveBirds

Vicky’s love for Ankita and the Radiant Glow on her face says all about the special bond they share with each other!

They look perfectly made for each and complement one another quite well!

Blushing to-be-bride Entwined with the Modest about-to-be Groom

Love is in the air…

Vicky’s white kurta and attire perfectly match her red and golden sharara!

Totally drenched in Haldi from head to toe, the pair seems lovely together!!

Totally in Love & Immersed in One Other

Hand-in-Hand, Eyes Locked with each other Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain are ready to take their commitment to the next level by communally entering into this eternal association of marriage.

Ankita having a Gala time with her Fiance

Both Ankita and Vicky are way too comfortable hugging each other amidst the crowd of people and in the presence of their family members during their Haldi ceremony. You may call it Love mania  – the craze of being inseparable what come may!

The Feeling of Walking Away from Family is sinking in

The ambiance during pre-wedding rituals with parents caring and close ones running errands day and night, the loving touch of your mom does pricks or breaks you from inside. A daughter knows this scenario will change very soon and she will have to leave her parents to start a new journey amidst unfamiliar people cum surroundings.

The mother-daughter Eternal bond

Ankita Lokhande is hugging her mom tightly. Look at their Happy Faces smeared in Haldi! This photograph shows a mother’s happiness lies within that of her children. Ankita’s mother looks happy and contented with this wedlock as well!

Happy is the bride that the sun shines on…  the pomp, music, laughter, yellow colour of Haldi, its protective aura with the blessings of parents made this day memorable not only for Ankita but everyone that was a part of the Haldi ceremony including us for times immemorial…

Kudos to this Beautiful Jodi!!!

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