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Traditional Bridal Chura, worn by Punjabi brides, is an essential part of the bride’s trousseau. The traditional colors of the bridal Chura are usually red, maroon, and white. Even though modern brides prefer wearing different colors of Chura that match their outfits, we still prefer the traditional shades of red and white Chura that signify the traditions and customs of an Indian wedding. A Bridal Chura is a set of bangles worn by a bride on her wedding day or before the wedding day by her maternal uncle and aunt in a proper Chura ceremony. The traditional Chura consists of 21 red and white bangles made of ivory.

While we love to stick to our roots, adding a few trendy elements to your traditional Chura will result in fabulous Chura designs that will enhance your overall bridal look. You can take a cue from these modern brides who added a contemporary look to the traditional red and white Chura. The bride’s solah Shringaar traditionally includes red and white bangles, which are thought to bring good luck to the prospective couple.

Chura Designs And Ideas For Indian Bride Chura Designs And Ideas For Indian Bride 

The Maximalist Bridal Chura On A Lightweight Saree Is Always Stunning

The maximalist red and ivory Chura with classic ivory bangles on the sides and in the middle is absolutely perfect if you want to wear a lightweight saree with a hefty border, as our bride in the picture. We particularly appreciate the traditional Kaleera that adds tradition and charm to the ivory Chura set. The dots on the ivory Chura and the stone bangles make the traditional Chura more gorgeous. Isn’t it stunning? Therefore, brides should emulate this style if they intend to wear a light saree.

Try including a gorgeous Kada that will compliment your bridal outfit and jewelry for that stunning bridal look.

The Classic Red Bridal Chura Is Always In-Trend

Aesthetic Red Bride, Chura With Bangles

Image Source:   Sunny Dhiman Photography

This bridal Chura which is simple yet stunning is ideal if you are planning to wear a heavy lehenga or saree with traditional bridal jewelry, as our bride in the picture is. Including a studded bangle between the white lakh bangles, the Kada, and the Kaleera gives the otherwise straightforward Chura set the necessary glitz. We simply adore the classic Chura, which makes the bridal look even more beautiful.

A Kundan Kada looks fantastic when worn with a red and white church. The modernized version of the traditional red and white Chura, the Kundan Kada, gives off a regal vibe.

Simple Bridal Chura With A Kada

Small Length Of Red Weddings Chura Design With White Bangles

Image Source: Shradha Luthra 

Wow! We simply adore this minimalistic bride who made a stunning statement by wearing a simple red and ivory Chura with a stunning Kada that matches her bridal jewelry. The simple yet elegant Chura design looks gorgeous on the bride with the lovely saree and jewelry. For the traditional brides who wish to flaunt their Chura for months after their wedding, this is the ideal choice, as it will be perfect for any outfit.

The Pretty Pinkish-Red Bridal Chura

Long Length Bride Chura With Shiny Stone Work Bangle, For Wedding

Image Source: Infinite Memories

For brides who wish to match the pink Chura with pastel colors or simply want to add the charming pink tint to their bridal shola Srinagar, the pinkish red and light faded orange Chura is an excellent choice. In either case, a pastel-colored lehenga or saree looks stunning with the pink Chura. The pinkish-red Chura and diamond jewelry go together perfectly, and this bride looks genuinely attractive as a whole.

There are countless ways to enhance your traditional red and white Chura. To make it stunningly beautiful, you may style it with a lovely Kada or add gold or stone bangles.

The Classic Red And Gold Bridal Chura

Small Length Red Chura With A Shiny Bangle, For Bridal

Image Source:  Shradha Luthra 

Hey, bridies, you can always give a modern touch to your traditional red and white Chura by adding gold bangles and Kada that are trendy and look fantastic with the bridal Chura. Take a cue from our gorgeous bride, who chose a Kundan Kada that matches her jewelry, and the studded bangle just stole our hearts by adding glitter and shine to the bridal Chura.

The classic red and white Chura can be adjusted to match your wedding wardrobe by adding a splash of color, like our stunning bride, who adorned her traditional Chura with gold.

The Light Red And White Bridal Chura With An Antique Kada

Small Length Bridal Chura With Golden Bangles

Image Source: RASHI SEHGAL

We are swooning over the elegant and cozy red and white Chura set, which is the perfect option for brides who enjoy wearing Chura after marriage. The stone bangle and the golden Kada make the traditional Chura look more gorgeous on the pastel lehenga.

Show off your elegant red and white Chura with pride, as it has the appeal to shine in any color, whether you are planning a red outfit or contrasting colors.

Red Color Dotted Bridal Chura With Studded Bangles

We adore the bride’s choice of choosing a simple red and white Chura which actually compliments the designer Kalera that has all our eyes on it. The Kalera is gorgeous with the heart-shaped Latkans, and the studded bangle matches the bridal jewelry, mesmerizing the overall look with the grey Lehenga. 

The idea of adding glitz and glam to your classic red and white Chura was never easy, with the inclusion of a Kada that matches your bridal jewelry.

Bridal Chura With Studded Bangles At Both Ends

Red Chura With Shiny Bangles For A Wedding Look

Image Source: Ritika Kadam

The traditional bridal Chura, the Kadas on both ends of the white Chura, and the traditional yet stunning Kaleera make the Chura an absolute show stealer. The red bangles steal the show and add a pop of color to the pastel lehenga. 

The gorgeous colossal Kaleera enriches the bridal Chura, and the large statement earrings and choker make your bridal ensemble stand out. Include these suggestions to achieve the perfect wedding style on your special day.

The Simplistic Red And White Bridal Chura On A Red Lehenga

Oh boy! We are eyeing this simple yet attractive traditional Chura that looks absolutely gorgeous with the diamond bangle. This magnificent bride is sure an inspiration for all the brides-to-be who want to be classic and elegant on their D-day, and the gorgeous red Lehenga and the jewelry have made our hearts skip with its elegance. Simply the best!

The way the brides matched the Kada to their bridal jewelry astounded us. Isn’t it simply breathtaking? Your bridal Chura style should emulate this appearance. Don’t you think? 

The Red And White Bridal Chura

Red Bridal Chura For Wedding Day

Image Source: Varsola Visuals

The traditional red and white Chura gives an elegant look and will go with almost any type of bridal wear, whether simple or heavily embedded. We adore the bride’s sleek look with the traditional Chura that is absolutely jaw-dropping. 

How about styling the look with stone bangles? It would elevate the look. Don’t you agree? 

The Traditional Red And White Bridal Chura With Stone Bangles

Red Chura With Red Wedding Outfit For Brides


We are spellbound by the bride’s beauty, who chose to adorn the conventional Chura with stone bangles and her gorgeous red Lehenga. The simple alignment of the red and white Chura with the stone bangles and the stunning jewelry with the beautiful Lehenga must be bookmarked for a jaw-dropping bridal look.

The traditional red and white Chura look stunning no matter how you align them. 

The Maroon And White Magic Bridal Chura

Red Chura With Shiny Bangle For The Wedding Day With Grey Wedding Bride Outfit


The stunning maroon Chura is an absolute favorite for brides, and we can’t take our eyes off how gorgeous the maroon Chura stands out on the grey Lehenga. This bride might have chosen a minimal look, but the choice of Chura and the jewelry makes her look steal-worthy. We feel the addition of a Kada might have enhanced the appeal more. Don’t you think?

The Classic Red And White Bridal Chura With An Oversized Studded Kada

Small Length Red Chura With Golden Bangle For Brides


It’s all about how you align or style your chura to make it look stunning. This bride wore a classic red and white dotted Chura that looked, as usual, classic and elegant. Still, by wearing an oversized diamond bangle, she made the chura look exceptionally beautiful, making us desire the look. 

We are flattered at how the simple Kada enhanced the look. Isn’t it?

The Classics Are Always The Best, Bridal Chura

This elegant bride chose to style her stunning Lehenga with classic red and white bangles. She made the classic Chura look magnificent by adding gold bangles and a studded Kada that matched her bridal jewelry.

When you are planning to go with heavily embellished jewelry or Lehenga, the classic red and ivory bangles with white Kada looks best.

The Bright Red And White Bridal Chura

Long-Length Red Chura For A Bridal Look

Image Source: Varsha Gidwani

Nothing compares to the beauty and allure of a traditional Chura with its red and white polka dots, which charms us and lets us fall in love with our traditions. This gorgeous bride undeniably steals our hearts by choosing a simple yet stunning look for her after the marriage ceremonies.

We adore this plain Chura in red and white. By wearing a stunning Kada or a set of gold or stone bangles, you can enhance the appeal of the Chura.

The Classic Maroon And White Dotted Bridal Chura

Dark Red Color Chura With White Bangles For A Wedding Look

Image Source: Kamakshi

Oh my! You can’t deny how a simple Chura changes the overall bridal look. This bride looks royal by choosing a maroon and white Chura with stone bangles in between the white Chura. The maximalist Chura perfectly matches the heavy jewelry, and the Lehenga, the bride, is sporting.

We are captivated by this subtle yet gorgeous look. To give your wedding Chura more glitz and sparkle, you can add a gorgeous Kada.

Go All Royal By Pairing The Classic Bridal Chura With A Pearl Kada

Small Length Chura For Wedding Day


This gorgeous bride gives a royal touch to the traditional red and white Chura by styling it with a pearl Kada. She furthermore enhanced the look with studded Kada that matches the bridal jewelry. The pink and green stones on the white Kada look absolutely stunning, and the gorgeous pearl Kaleera just stole our hearts with its royal vibe.

The traditional church is a tradition and a part of the bride’s ‘Solah Shringar’ that every bride loves to adorn her beautiful hands with, which symbolizes happiness and prosperity in their future life.  We hope our blog answered all your questions in deciding about your classic wedding, Chura. To read more such articles on weddings, fashion, and lifestyle, you can follow us @K4 Fashion.com.

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