Churidar Neck Designs – Back Side 2022

Checkout churidar neck designs from back side with kurti and saree. Mirror work, patch work, boat neck, piping, collar, embroidery and net are some latest neck designs. Churidar neck designs for preferably house parties, wedding and engagements.
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The traditional ethnic outfits for an Indian woman other than sarees include salwar suits and churidars. Churidars usually involve a kurti with a straight pant with dupatta. Earlier we used to have simple designs without much choices in the variety. However gone are those days of simplicity and today women are much more open and adaptive towards changes and do not shy away from experimenting with various designs in various shapes. To add feathers to those changes we have compiled a collection of the best churidar neck designs-back side which range from everyday simple wear to churidars for festive occasions with heavy work.

From cut-outs to keyholes, from strings attached with tassels to completely backless designs, we have come a long way which appeals to the masses from various ages. Be it small girls or women everybody loves a little different design and who knows it better that we women cannot be easily pleased. We want something different than the rest which is extra ordinary in its own way and will always be in the market as classic rather than as a fashion fad.

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Churidar Back Neck Designs 2022

1. Round Neck Back Churidar Neck Designs

A round neck design at the front of a churidar is quite common but if you want to flaunt your back then you can go for a deep back round neck design. However, if you want to add a royal touch to that design you can opt for a thick string at the top made of jewels secured by a brooch just like this design. It adds a magnificent look and elevates the beauty of the churidar. Steal the show with this design and be the talk of the town.

2. Dome Shaped Back

Gone are those days where you would have the same old styles churidars which you would flaunt over with great enthusiasm yet wish for something new and trendy. Well with the various changes you can have designer backs just like this design where you have a cut out in the back which is dome shaped which is half transparent and half covered. You can customize the cut according to your choice and see what works well for you.

3. Transparent Back Churidar Neck Designs

If you are not that comfortable with showing your back you can opt for a transparent back design with small buttons all the way from the neck till the waist. As you can see in this design it has embroidery over the back which complements the design perfectly and is suitable for light and subtle colors. You can always look fashionable without baring it too much and with less exposure like this.

4. Oval shaped Cut-out

The cut outs design in the back have been in the news for a while now and are famous for all the right reasons. This oval shaped cut out is glamorous as well as less revealing. You can show skin in just the right amount with a collar at the top. This type can be used in the churidars which have heavy work and dark colors which are suitable for festive occasions. Its your choice whether you wish to go overboard or minimalist in this design.

5. Strings with Tassels

The knotted back is surely a winner and will definitely attract the attention of the crowd and will make you stand out. They are definitely suitable for certain occasions which cannot be used in everyday wear. It uses multiple strings where the highlighting point are the multi-colored tassels which cover the entire back. These multi-colored tassels are suitable only for solid colors which will create a contrast.

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6. Peeping Keyholes Churidar Neck Designs

This design features cut out on the back in two ways, a large one and a small one just like small peeping keyholes which are attached by the help of buttons. If you want a trendy look in a fair enough decent manner then here is the perfect design for you. This is also suitable for churidars for everyday wear or even for festive occasions whichever pleases you. Its aesthetic as well as visually pleasing.

7. Backs with Bows

Remember that time in your childhood where you were a fan of bows and ribbons and they were fascinating because of their designs. Well, who says that when you grow up you can’t live your childhood. Just like this design, you can have a back which are attached by buttons and have bows at the top and bottom which are of same color as the dress. A little touch of childhood complemented with elegance is what makes up this pretty design.

8. Square Cut-out Churidar Neck Designs

If you have simple design Kurtis which you use for daily wear but you don’t want to go for the regular style then you can add a twist to it by adding a cut out at the back in a perfect geometrical shape like squares and rhombus. It does not expose much and is suitable in a decent style as well. Its absolutely simple and sober and stylish enough to keep you in the good books of fashion.

9. Peephole with Buttons

If you have solid colored churidar kurtis of light and subtle colors like yellow then you can opt for a back design like small peephole which is attached with buttons and has a round neck at the back. It is simple and minimalist and absolutely effortlessly beautiful. It works best for churidars for simple use rather than for festive occasions.

10.Flower shaped cut-out

When you have cut-outs at the back it can be of any shape which you can customize according to your wish and reveal as much or as less as you want.  This design adds a hint of glamour to your look which are beautiful and can be further accessorized according to the type of dress you have. It is versatile as well as flattering.

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11. Cut-out with strings

This kurti design has a window shaped cut out which is attached with strings which has tassels attached to it. Depending on the style you can accessorize it heavily with jhumkas or light studs and can use it for various occasions. The strings with tassels or other designs make it look quite elegant and beautiful.

12. Round Neck Cut-out Churidar Neck Designs

Undoubtedly the cut out design at the back is famous and most women opt for this design specially in churidars because of the glamorous look it adds and elevates the beauty as well. What distinguishes it from other designs is the versatility where it can take the form of various shapes and can be simple or embroidered or even have mirror work. Like this design you can have a simple round neck cut-out which is quite common as well as desirable among women.

13. Deep V-Neck Churidar Neck Designs

This churidar design has a deep v-neck with thin straps of the kurti. It is sexy and revealing and if you want to opt for a bold and sexy look then this is something you should bookmark in your collection of designs. This gives a whole new meaning to your outfit but if you are not comfortable with showing your back then you should avoid it. It looks best for solid and dark colors like black, dark blue.

14. Backless with Closed Strings

Necklines are the most important details of the dress along with the design or print on the dress. In this design it has round neck at the back and has a deep cut back which are attached with the help of strings. It is creative as well as extremely aesthetic. Its not something you can use on every churidar and has to be used on simple dresses to make them trendy.

15. Multiple Tear Drop Shaped Cut-outs

If you want a low and deep neck back along with designs at the back in an unique and different than the ordinary designs that you come across everyday then you can opt for this design which has multiple tear drop shaped cut-outs at the back. It suits best for solid colors ranging from light to dark.

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16. Keyhole Backs

Women who love simple, sober and decent look and do not wish to go overboard in their designs can opt for this keyhole back designs. It is upon you whether you want to keep the keyhole design small or big. You can close it with a simple button or a hook or even you can make it fancy by adding a brooch.

17. Backless Churidar Neck Designs

This backless design for churidar is a great pick for those looking for a revealing design. It looks best for heavy work churidars which you wear for certain special and festive occasions be it in the form of light and subtle colors or dark and sophisticated colors. It gives you a bold look and flaunt your back to the world where you are comfortable in your own skin.

Some of these trends were already in the market while some may look new to you. However what matters the most is whether you liked them or not and do you wish to incorporate these designs in your wardrobe and choose for something unconventional and beautiful in its own way. Its your wish whether you want to go for simplicity with elegance or bold and revealing outfits. Different choices are available and you have a plethora of options. Keep yourself trendy and updated with our looks and look out for these designs on your next purchase in churidars.

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