12 Clever Beauty HACKS You Must Try

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Pamper your skin with more care

Beauty aligns you with your true nature and that of your creator. It soothes the soul and makes everyone happy. It is very important to take care of your skin and pamper it silly from time to time. Ladies love make-up and there are many ways on how to use each kind of make-up. Women love to spend time getting the perfect style to make them look more beautiful and natural. True beauty brings so many tributes.

And we all wish to learn some hacks to make ourselves pretty in short time because of our busy schedule. Here are 12 Clever and New Beauty Hacks from Preeti that will save your time from spending hours trying to figure out the amazing way to look more alluring and to save your time.

Hack No -1

It is quite common for us to make mistakes. Sometimes you may buy foundations that may not suit your complex which may look odd when you apply it on your face. It is necessary for every woman to use the foundations that matches their complexion. But what will you do when you buy light foundation that is completely unmatched to your skin tone?
So here is the hack to avoid such awkwardness. If you buy a light foundation by an accident and you cannot return it, then you can use this hack. Take a little amount of foundation and add bronzer based on your skin tone and mix it well. Now you will get the foundation mixture you want. You can also store foundation mixture and use it for your further uses.

Hack No -2

Every one wishes to get a clear cut crease on the eyelid. And here is the new hack to make your eyelid with perfect cut. For this hack, all you need is spoon and foundation or concealer. So to make perfect cut crease, take a spoon and spread either foundation or concealer at the edge of the spoon. Now apply the concealer in the spoon to the eyelid and spread over to get an amazing cut crease. This hack helps to save more time and effort.

Hack No -3

We all wish to have an even eyebrow the whole day. This hack will help you with that with a simple trick. After shading your eyebrow using pencil, apply any branded lip balm and comb it using mascara strand to have an even and perfect eyebrow all day.

Hack No -4

It is troublesome to find brush for shading eyes. So if you come under such situations, you can use this hack to save yourself from anxiety. All you need to substitute the eye shadow brush is the simple ear buds. You can use the ear buds to shade your eyes instead of brush to get a perfect eye shadows. To make a perfect eye shadow, you can shade your upper and lower water lines darker, with light shade at the corners.

Hack No -5

Girls usually like to have contour make up which bounds the shape of their pretty faces. And this hack is especially for the girls who have no contour when they are in need. So if you don’t have contour to make yourself up, then use eyebrow pencil to have an easy contour makeup. Draw the lines on the areas that you need to be contoured and use mini beauty blender or fingers to rub the lines evenly to get a perfect contour make up.

Hack no -6

Sometimes you wanted to portray your eyes little bigger than your usual eye size. And here is the simple hack to make it easy. If you use white pencil for your lower water lines and black pencil for your upper water lines, then it may merge together and form grey colour and further may not give the result you wanted. Use white pencil for both upper and lower water lines to portray your eyes little bigger and also will not merge each other.

Hack No -7

It is difficult to shade the eyebrows without stains. So some will use concealer to hide those stains. Instead of using concealer, use can use baby wipes to clean the stains and to have an enhanced eyebrow. This hack will help you for sure in your emergency needs.

Hack No -8

Women use artificial eye lashes to show their natural eye lashes more thick and attractive. But sometimes it will reveal the fact that it is artificial. This hack will help you to avoid such situations. Cut your artificial eye lashes into two pieces. Fold both the pieces in a same size. Apply glue using mini pointed brush above the upper water lines and attach the folded lashes using tweezers with the glue to get a perfect eye lashes which exactly will look like a natural one.

Hack No -9

It is quite annoying when we lose the cap of our kajal because kajal will be dried and will not suit for using. So if you lose your kajal cap, then follow this hack to keep your kajal for further use. Sharp your kajal pencil and blend it with any lip balm which will help you to avoid dryness of the kajal and also will give darker lines.

Hack No -10

If your mascara is dried without being used, then it is necessary for you to follow this hack. You can mix oil with the dried mascara or contact lens solutions to get your mascara back. If you don’t want your mascara to be oily, then it is best to use contact lens solutions to get liquid mascara.

Hack No -11

The most favourite thing of the girls is nail polish. Girls want their nail polishes to stay longer in their nails. And here is the trick for that too for your notice. Apply vinegar to your nails before polishing it and let it dry. This will help your nail polish to stay longer. To add, it is important to use branded nail polishes to avoid allergies and nail damages.

Hack No -12

And the last hack is how to make the flat and small lips larger and more attractive. Apply concealer or foundations around the lips and blend it even to portray your lips little larger. And by using eyebrow pencil instead of lip liner to draw lip lines with dark shades will give perfect lips.

These hacks will really wonder you if you try it. In this busy world, it is difficult for us to spend more time on our beauty. So why not use these tricks to save our time and energy. These hacks are really useful and will give you stunning results when you try it.

Why not hack yourself with beauty tips!

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