Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing a Saree

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Saree is a dream dress of Indian women and this is also one of the top dresses which can make a woman more beautiful. A versatile and ever-loving cloth saree can become a difficult task to be done who are new to wear it again.  But do you it will be able to make you look more gorgeous but only when you will know how to dress it well. There are many ways of wearing saree even India is a nation of different cultures and it itself has too many ways to wear a saree. However, we will discuss new ideas as well as do’s and don’ts of wearing a saree with the help of which you guys can prove that old traditional clothing can be designed with new techniques. We want our readers to know what they should do and what they should not do while they wear saree. We are sharing a list of do’s and don’ts of wearing a saree, hopefully, that list will help you all to look beautiful.

Do’s of wearing a saree

Colour of the saree

This point affects a lot, how do you look? If you have a light fair colour tone, then you can go for dark and bright colours. These colour will help you to shine wherever you go. Actually, sometimes colours vary for a person like you can’t decide any one colour for the same personality person. So, it would be better for you to decide it by yourself. Try different colours and then judge what suits you best.

Choose fabric carefully

We would again like to start this point with a new question, Do you know fabric affects your look a lot? You should choose fabric for summer which is light and easy to carry because your comfort comes first whereas for winters it should be light heavy and dark colour because according to science dark colours attract more energy. Will you believe, some fabrics can make you look fatty, so be alert before going for any fabric. Make sure, you feel comfortable in the fabric and fabric must be airy. For choosing the right fabric for yourself, you must have a great experience. So, this time when you go for shopping, shop something new.

Pay attention to the blouse

Everything matters a lot but this is one of the main elements of saree. It can’t be ignored but somehow many women don’t pay needed attention to wearing it. Whenever, you wear a blouse make sure it fits you. Design of the blouse should be according to the theme or it should resonate with the occasion.

If you don’t like blouse of your saree then you can choose another one which can match the saree. Golden blouses are in trend, you can try them also. Be experimental with your blouses.

Fitting of petticoat or underskirt

Your petticoat helps to hold your saree on the place. Decide the fitting of petticoat according to your need but it should be too much loose or too much tight because it may affect the look of your thighs and pleats. Plenty of petticoats are available in the market, you can also check them out. If you don’t want drawstring then a readymade lycra fabric petticoat would be the best option.

Be experimental with the draping

To be honest, it is my favourite point related to saree. You can drape the saree in many ways, you can wrap up the saree pallu from the waist to neck and then drape on the other side of saree, it would look like X shape. If you are slim then we suggest you to make pleats in pallu and if you have a healthy body then you should let the pallu be open.

Don’ts of wearing a saree

Don’t tie the saree too high

Make sure your petticoat is of perfect fitting so that you can easily drape the saree in. It will also help the saree to remain at one place and to be same what they had been made. Don’t tie the saree too high, in case if you have a perfect figure you can tie it below the navel, it will give a finish to your figure. If you would tie the saree too high then it can expose your petticoat which has the capability to ruin your whole look. However, at last, it is all up to your comfort.

Don’t wear a different coloured bra

Your bra should be of the same colour as of your blouse and saree otherwise it may be visible from blouse. Don’t go for very tight or ill-fitted bra just to look sizzling because you attract others only when you will be comfortable. If you are going to wear a backless blouse then cup-bras should be your first choice. Whereas as you can also try transparent strap bras for need.

Don’t mess pleats

Not only pallu but pleats of the saree also affects the whole look. Make sure all pleats are of same length and width otherwise they will not look good. Drape all pleats very carefully and at one place. Make sure you have already tied your petticoat well tight which can help your pleats to remain one place. Don’t make too many pleats, according to us 5 to 6 pleats are enough, which will be easy to carry as well as it will give you clean, non- messy look.

Choose your footwear carefully

If you are going to wear saree for the very first time then we suggest you to not to wear high or pencil heels because saree is that kind of clothing which need to handle and can come under your heels very easily due to which you can fall. If you have good height like 5.8 or 6 feet then high heels are not for you, go for flat footwear.

Don’t overload yourself with ornaments

Many women have endless love for jewellery and they choose to wear them with every saree. Actually, wearing ornaments is not a bad thing but not able to choose which suits more and go with any kind of accessory is a bad thing. So, if you don’t have an idea which neckless would be best on saree then leave the idea. One thing you can easily do is choosing your earing, don’t forget them before going out.

Hopefully, this list of dos and don’ts of wearing a saree will help you to dress in the right manner.

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