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How to Know Your Skin Type

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To know your skin type is equally important as other things of your body. For having good flawless skin, knowing your skin type becomes the key for it. Before suggesting any product, Dermatologists takes test of your skin to understand it in well manner. You can take care of your skin only when you know your skin type well. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and you also have to take care of it with great products like you do for other organs and body part. Without having knowledge of the skin type, people choose wrong products according to their skin which later becomes cause of many other problems.  Well, most probably people became confuse and end up with deciding wrong skin type or you can say they start copy others. If any product which suit someone else then it does not means that it will suit you too.

Every person has unique skin type but still there are some categories of skin type. Normal skin, Dry skin, Oily skin and the last one combination skin, these are few popular skin types. Combination skin type, many people have two behaviour of skin at one time it means only T-Zone remains oily and other area of face remains dry. Many of us became confuse and don’t take care of our skin well. Before letting yourself know, “how to know your skin type” understand all skin types deeply so that you will not have any difficulty before testing your skin type.

Dry Skin type

Dry skin feels rough and tight even sometimes the skin became cracked or results in flaking. So, what is the generating factor of this skin type, it may be because of genetics, environmental change, products you used or may be hormonal change. Dry skin basically happened by removing of natural oils of skin.

Dehydration is also the major reason of dry skin, the busy lifestyle pushes us away from a healthy habit of drinking necessary amount of water. When the skin starts losing moisture then you should heal your skin from inside, you should drink plenty of water (at least 8 glasses per day), moisturize your skin with those lotions or moisturizers which have hyaluronic acid, use glycerine or if you think you have sensitive skin then have visit to your dermatologist.

But don’t apply or use too much moisturizer to create a thick layer on your face because your skin pores also need to have oxygen. You may have some problems like visible lines, dull or rough skin, less elastic skin.

Oily skin type

When pores of your skin opens up more than necessary then your skin starts excreting more oil. However, oily skin causes some problems but it also has some benefits. People having oily skin seems to have less wrinkles as well as show less aging effect makes you young.

Whereas, more oil on skin also clog and congest pores. Daily exfoliation is important to promote cell turnover and prevent closing of pores. You can use gentle exfoliator or in place of any product, you can also go with crushed nuts or seeds.

Because of inflammatory hyperpigmentation, pimple breakout leaves dark spots on skin (in case of oilier skin). People with oily skin should be more careful before choosing any product for skin.

You should apply moisturizer at least once a day and don’t wash your face for more than twice a day otherwise often washing your face may remove the necessary oil of skin and skin will produce more oil by thinking it is necessary to make skin moist.

Normal and Combination skin

Normal/Combination skin is boon nowadays but still you have to take care of it too because they also have some flaws. Normal skin type is which is not too dry or not oily. It has no imperfections and sensitivity except some cases. This skin type also becomes dry so you should apply light and long lasting moisturizer. Whereas, combination skin type has oily skin over nose, forehead and chin. People with combination skin type also have some problems like blackheads, shiny skin and pores look larger than normal skin.

How will you come to know about your skin type?

Everybody wants radiant and healthy skin so they buy different- different products for it. We start using any products which is using by our mother or sister without even knowing the skin type. Every person has its different skin type but skin type varies because of hormonal change, seasonal changes, Intake of medication, Growing age and exposure to pollution and dust. For a healthy skin every small factor matters. Follow the steps mentioned below to know your skin type and choose your products wisely.

  • Wash your face with soap free cleanser. Why soap free cleanser? Because if you use soap containing cleanser it will remove necessary oil of your face and in result of which skin will produce more oil and you won’t know your perfect skin type.
  • After washing the face, sit down for at least one hour in any non- air conditioned room or you can also stay any airy room.
  • Pat your face with any tissue paper after one hour. This is answer giving step means after patting if the tissue paper stick on your face then it means you face oily skin or if it does not stick then it means you don’t have oily skin. But still for finding perfect skin type, you should notice the area where your skin became oily after one hour.

You have combination skin, if you found the T-Zone became oily. What we mean from t-zone? So, the area starts from the centre of the forehead to the nose and to the chin.

You have Oily skin, if you found oil on both zones, T-Zone as well as on C-Zone. C-Zone is the side of the eyes starting from the eyebrow bone towards the cheeks.

You will have dry skin if you found it flaky, tight and rough. Whereas, if you have sensitive skin type, your skin may turn into red or you may found itching on your face.

Perform this test for eight times a year because our skin type does not remain similar whole year. Because of several factors it changes throughout the year.

We hope may these guidelines will help you to find the perfect skin type.

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