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How to Reduce Double Chin at Home

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Double chin can be easily noticed by anyone around you. However, do you know about double chin well? If not then let us tell you, a double chin is generally increased fat below your chin. You can find a layer of fat get forms below your chin. You start having it while you gaining weight but it is truly not necessary you can even get double chin from wrong postures, the wrong diet and there are some other causes of it, whom we will discuss below. It is not like a disease to get rid of whom you have to take lots of medicine, with the help of some prevention and exercises, your double chin will vanish.

Causes of double chin

As we have mentioned above, there are several factors which lead to a double chin. A thick layer of fat beneath your chin is called a double chin. Age, diet and weight, genetics and posture can be some reasons of it. Let’s discuss in some detail:-


Your double chin might be result of aging problem. However, it is quit natural and happens to everyone, that is another thing on timing it happen to others. Because of aging problem, our skin starts losing its tightness and became sagging.

Diet and weight

However, overweight is not always the reason for double chin but yet some times the fat collected around and beneath the chin became the reason of double chin. Junk food is so common for nowadays which results in unnecessary fat and double chin is one of them. Control on your diet can also be helpful in reducing double chin. Start taking healthy green vegetables and avoid consuming junk or fast food.


Genes may also be a very important reason of having double chin. If any person in the family had a history of skin sagging or little elasticity then your double chin may be the result of genes. However, you can control it too.


Have ever noticed carefully your posture? Posture is how do you sits, stands or walk, in short how do you carry yourself? Let me tell you, posture is not important only for your body’s fat and shape but it also affects your bones. Not keeping your head straight or looking down for most of the time may also be the big reason of having double chin. The skin around chin loses its elasticity when the muscles are not used.

Now, the question arises, what can you do? So, don’t worry it can also be cured. By doing exercises, controlling your diet, Surgery, double chin can be reduced or invisible.

Exercises to Reduce Double Chin

As you do exercise for reducing body fat, it is also quite simple like them. You can do simple exercises for a double chin. According to some researches, these exercises target the muscles of neck and face.

Warm up

You need to do some work before jumping onto exercises similar to warm up before exercises. After waking up, gently rotate the head forward and down and the back and up using a clockwise, circular motion. Do these rotation for five times then repeat them but in reverse direction. Now, it is turn for your jaw. Stretch your jaw same like your head. Move the jaw left then forward then right and at last back. Hold each position for at least a second and two.

Whistle at the ceiling

You have to sit with a straight back and relaxed shoulders in this exercise. Tilt your head high and look at the roof/ceiling. Now, join your lips into the position that used to be like whistling. Your shoulders, back and lips should be relaxed but held tight enough to feel a contraction on both sides of the neck. Hold this position for maximum 10 to 20 minutes. Do this exercise on regular basis to get good and soon results.

The ball squeeze

One of the very interesting exercises. You will need a small ball and put it somewhere, where you can easily found it. The size of ball should be 5 to 10 inches based on you but remember it should not be big to do exercise. It should be easy to squeeze.

Sit with a straight back and relaxed shoulders. Place that ball under the chin. Now, use the chin to squeeze or push down against the ball. During the exercise, make your body relax. Do this exercise for at least 10 to 15 times in a day.

Kiss the sky

For this exercise, stand straight, relaxed arms and shoulders freely. Now, look at the sky and join your lips like you do to kiss someone and try to kiss the sky, try to extend them as far away from the face as possible. You might feel that your muscles are stretching for some minutes but after some seconds you will be comfortable. Hold this position for 10 to 30 seconds, then relax and then repeat the exercise again for at least 10 to 20 times per day.

Gum chewing

Not too healthy for us but may be beneficial to those who want to get rid of double chin. You already know, how you have to have it? However, overeating of chewing gum may contribute to an over loss of fat in the chin though it probably will not do much.

The pouting stretch

Pouting stretch is the effective to reduce double chin. You don’t need to do much stuff, just keep your head a little high and make pout with your lips. Hold the position for 3 to 5 seconds. While, keeping your head high and making pout, tilt the chin towards the chest without moving the upper back. Do at least 10 to 20 sets of this exercise in one time.

Home Remedies for Double Chin

Treatment will also help you to get rid of double chin. You can go for face masks, healthy diet and even for professional surgery. If you want results fast then to visit a doctor would be best option. You can buy face mask for tightening the skin in local markets.

A mask of egg whites, honey and lemon juice can also help in reduction in fat around and beneath the chin. Start consuming less calories. Eat calories less than 2000 per day and drink more and more water.

Hopefully, these exercises will help you to reduce double chin.

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