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Things a Mom Need to Know Before Bathing a Newborn

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Giving birth to a baby is not a mere task to be done but bringing up of a child becomes the most difficult one especially for mothers. Each and every small thing suddenly start seems the toughest work like giving a bath to a new baby. Let’s discuss this topic today. New parents always saw more apprehensive about bathing their small baby. It may seem difficult and yes it is too but with some guidance, you can do it with ease.

After bringing your new one to home from Hospital, tons of questions raised into the mother’s mind.  Which soap should be used? What should be the temperature of water? How often should your newborn take bath? I agree there are many more questions in your mind.

These sudden questions should be answered for taking good care of a child? But you just don’t worry, we will discuss everything. So, let’s move ahead to see, what things a mom needs to know before bathing a newborn baby?

When should we give the first bath to newborn baby?

Hospitals used to give bathe to your baby within a few hours of birth. However, according to the World Health Organization, a newly born baby should take a bath after 24 hours of his birth but not before 24 hours. Young babies are really sensitive to cold, so they might catch  cold very easily. Sometimes, the more sensitive or weak children are told to take a bath within the gap of 2- 3 days. The studies show that the delay in the bathing of newly born baby decreases the rate of Hypoglycemia and Hypothermia. It has been said that the outer skin of the baby seems like waxy should not be removed because it protects the infant from outer infections.

Mostly, Babies get their first bath within 24 hours of their birth but if your baby has any kind of health or skin issues then you should consult a doctor and follow their rules. For normal babies, you can give them bath any time but please be sure don’t give them bath too early or too late like in the evening. The temperature of the weather affects a lot. If you notice that weather is cold then don’t give them a bath. Infants or small babies get cold very easily and they may have pneumonia. That’s why the doctor always warns to be more conscious in cases of small babies.

Be aware of all products

Newly born babies are not like us, so you have to be more careful before using or applying anything on them. Even the smallest thing can be proved harmful to their health. The soap bar, the towel, the oil, the shampoo and any other stuff should be comfortable and not cause any harm to the baby. We recommend purchasing the whole baby care kit which is easily available at the market.

You may know some of them but we are suggesting you the best brands, you can check them out too, like Johnson and Johnson, Mother care, Mee Mee, Omved, Rustic Art, Lotus baby care, Himalaya Baby Products, Sebamed Baby products. Before using any product on the baby read carefully their ingredients first. Some babies have allergies, so be careful in that case also or you can take doctor’s advice too.

With the knowledge of products, you should know some points about water. Don’t use cold water for bathing a baby, use lukewarm water. Be sure water must not be dirty otherwise the bath may cause infection to baby. Babies need sponge baths until their umbilical cords don’t get removed. So, you can also go for sponge bathing. It is the safest option.

How many times newborn baby take bath?

However, newly born babies don’t get dirty so often but their diaper area needs to be clean. If your baby still have umbilical cord then you should go with sponge bath for your baby. You can give them sponge bath three to four times a week. Some parents refer to give normal bathe to their babies on daily basis, which is also quite fine. But be sure while giving bath don’t immerse baby into the water.

How to give a sponge bath to a new one?

One of the most important question, you are eager to know about whom. If the baby is in the first week then we suggest you choose a sponge bath. Let’s have a look, how can you give a sponge bath to your little one:-

Get everything ready

What you have to do first is to gather everything and place them nearby you so that you don’t have to leave your baby alone. Be ready with two towels, be sure towels must be soft and clean. Then the other things are diaper, wash cloths (you can also use any towel hankee) , baby soap, earbuds. You can take other things also instead of these as per your need.

Select any place

Now, it is the easiest step but so much important too. You may have heard that place does not matter but in reality, it does a lot. You must choose the safest place to give him a bath because if somehow, he turned, he would not fall onto the floor. It is also parent’s duty to not to leave a baby alone even for a second. With the view of security, you must be aware place’s temperature. It should neither be hot nor be cool, it should have a balanced temperature. It is been said that the temperature of the room should be about 75 degree F.

Settle everything

It is time to settle everything. Put everything within in one hand distance. Now, place the first towel on the selected place, you can also use any kind of tub of bathing a baby. Even this option will be more safe and comfortable for the baby. Take some lukewarm water and dip wash cloth into the water. Now start wiping the whole body of small one. When the baby’s body becomes little wet, take some baby body wash and rub it onto your hands then apply it on the whole body of baby with light hands. Be sure, soap does not affect their eyes so you can also skip applying soap on baby’s face. If you need to clean ears use ear buds gently, don’t use your fingers. After all, this, wipe the whole body again with wash cloth. At last use second towel to dry him. Don’t forget to apply moisturizer after bathe otherwise they may have problem with dryness in skin.

Give bath to a newborn baby

When the baby gets rid of the umbilical cord, you can easily give him a bath. Be ready for bath with a big tub, a towel, lukewarm water, baby soap or body wash, a diaper, powder and shampoo. Before giving him a bath you can also give massage with baby oil which will be good for his health.

Move ahead by filling some normal water into the tub but be aware of its quantity means don’t put a lot of water. Because you still have to add some warm water to turn it into lukewarm water. Notice, water should not be more than an inch in the tub.

Make your baby sit in the tub and give him a bath with the help of your hands. Apply soap or body wash gently onto his body and clean it by your hands. You can also apply shampoo if need but be sure that it would not get into his eyes. After giving him a bath, use a towel to dry him.

Hopefully, these guidelines will help you to give your little one a bath.

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