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Eid Mehndi Designs to Embrace Ramzan in 2023

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Eid mehndi or henna refers to the intricate designs drawn on the hands of women on the last day of Ramadan. Mehndi is a form of temporary body art designed using a paste created from powdered dry henna leaves. When it comes to festivities, be it Eid-Ul-Adha or Eid-Ul-Fitr, all you want is the best Arabic or Indie mehndi design among all.

With the exchange of positivity and earthy smell of mehndi, we’re going to prepare you for the best mehndi design convo, this Ramzan. Simple as well as detailed, front and back mehndi ideas from henna by rihana to try this Eid are listed below.

Eid Mehndi Designs for Front & Back Hand 2022

1. The Simplistic Mehndi

Similar patterns along with thin and thick lines make a quick Mehndi design. When you got no ideas for the night, go with the simplistic design and save the day. This mehndi is for the back of your hand, covering your cuticles and following a simple design. It follows a similar pattern for the entire hand and looks natural. You can even cover your wrist area with the same form and add a touch of elegance.

2. The Detailed Mehndi

As the name suggests, these kinds of mehndi designs are condensed and elaborated. This mehndi looks like two elegantly different flower gardens are divided by a fence. The back of your hand is going to look surreal with this mehndi design. Separate two distinct flower patterns via a bold line and fill each side like a farm of flowers. The beauty this mehndi holds is immaculate.

3. The Half And Half Mehndi

For my ‘not too much’ ladies, we got you an easy way out. Unlike this mehndi, draw cute flowers or patterns on both sides of your hand and leave the space in the middle. You can draw geometric or floral patterns on the outer portions of your hand from the edge to the tip and fill in your fingertips and, Voila! You’ve come up with another classy design.

4.  The Indo-Western Mehndi

Why not try the fusion of Indian and western designs? Blend your Indie skills with a western punch. From curves and arches to fine and bold lines, apply that henna in the Indo-western mix. This union will turn heads, and you will love practicing it as well. You can draw infinite patterns by mixing the two traditions!

5. Flowers Only Mehndi!

This beautiful mehndi consists of flowers and more flowers! Fill your hand with big and small flowers all over. You can draw a stem with its branches with pretty flowers in the middle. Finally, make tiny flowers and cover the lines with big ones. It’s all about buds, florets, and petals! Paint it away!

6. The Indo-Arabic Mehndi

Arabic mehndi is a mix of geometric patterns and floral artwork. Add an Indian touch with no space policy and fill in the intricate spaces. You can try drawing on one side, as shown above, and make it look even more stylish. Try making the design busy on one side, and gradually make it light as you reach the other end.

7. The Sophisticated Mehndi

This mehndi design is for the sisters who like to keep it classic and mature. This Ramadan season, go refined with the traditional circle of flowers or leaves and stuff the tips with the identical design. Start with a circular pattern and draw around it accordingly, and don’t get into detailing the fingers! Keep it brief for a sophisticated look.

8. The Surprisingly Beautiful Mehndi

Do you want to try a different set of designs this Eid? Do the opposite of normal. Make an upside-down mehndi and give spaces in the most unexpected areas. Remember to start from the tips and gradually go simple towards the end. You might be surprised at the final appearance as this consists of various shapes and filling your hand with the beautiful browns to leaving space, giving a gorgeous effect.

9.  Gulf Floral Mehndi for Back Hand

Gulf flowers always look stunning when you try to include them in your Mehendi designs. They add extra vanity to your overall look. You can create three gulf flowers. Then, you can go diagonally creating four-petal flowers to complete your look and see how it changes your ordinary Mehendi to an awesome Mehendi. Try it out now!

10. The Millennial Mehndi

Millennials always try to be exceptional. This breezy yet pretty mehndi design will satisfy your vibes. With the illusion of leaves coiling up your hand elegantly, this form doesn’t fill up your hand fully and looks super chic. Desi teens, you have to draw horizontal lines and leaves after regular intervals. Finally, draw ring-like structures on the fingers and go rock!

11. The Arabic Mehndi

This classic Arabic style includes birds, flowers, leaves, and vines. Arabic patterns are free-flowing, as shown in the picture. This is hands down one of the most desirable designs for your Eid festivities. It may take up some time, but this classic style never fails to attract compliments. Remember to draw cute curves. Narrow and broaden the lines wherever necessary.

12. The Modern Minimal Mehndi

This mehndi has a contemporary style for the artistic minds. Turn your hands into a canvas and show that creativity of yours. Go from light to dark and vice versa. The design given above shows intricate leaves. You can draw another pattern and create a gradient. Only design on the palm of your hand and keep it light. Try drawing these and let the art flow!

13. The Leaf Branch Designed with the Flowers

Start with creating a semicircle and then creating boxes inside the semicircle. Then, go for the flowers and make them inside the semicircle. After you are done with that, you can make branch designs. Starting from the middle of your index finger, the design should extend over till your little finger. And you are done! Easy right? So create it now!

14. The Aesthetically Pleasing Mehndi

For the lover of aesthetics, we got you a social media picture-worthy mehndi design. With butterflies all over your hand, you won’t be able to stop looking at them. This mehndi is a treat to everyone’s eyes. You can even try making shapes or anything you like. Remember to create different sizes and give enough space between them.

15. The Lotus Mehndi Design

This mehndi is one of the most well-known as well as the most appealing. From the moms to the daughters, everybody is familiar with this traditional style. With a noticeable lotus in the centre of your palm, draw different patterns around it like in the picture. You can even trace it on one side of your hand for a distinct look. Add bold dots making an illusion of embellishments, and remember to fill in your beautiful lotus!

16. Squares And Diamonds In A Mehndi!

Let your mehndi shine bright like a diamond including, different kinds of shapes like squares and diamonds. Dots lined up will sure make your mehndi look elegant like the one here. It gives a royal look as it contains various shapes attached with bead-like structures. Check it out!

17. Rose Flower and Mesh Designs

Roses are something we all adore. No matter what, roses never fail to win our hearts. So start with sketching the look of a rose at the center. Surround the rose with a circle and fill up the circle with Mehendi. You can also create some floral extensions from the circle. Then move to your finders and create the mesh-like look from the middle part of your fingers. This would be a clean yet beautiful henna design.

18. The Classic Arabic Mehndi Design

Mehendi is always crucial stuff at festivals. We never forget to make attractive Mehendi designs for any festival that we celebrate. So goes for the famous festival, Eid. Eid is all about wearing attractive Mehendi designs to complete your look. You can try this classic Arabic mehndi design on this Eid! And it won’t turn you down!

19. The Net Mehndi Design

With the same kind of patterns all over, you can achieve the net design quickly. Choose a shape or flower, and keep drawing side by side. You’ll end up with a pretty net mehndi. It will look the prettiest on the back of your hand. Try this one yourself, and get ready to feel startled!

20. The Exceptional Mehndi Design

This mehndi is one of the most beautiful and offbeat. You will have to go opposite of what you usually do. Starting from the tips, finish towards the centre of your palm. The take here is that you need to leave space in the centre in the shape of a circle. Create a gradient again as the rest, and be ready to bag compliments!

You don’t need to worry over what designs to create this Eid anymore. Now, you are ready with attractive Eid Mehendi designs in your hand. Pick up any one of them, create the design and make a flawless Mehendi design for your hand. And you are done for the festive day! Try them out now with not delaying any further.

Applying mehndi is a fun activity, and doing the same while the festivities are on is even more exciting. This Eid, choose among the different styles of Mehndi and get glowing. Applying henna is an integral part of Ramzan, and with these elegant Mehndi designs, teens to moms, everyone will be interested, and mehndi sessions will be the most fun this Eid! So, get excited cause Ramzan is round the corner!
Create pretty and classic designs and tell us which one you liked the most!

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