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Pigtail Hairstyles and Braids for 2023

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Pigtail braids were probably popular when you were a kid. Okay, but let us tell you, they’re back. Do you want even the most classic hairstyle to be a little casual? If you want a hairstyle that’s cute, cute, and cute, and adds a charming, sweet look, those pigtail braids are the way to go. These hairstyles are the best whether you are talking about looks or style. If you are looking for the best haircuts or just curious to see the most popular and trendy haircuts, you have come to the right place. The pigtail is done by the braiding method, which appears as a twisted and twisted version of the pig’s tail.

From celebrities and fashionistas to everyday looks, braids can be cute and stylish in a pigtail hairstyle. One of the latest fashion trends is trendy braids called cornrows. Photos will help you figure out how to deal with them.

Show some Creativity By Pigtails Fashion Trends

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For starters – a little history. Cornrow (or cornrow) appeared in Europe and America, thanks to African fashionistas and women of fashion who decorated themselves in this way. Of course, on the hard and curly hair of the inhabitants of the hot continent, such plaits looked a little different than on the completely different structure of the hair of Europeans, but the idea itself has found a resonance in the hearts of all who appreciate originality and originality. By the way, if you break the English name hairstyle into 2 parts, you get a translation – “rows of corn”. Another such hairstyle is called a punk hairspring. There is another name – braids.

There was a time when many stars (and ordinary people who imitated them) decorated the whole head with this intricate weaving. Today, this is done quite rarely, but braided closely to the roots of pigtails decorates even evening hairstyles.

It’s not hard to weave this fancy braid:

  • To begin with, the hair that will be braided in the braid is divided into strands about 1 cm wide (more or less, depending on the effect you need).
  • Then you have to start weaving the scythe-like a French one so that the strands are tightly stretched.

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The model scheme looks like this.

Of course, there are different ways of weaving it.

To make this style last longer, you should start weaving fancy pigtails on wet hair.

If the hair with cornrow should look solemn, you can decorate the scythe with rhinestones, decorative hairpins, and ribbon.

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