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Be aware, These Hairstyles Are Damaging Your Hair

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If your hair is feeling weak or thin, we love them very much, and at the same time, our hair suffers. It could be your hairstyle that is causing the damage. From tight ponytails to flat-ironed ends, there are actually many hairstyles that are affecting the overall health of your hair, and you didn’t know your flashy hairstyle was harming your hair. If you’re still committing “sin” and creating hairstyles that spoil your hair, today we’ll tell you why it’s time to stop.

Recognizing harmful hairstyles isn’t always easy, to help you with that, check out some popular hairstyles that can damage your strands.

Check These 4 Hairstyles That Can Spoil Your Hair

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Hairstyles That Spoils Hair No.1: Horsetail

What can be simpler, more spectacular, and faster than a high tail? Especially when the hair is long. Such a simple and simple style is perfect for those days when you don’t have time to wash your hair, but want to look neat and beautiful. But there is one important problem that sooner or later will make itself felt: a tight rubber band pulls hair, disrupts blood circulation in the scalp, and makes hair brittle, fragile, and splitting.

Of course, for morning jogging or training in the hall, it is better not to invent styling. But every day you shouldn’t wear it. The same applies to the ballerina’s bundle, which we like to wrap in a tourniquet and pull in rubber bands.

But there is a way out: you can use gentle rubber bands, such as super popular models in the form of wires.

By the way, it is not necessary to buy expensive “telephone cords”. Inexpensive analogs will also perfectly cope with this task. So why pay more?

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Hairstyle That Spoils Hair No.2: Tight Braids

Scythe is the second most popular hairstyle, which many girls still think is absolutely harmless. But as if not so! Tight strands are subjected to a heavy load and stretching. Frequent wearing of such hairstyles can provoke hair loss.

The solution is very simple: braid careless, relaxed braids. They are now at the peak of their popularity and are best suited to the trendy image of bohemian beauty.

Hairstyles That Spoils Hair No.3: Styling “wet” Hair

Surfer’s girlfriend’s hair is back in fashion – models and Hollywood divas generously apply sea salt sprays, waxes, and gels to their hair. But just imagine for a moment the chemical attack on the hair and scalp.

Way out: Use gentle texture and indelible hair care products. Bathing in the sea, it is better either not to braid your hair at all or to use the above-mentioned gum wire. Do not remove it until the hair is completely dry. Apply a special care balm to dry strands to avoid splitting, dry and dull hair.

Hairstyles That Spoils Hair No.4: Sleep bundle

And he’s gonna lead our list of hairstyles that spoil hair, such an innocent bundle at first glance. And it can even be “relaxed” or fixed by a miracle rubber – nothing will help to escape the harmful effects on the hair structure.

The trouble is that such styling can provoke not only fragility but also a strong loss of hair. During sleep, we turn around many times, and the hair rubs against the pillow, clinging to the rubber band. But what if we learned the simplest master class on the creation of beautiful curls from childhood, and now we are not ready to part with it?

What is the solution? Just replace the cotton pillowcase on the pillowcase with a satin one – its smooth texture will allow hair to glide gently and reduce friction against the fabric fibers.

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