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They say that in order to make a difference, it’s better to start small. And girls, thinking of changing life’s landmarks, first of all skeptically examine their own hair. To be honest, every girl wants her hair color to look different and complement her personality. And it is true to some extent to think that way because hair has become a very important part of your personality. While some people get haircuts, some change hairstyles, while others look to Pinterest and Instagram for hair color inspiration, it’s important not to experience an awkward ‘expectation versus reality, scenario.

Anyone can do your hair coloring, be it you or your hairstylist. On the condition that you know what you want and what will suit you. But, you know there is a famous saying, that you learn from your mistakes.

If you don’t have time to make mistakes, and you just want a cool and trendy look at once, then we have collected the 4 most common mistakes that girls make while changing their hair color. Read them carefully and avoid making mistakes.

Mistakes That Girls Make When They Change Hair Color 

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Mistake No.1: Improper Change Of Hair Color

The first thing you want to do on the “new” page of life for almost every other girl is to change her hair color. But there are a lot of nuances that must be taken into account, so as not to get upset about the unpleasant consequences.

You have no doubt noticed that the darker the shade of hair, the brighter and more expressive the face becomes. That’s why noble “snow-white” should not be painted blond, especially such an extreme one as that of Daenerys Targaryen. If there are no bright colors in the appearance of nature, then blonde hair will have to spend much more time drawing makeup. Eyebrows and eyes will require special study. If you really want to add more light shades to your hair, then lighten up the individual strands – they will perfectly refresh your image and do not require the long daily guidance of a marathon)

If your skin has a beautiful “cold” olive shade, then, despite the frequent misconceptions, the cold colors in your hair will not make you more attractive, but, conversely, will contribute to a tired face and skin.

Red and copper shades in the hair should not be combined with problem skin. The red color will emphasize all the redness, vascular mesh, and inflammation on the face, so it is better to stop at brown and chocolate shades of hair.

If you have an oriental appearance, you shouldn’t paint yourself blonde – such changes look too unnatural and even artificial. If you really want to make your hair lighter, you’d better choose something more natural, such as caramel and chestnut shades. But girls with blond hair color will not be categorically suitable for bluish-black hair – your natural data imply only light and delicate shades.

With regard to the shape of the face, there is one important rule that many girls break: to make the face visually already (and thus thinner), you need to darken the cheekbones and cheekbones. Conversely, to enlarge the face, we highlight the same strands with lighter shades.

Mistake No.2: Color Dyeing Not By Year

Colorful strands certainly look very bright and youthfully fresh. But only in that case, it will be appropriate, if you do not exceed 30. Such “hooligan” zest in the hair looks perfect on long hair – a long strand of pink in a pigtail or acid-colored curls look stylish and beautiful. If the hair is short, then such an emphasis can only be placed on the bangs – if you do it all over the hair, it will look like ridiculous colored melting, which tried to repaint.

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Mistake No. 3: Self-Coloring

In order to professionally dye your hair, specialists have been studying for years. Are you still confident that you will be able to dye your hair in a new color at home with a dye bought from a local supermarket?

Our hair is a complex and multi-layered material. It contains three colored pigments – red, yellow, and blue. Each person has a completely different amount of each of these pigments. Only a professional will be able to understand what kind of pigment suits your appearance. Colors, which are sold in conventional cosmetic shops, are usually designed for an average version, so very often staining with household dye does not bring anything but frustration. Therefore, by dyeing your hair at home, be prepared for the fact that as a result, you can expect a surprise. And it is not always pleasant, for example, when a brunette, dyed blond, gets a carrot shade of hair in the end.

But professionals do not recommend lightening the hair on their own – holding the mixture on the hair, they can be lost at all!

Mistake No.4: Extreme Hair Extension

Dreaming of long hair, you shouldn’t go to extremes. If you can’t stand it, you can increase the length, but the main thing is not to lengthen the hair by more than 10 cm. Long, artificially grown hair (especially if it has been lengthened from the length of the frame) looks repulsive. Especially if you collect the hair in the tail, you can see the capsules, and “their” strands break up like a fan. Also strangely enough, due to the fact that natural hair will curl into small curls.

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