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How To Choose Right Soap For Your Skin Type?

How To Choose Right Soap For Your Skin Type?Image Credit: Nungning20 from Getty Images
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Indian body cleanser industry is flooded with a variety of soaps and shower gels. Whenever we go to the market and buy a bar of soap, what did we see in it? Normally many of us look for soaps for cleansing along with the fragrance, brand, any specific ingredient, or herbal constituents or specific activity.

Have you ever looked up soaps for suitability to the skin? Is that soap beneficial for your skin type? Yes skin type, there is great diversity in skin types of every individual. Soaps regularly come in contact with our skin so, it is very essential to choose the right bath soap concerning a specific skin type. The skin may be of various types like oily skin, dry skin, porous skin, sensitive skin etc.

Pollution, hormonal imbalance, diet, specific disease conditions can also alter texture and type of skin. External and internal changes can lead to acne, blackheads, dry and itchy skin etc. In such conditions, proper cleansing is very important. For cleansing purposes most people use soaps.

During the process of choosing soap, it must fulfil criteria of suitability, Suitability to our skin type. Otherwise, soaps make skin harsh, dry and irritated.  Let’s read more about various types of soaps available on the market and their suitability to different skin types.

Types of soaps

We have come a long way from using soaps for cleansing our faces and body. Soaps are environment friendly, affordable, effective, easily and readily available to use for each and every individual. There are a variety of different soaps are available in the Indian market. According to the mechanism of action and ingredients, soaps are classified as-

1. Anti-bacterial soaps

These soaps have cleansing along with antibacterial properties. It contains antibacterial ingredients like Trichlorocarbon, herbal ingredients like Tulsi, Neem, Turmeric, etc. These soaps are specially used to maintain the health and hygiene of the skin. Prevent acne and other bacterial skin infection. But excessive use of these soaps may cause skin drying and irritation.

Marketed soaps– Medimix, Himalaya, Khadi herbal soaps, Dettol, etc.

2. Moisturizing soaps

In winter, many of us face problems of dry and cracked skin. In such conditions what we need is the best hydrating, moisturizing product. Moisturizing soaps can be the solution for such conditions. These soaps are best suited for the person who has dry skin. It contains ingredients like olive oil, shea butter, paraffin, glycerin which makes skin moisturized and hydrated. Soaps are enriched with vitamin E, glycerin, coconut-derived cream.

Marketed soaps– Dove cream beauty soap, Vivel aloe vera, Cetaphil cleansing and moisturizing syndet bar, Himalaya honey and cream soap.

3. Anti-acne Soaps

A faulty type of soap that is not suitable for specific skin types can make skin dry and irritating which results in making acne worse. But choosing the right acne soap according to skin type, will not only remove surface oil but also help to reduce acne. Anti-acne soaps contain ingredients like charcoal, sulphur, glycerine, tea tree oil clean dirt, impurities, pollution from the face and reduce the risk of popping up pimples.

Hydrating ingredients like ceramides, hyaluronic acid, vitamins, antioxidants help to lock skin moisture and avoid drying of the skin, which is useful in individuals with dry skin. Individuals with acne problems should use this soap twice daily with gentle rubbing on the face for at least 1 minute. If you feel your skin is becoming itchy, rough and dry, you should use a moisturizing cleanser or lotion to avoid dryness of the skin.

4. Herbal soaps

Nowadays, Herbal soaps are the most trending soaps, as herbal ingredients have an ancient history of skin -regeneration, radiance, smoothing, antibacterial activity. This soap contains herbal ingredients like Lavender, Peppermint, Spearmint, Tulsi, Orange, Margosa, Turmeric, Aloe vera, etc. This soap works to protect skin from acne, blemishes, rash, dryness, and roughness. These soaps boost cell renewal and maintain the natural pH of the skin.

Marketed brands- Ayush, Himalaya, Khadi, Medimix, Mama earth are very famous for herbal soaps.

5. Aromatherapy soaps

These soaps are beneficial for reducing stress and relaxing the body. These soaps are made up of essential oils. Essential oils like lemongrass, jasmine, lavender, olive oils, etc are used for the preparation of these soaps. Aromatherapy soaps are very beneficial.

It gives some benefits like-

  • Suitable for almost all skin types.
  • It is less harsh to the skin and provides beneficial nourishment to skin.
  • It is beneficial in eczema and allergic conditions.
  • It relaxes the mind, removes physical tension. Calming action of these oils gives relief from stress.
  • It also shows anti-ageing and moisturizing actions.

Marketed soaps- AAA aromatherapy patchouli mint and sage soap, Shafair ayurvedic fairness soap, Mysore Sandel bathing soap, Hibiscus paradise

How to recognize your skin type?

Based on hydration, sensitivity, sebaceous secretion, skin is differentiated as Normal skin, Oily skin, Dry skin, both Oily and Dry skin, Sensitive skin.

1. Normal skin

This type of skin is neither too oily nor too dry. The texture of the skin is equal at all points. It has balanced sebum production. So excess oil is not seen.

Special care is not required in this skin type. However, you should affirm to stay healthy, hydrated and follow a basic skincare routine.

2. Oily skin

This skin type can show up as-

  • Pimples, blackheads.
  • oily, shiny appearance at forehead, cheeks and chin
  • Opened and enlarged pores
  • Greasy appearance.

This is a result of excess sebum production. This is due to hormonal changes, genetics, climate change, use of harsh soaps. A person with oily skin type should- Regularly moisturize skin, stay hydrated, wash face twice daily.

Recommended Soaps- Soaps for oily face should contain such ingredients, which will control excess oil secretion and should add a natural glow to the skin. It also should maintain the pH balance of your skin and doesn’t make it too dry.

  • Pears oil care and Glow
  • Nomarks oil control soap.
  • Biotique almond oil soap.
  • Fabindia Tea tree bathing bar.

3. Dry skin

This skin type can show up as-

  • Itchy and irritated  skin
  • Rough and flaky texture.
  • Crack, scales on the skin
  • Invisible pores
  • Visible lines can be seen.
  • less elasticity

Genetics, cold and less humid weather, long shower, etc, are the reasons for dry skin. Sometimes ingredients in soaps, cosmetics, or other skincare products that you use can result in being your skin dry. Always use mild, gentle soaps, cleansers and avoid deodorant soaps.

Recommended Soaps-soaps for dry skin should gently clean the skin and leave the skin moisturized. It should nourish the skin and should give a soft and smooth feel.

  • Dove beauty bathing bar
  • Cetaphil Syndet Bar
  • Nivea Crème Soft Soap
  •  VLCC shea butter moisturizing soap.

4. Sensitive skin

This skin type can show up as-

  • Redness
  • Burning
  • Itching
  • Dry skin

You should make sure that the soap you are choosing for sensitive skin has balanced pH levels, no colorants or perfume in them.

5. Combination Skin

This type of skin is a combination of both oily and dry skin.

This skin type can show up as-

  • Oily skin at T -zone of the face that is at forehead, nose and chin.
  • Dry skin at cheeks.

The soaps for combination skin types should not make the oily parts more oily and make the dry parts drier. Soaps with Glycerin are a good choice for individuals with combination skin. So individuals with combination skin have to take care of a lot more of their skin than individuals with another skin type.

Recommended soap-

  • Epra clear glycerine soap
  • Cinthol soap
  • Himalaya almond and rose soap
  • Medimix clear glycerine.

Things that you should always remember

Our skin needs special care and pampering as per skin type. We should have to be very particular about which product to utilize.

So we should take care of the following things-

  • Soaps having high acid content or pH value should be avoided.
  • Avoid Soap with too many synthetic chemicals and fragrances.
  • Take dermatologist advice to avoid future skin problems.

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